channeling me, i see

She basically made a video about my meme and rant/s from a year or two ago. I am gently fuming. People are getting paid for MY opinions. Except she skimmed the surface of the given reasons, making her position superficial and thusly, untenable. Dat dislike ratio. She’s also working with that shit SJW shoe company like big pockets ‘Bernadette’. Ew. Some ‘Catholic’.

but it’s true white men no longer make the effort, they all look like hippies who let themselves go and make no effort…. laziest men in history, really

We moved to Regency suits because the French men were massive sluts… with women. It was their sexual promiscuity as manwhores that was effeminate* and offensive to our Protestant sensibilities. Hence, the Victorians. So it was the cultural association with slutty men. Not the clothes. Get it through your thick skull, it wasn’t the clothes but WHO was wearing them. HERE is the part I always missed out.

hypersexual libido was always (Biblically) considered a feminine trait until the 20th century Hollywood propaganda against settling down in a nuclear family aimed at proposing men, since women have no refractory period basically and multiple orgasms

that’s why gay men are considered effeminate – massive sluts

with multiple rounds, like a woman

And then if it’s really about a human virtue, the men would also be held to the same requirement. There’s no logical justification for acting like men are the only sex to lust. You can’t have the women being holier than the men, can you? Thus, monks and nuns wore similar attire.

Nobody cared, it was just and the system worked.

… How immoral must you be to immediately start thinking of random people in sexual terms? What is wrong with you? They even do this with children. Is it safe to bend over around you? What about naked farm animals? The kind of people who would literally skirt a table-leg. They didn’t have the word projection back in the day.


The change in the ‘modesty’ of European clothing was actually a textile revolution in the Middle Ages. They weren’t choosing to wear those frumpy clothes, they had no others.

In fact, if they looked at modern man and woman, man would be considered more immodest because Speedos and toplessness, chest waxing and tan make-up are expected. By quantitative measures, men show more skin yet women do not commit most of the sexual crimes. The red pill burns.

If you wanted to spot a modern “whore”, tan is the modern rouge.

How about bringing back mandatory wearing of ties, while we’re mandating necklines? You gotta pay out for spats, tie, tie pin, collar stays, all these things, whether or not you need them. For public decency. You’re free, remember. Free to buy cheap! Like the other riffraff (note: there are no common expressions for a poorly-dressed man anymore and men always dressed more formally than the women). Since clothing implies personality, anyone wearing less than haute couture can be spat on in the street, a budget is no excuse to patronize fast fashion. Why don’t you save money and make your own clothes, don’t you care? And don’t even think about being fat. Man or woman, it’s a reflection of personal vice and never anything else, like food quality or poverty. Everything must be viewed in a dogmatic, falsely religious context, because doesn’t that sound healthy? Black and white thinking for all, there is no other reason.

When we take down the buxom or bulging billboards of lingerie and boxers models, I might believe you care about the public’s innocent eyes…


Karolina ignores this.

It isn’t about modesty, it’s the moral weakness of being unable or unwilling to rein in your personal impulse control and then trying to force the rest of the world to accommodate you like a safe space. In other news, all fatties should be allowed to forcibly close every donut shop within a short drive, because tempting someone by existing is a slight on their “honour”. And the shrew wonders why they’re still unhappy, after censoring and banning anything that makes them uncomfortable. The problem isn’t that nice things exist, the problem is you. Beauty shouldn’t be covered up to hide your inner ugliness.


It isn’t only women’s breasts that are sexualised in the media, is it, Mr Pecs?
If anything, women have more cause to expose than men, since our breasts actually retain a second biological function and constricting them is bad for the nerves, increases the breast cancer risk and weakens the ligaments that prevent sagging. Logically, none of the anti-feminist stuff checks out this time.

Women may struggle to breastfeed BECAUSE of bras.

wow my 3yo opinions, das vintage

if you’re reading this K stop toeing the PC line it does not work

Stop walking around in your underwear and expecting us to respect you!

You must really hate yourselves to go round looking like that.

If we treat you like dirt, you can’t really blame us. You’re indecent.

Regency fashion is less comfortable for men than those tunics top-left, which cover more manhood than trousers. Easier to replace stockings than buy new trousers.

other opinions they may use:

Only in the 20th century did it suddenly become acceptable (imho, no) for an adult man to wear shorts. It was considered ridiculous and you’d be mocked for it like turning up to a funeral in assless chaps, as was going topless until coal-miners striked because of job demands. This is the God’s honest truth. Look it all up. Shorts are literally the most immodest thing a man can wear, the male mini-skirt. It’s worse than a mini-skirt because things can play peek-a-boo. Short sleeves come in a close second and were taken up by the Italians with the sleeveless ‘wife-beater’ where they both should have been left, men couldn’t show their waistcoat at the beginning of the 20th Century.

Casual or modest, pick ONE.

…The funniest thing my society friends ever heard about women’s fashion was one drab man telling, loudly, anyone who would listen, that spaghetti straps were the sign of a slut.

These are the guys who refuse to buy a drink to assert interest (formal politeness) or buy a dinner they invited their intended to (the formal rule) but they want a woman with expensive taste?

Are you quite sure?


Yes, men should cover up more. Women lust too.
next she might cover sexual hygiene or manly perfume bottles
she might also cover how Ralph Lauren is nazi and ancient ornate jewellery isn’t ‘ethnic’ it’s European

I note she didn’t deny the Marxism. The video isn’t longer because I’ve taken to hiding my advanced opinions on niche subjects, knowing Youtubers rip off little blogs. They keep bloody doing it so I gave up.

Everyone’s an expert in a bull market

All that money and he doesn’t get ultrasound on that jaw, tut tut.

He’s holding the teacup wrong smh NO LOOPING.

fyi – you hold the handle, delicately, NO LOOPS

also why is he holding the saucer wtf it exists to protect the table

I get english nerd rage over the most obscure shit.

I’ve written about the debt/GDP of nations like Singapore before. You also don’t wanna stick out as the one white guy in case a probable war with Asia breaks out. Come war, all foreign-looking people are killed on both sides.

Places like Singapore are baiting the hook to do a later wealth tax. It’s politically popular to do this to foreigners instead. Funny how white guys assume the rest of the world actually likes them. They will screw you over and enjoy it, if you let them. Ask anyone who produced in China.

Asia is cheap because nobody wants to live there. It’s a bit libtard autist to assume normalcy bias. There’s no value capture because most of the growth occurred 1960-2000. As demographics increase there (more than AFRICA) then quality of living goes down and many properties are bought by failing banks backed by CCP-like socialist governments. No thanks. White people are more honest in dealing. Both markets are priced in, they’re buying the top. Humans have racial differences, Asians won’t magically fix their corruption and trade like cultural Europeans. WEIRD is weird.

Think long term is old as the Bible for advice.

they’re coming for the fashy aesthetic

So they can wear police uniforms, asylum hospital uniforms, colonial uniforms and fascist outfits, but it’s okay because they’re the ‘right’ skin colour?
I warned you they’d be doing this. SJWs steal symbols of order and ideology all the time, they’re sartorial phagocytes.

rebellions require aesthetics, that’s why, so this is important

culture war require uniforms

they cleverly prevent rebellion against their ideas by being superficial turncoats to all rivals e.g. the shaved side haircut a few years ago, making group differentiation all but impossible online, which is a visual medium

so this is really important, strategically

not ‘just fashion’

fashion demonstrates power, a king with his crown

Also SJWs only wear crosses, which is either really bigoted in the sense they don’t dare wear Jewish (they claim same religion) or Muslim symbols (all monotheism) and it is both an endorsement of Christian values embedded in the aesthetic, as well as flagrantly disrespectful if you don’t practise that religion but appropriate the symbols to seem ‘edgy’. I’ve asked people wearing a cross if they were Christian and what type and they looked at me like I was the idiot. That’s like waving an Islamic State flag and wondering why you got arrested. Yet they slag people off just wearing guns for self-defence…. hey, it’s their aesthetic, right, tumblrfags?

why do you think Psycho was all about aesthetics? – POWER

aesthetics are a tool of domination, all empires had them

technically, wearing a cross in mockery or parody could be considered a hate crime so there’s that

(the Christian cross was invented specifically for Christians and doesn’t mean anything else, that’s why)

humiliation by trivialising the sacred, like Pussy Riot trashing a church

so yes, it’s important

standard SJW strategy, like it or not, this is how the Cultural Marxists are coming for us

Western patriarchy IS an aesthetic and nobody is saying anything while they’re stealing it. Just wow.

false flagging with aesthetics is like the female v of ‘sneaky fucker strategy’, it’s fake femininity like an ugly person becoming a gym rat to obscure or cloak their deficits in Darwinian fitness. SJWs are dressing up like tradwomen (cottagecore) so tradmen listen to them or stop listening to tradwomen, suspecting them as SJWs (both outcomes destroy the traditional family unit and group harmony)

fashion is war for women but it is also national (pride) and this has been forgotten recently with “”international publications”””

yet the manosphere never talks about fake femininity…. they just so happen to keep netting NPD and BPD women, who fake their femininity…. to control men….. ….and wonder why this keeps happening

Hollywood won the white West over with aesthetics, wake up! This IS important. They don’t make neoclassical buildings anymore because they fill us with HOPE. What about clothes? Are some more healthy and inspiring than others? It isn’t about hemlines, it’s the whole aesthetic and its philosophy underpinning it!

Meanwhile, in the comments are people saying Americans shouldn’t expect other cultures to change to suit them… ok… then let Poland be Polish, Germany be German and England be English? The gaslighting is amazing.

Yet the controlled ops of the right uses none of the appropriation discussion and continues to ignore it, an easy win in the culture war. Sometimes I think the right doesn’t exist anymore and it’s 99% controlled ops with the odd weirdo like me. I should’ve taken the ticket, perhaps.

SJWs create nothing, they can only steal/appropriate. They stole pop culture music, drama, comedy, painting/art and now they’re coming for fashion and the right flops over like a dying dog exposing its belly because it’s ‘just stupid clothes hur dur’.

I’m thinking of giving up, the real men are long dead. They’re all nihilists at this point making stupid podcasts and edgy youtube whinefests, why bother?

Instead we have navel-gazers ignoring this stuff, controlled ops shills and peter pan syndrome in search of a replacement mommy. Mummy issues are not right wing. A wife won’t be your mommy. Stop. Waifu is peak Oedipus.


I don’t understand why is that outfit so offensive, like, it’s lolita fashion, we’re dressing like rococo period children but it’s not like we agree with or romanticize the political climate of 1700’s France

but they do romanticize it, specifically the framing and murder of an innocent mother. A con artist stealing a necklace led to an innocent woman’s gorey death but YAY ruffles!

it’s like walking around dressed as Lincoln with a bloody gunshot wound to the head, WTF

and you wonder why French people hate Americans? REALLY?

mocking their brutally murdered relatives, maybe?

but the mongrel at the end made a joking-not joking reference to decapitating anyone she calls an oppressor….

she’s wearing clothes made by slaves… she’d be the one decapitated

the strange case of grimes

I grudgingly like her, we even look something alike. Maybe somehow related, she has some type of bloodline thing going on – listen for the hesitation re grandparents. I’ve done that so it’s a tell for sure.

aphrodite, i wrote your constellation
into the sky

s s s s s sa
suns at night

im out late, at 4am,
he says how’s the weather baby how you been
ur gonna get sick
u don’t know when

i never doubt it
at 4am

4am 4am
fallin down again

context: Some of the Satanists call themselves Luciferians and worship Venus in the sky. Why do you think Princess Di was named after the Huntress?

And naturally the huge PR push for ‘just a videogame’ is intended to alter public opinions, aka make chipping cool.

we are not the sheep we were made to rule

You can tell it’s HBO-descended direction –

Deus Ex walked so 2077 could run.

the Great Reset (satire)

Well somebody finds it funny.

meanwhile, I’m watching things sell out on MIL websites

most net preppers are usually drop-shippers

things never sell out on these sites, not in these quantities

e.g. police stab vest – OUT OF STOCK

war or just civil war? Stormy.

Most popular product? AMMO BOX.

in the UK


police safety coat – OUT OF STOCK

erm, why are the jerry can nozzles also out of stock? wtf

meanwhile, news of Canadian Communism, supposedly

Marxism doesn’t permit pets.

UK army forcing testing on schoolkids

muh ‘but the military will protect us’ – no they’re whores, you don’t pay them. The army take the D-students. You cannot reason with a goon.

something something barcodes (paging Adolf)
something something told ya so
something something they want to sterilise you, wait and see
why else start with the nascent generation? Patient Zero of fertility.

They already don’t use parental consent for vaccines here, parents aren’t warned when things like BCG are ‘offered’ and the kids marched out without asking. They just do it. Teachers are state agents. You can try to stay behind, but they’ll try to intimidate you or lie about you ‘having to have it’. Then you have to threaten to sue and point out any penetration without consent is rape. Nothing less works. That’s why they’re bringing in the military. Good luck telling them no. I’m sure the paperwork ‘opting out’ will be forged or lost or mis-labelled “in the system” as consent given.
Keep the kids home from school, online is better anyway. No pedos or Marxists. Record all the teachers, in-school or online. Listen to the vaccine lies.

This is warming them up to forced vaccines, like farm animals.

Military presence alone is intimidating.

The child can also refuse at the last minute, how many know this? Also, I bet they’ll confiscate phones just before, so you can’t film refusals or holding minors down. While they permanently damage the brain tissue of children. Clear fluid is not snot, the brain is leaking CSF.

Stillbirth in black/white mixed couples

1.6 million examples, can’t blame the group size this time?

Results: The analysis included approximately 1.6 million live births and 1749 stillbirths. In the unadjusted model, compared with two white parents, black/black and black/white couples had a significantly higher risk of fetal death. When all demographic, social, biological, genetic, congenital, and procedural risk factors except gestational age and birth weight were included, the odds ratios (OR) were all still significant. Black/black couples had the highest level of risk (OR 2.11, CI 1.77-2.51), followed by black mother/white father couples (OR 2.01, CI 1.16-3.48), and white mother/black father couples (OR 1.84, CI 1.33-2.54). Virtually all of the higher risk of fetal death was explainable by higher rates of low birth weight and prematurity.

Conclusions: Mixed race black and white couples face higher odds of prematurity and low birth weight, which appear to contribute to the substantially higher demonstrated risk for stillbirth. There are likely additional unmeasured factors that influence birth outcomes for mixed race couples.

but wait, there’s more!


53,293 deliveries occurred during the time period, of which 329 resulted in a stillbirth (6.2 per 1,000 births). Compared to White women, non-White ethnicity was associated with a doubling of the odds of stillbirth (aOR for Black women 2.15, 95% CI 1.56-2.97; and for South Asian women 2.33, 95% CI 1.42-3.83).

Obese women had a trend towards higher odds of stillbirth compared to women of recommended BMI (aOR 1.38, 95% CI 0.98-1.96), though this was not significant (p 0.07). < aka no excuse there

Both higher parity (≥2 compared to para 1) and hypertension were associated with a higher odds of stillbirth (parity ≥2 aOR 1.65, 95% CI 1.13-2.39; hypertension aOR 1.84, 95% CI 1.22-2.78) but there was no evidence that area deprivation or maternal age were independently associated with stillbirth in this population. < aka no excuse there either

There was some evidence of effect modification between ethnicity and obesity (p value for interaction 0.06), with obesity a particularly strong risk factor for stillbirth in South Asian women (aOR 4.64, 95% CI 1.84-11.70).


There was a high prevalence of stillbirth in this multi-ethnic urban population. The increased risk of stillbirth observed in non-White women remains after adjusting for other factors.

Our finding of possible effect modification between ethnicity and obesity suggests that further research should be conducted in order to improve understanding of the interplay between ethnicity, obesity and stillbirth.”

but you just said obesity was non-sig?

And the only reason to do so has now gone.

How is it that minority infants are still unhealthy if their parents are smoking less than White parents? This is probably due to genetics and environment as well. A Dutch study compared the various rates of smoking among different ethnicities/races, “Since maternal smoking during pregnancy is quite equally distributed among the ethnic populations, it does not contribute much to the observed differences in birthweight.”(34) That study compared native Dutch people and immigrants…..”

“….As one can see, the amount of stillbirths was higher for the interracial couples. This was especially true of White father/Black mother relationships, but the White mother/Black father rates were still far worse than the rates of stillbirth for White couples. The outcomes for mulatto infants was at the detriment of the surveyed White population.(10)

What are the specifics to this horrible process? For this, we have to understand that having mixed genetic ancestry through mtDNA and yDNA perpetuates this happening. Let’s look at one of the best studies that has been published on this subject: “Divergent Patterns of Mitochondrial and Nuclear Ancestry Are Associated with the Risk for Preterm Birth.” This study investigated the unusually high rates of preterm birth among African Americans: “Haplogroup-defining polymorphisms are not merely markers of ancestry, and have consequences for mitochondrial function, including the regulation of mitochondrial gene expression.”(20)

Some might be surprised to know that many African Americans have large amounts of European ancestry. The European ancestry that African Americans have was distributed from White males when slavery was still legal.(20) To put it another way, having ancestry from vastly different ancestors contributes to these genetic predispositions. It is necessary to demonstrate this with a principal component analysis. The turquoise dots below represent the African population. As one can see, the African American population is represented by a long cline between European American (CEU) and African (YRI) samples. (24)

(Price, 24)

The majority of mitochondrial haplogroups (mtDNA) that African Americans have are African, since these come from African women originally, “… individuals with L, U6, or U5b1 haplogroup mtDNA and primarily African nuclear ancestry were defined as having low levels of divergent ancestry, whereas individuals with non-African haplogroups and high degrees of African nuclear ancestry had high levels of divergent ancestry.”(20) These researchers looked at any potential confounding variables that would skew results for the African American population. They examined a number socioeconomic variables such as years of school taken, income, etc. According to the researchers, “There was no detected statistical association between divergent ancestry and any of these factors.” (21)”

“But White people aren’t marrying out as much as other ethnic groups. Therefore, in the rare instance that a White person has a non-White partner, it is unlikely that these interracial couples are being treated in a less-preferable way by their families:

“…Whites are somewhat less willing to marry and bear children interracially than to date interracially. These attitudes and behaviors are related to warmth toward racial outgroups, political conservatism, age, gender, education, and regionThird, White women are likely to approve of interracial relationships for others but not themselves, while White men express more willingness to engage in such relationships personally, particularly with Asians.

However, neither White men nor White women are very likely to actually engage in interracial relationships. Thus, positive global attitudes toward interracial relationships do not translate into high rates of actual interracial cohabitation or marriage despite the fact that most White Americans (especially White females) aren’t interested in being in a relationship with a non-White person. (5)

In fact, different races/ethnicities do not experience the same amount of stress while they are in an interracial relationship. And this spans across different age groups, “The negative effects of interracial dating hold similarly for boys and girls and among White and Black youth. Interracial dating less negatively effects the depressive symptomatology of Hispanics, though, and actually appears to ‘protect’ Asian youth from depressive symptoms.”(9) Additionally, White women seem to get extremely stressed from being in a relationship between either Hispanic or Black males. Blacks in those relationships aren’t affected by stress in those relationships:”

“…Furthermore, non-Hispanic whites with non-Hispanic black spouses also fare worse than their interracially married peers with Hispanic spouses. In contrast, the self-reported health of married non-Hispanic blacks shows no significant difference between the interracially and the endogamously married.”(10)”

“Where this stress is coming from is another important aspect to consider: Even if there was a trend of neglect for interracial families/pregnancies, it would only be because of the natural inclination to find these relationships unacceptable, “Bias against interracial romance is correlated with self-reported feelings of disgust”. (12)This phenomenon can be observed via brain scans. There is an intense neural mechanism that is triggered when a person observes interracial couples,“Interracial couples elicit a neural disgust response among observers — as indicated by increased insula activation.”(12)In this case, this psychological disgust could be considered an extension of ethnic nepotism or association; if people are disgusted by these relationships it would imply that being involved with an individual of an out-group is not beneficial to the in-group. Because the effects of race mixing create unhealtheir children, this natural disgust is moral.  And as I have shown above, the most distinctive evidence proves this.”

At a neurological level, they’re viewed as animals, as sub-human, and even babies perceive race and avoid the out-group.

“That indicates that viewing images of interracial couples evokes disgust at a neural level,” Skinner said.

Participants were quicker to associate interracial couples with non-human animals and same-race couples with humans. That suggests that interracial couples are more likely to be dehumanized than same-race couples, the researchers write, and previous studies have shown that people tend to exhibit more antisocial behavior and are more likely to use aggression and even violence toward dehumanized targets.”

Nobody is jealous. Are we also jealous of the dirty toilets used in the study? Anyone can trade down. It isn’t hard. Black women trading down to omega white men is still a trade down. Race-mixers are always omegas.

It’s biology, white people have nothing to do with your herpetic uterus.

Yes, it’s relevant.

But we found that Asian American young women are at risk of high STDs.  For instance, Asian American women had a higher prevalence of STDs than White women in both 1995 (10.4% vs. 7.7) and 2001 (13.5% vs. 8.3%).  The incidence of STDs (not diagnosed with STDs in 1995, but developed STIs in 2001) among Asian American women was also higher than that of White women.” 

Magic Dirt? Doesn’t work.