Do it Tara

Do it Tara, become a legend.
I believe in you.
comment “Imagine going down for MBB! If you’re gonna risk it all pick a looker at least.”
I wouldn’t be surprised if Count Jerkula is Henry. Weirdly defensive of all pedoposting?
“She probably purges to stay skinny and pretty, so no gag reflex. Just open throat, if you can reach it.”
…How would you know?
[also, HC couldn’t reach it]
>also calls the solid 5 MBB ‘pretty’… er no
“English antique dealer i knew did a vagabond around the world trip when he was 20, in 1968”
Based in England. Your broker dad or one of a thousand male relatives?
“Would be the only reason to visit France, other than to conquer it
Only an Englishman would say that.
“Ugh. Being slandered by someone who doesnt even understand the words they are using. Sad start to a Saturday.”
Denies definition of pedophile as adult attraction to minors.

Also reads like the spelling and vocab of his social media posts, he always likes referring to the weekday for some reason. Drops his capital I’s historically but retains the full stops.*
Typical rapist’s virgin shaming but only when calling for anti-pedo justice:
“If i was in my 40s with an intact hymen, i’d also be bitter about a rich 16y/o catchin dick like shit catches flies.”
She was 15 at most, nice goalpost move. Still illegal, still a pedo. People aren’t jealous of pedos or bitter about their victims, you sick “hebe” fucktard. But Cavill’s a literal psychopath so he would rationalise it…
It is you, isn’t it hen? He thinks 40 is old (for action films) and keeps getting insecure about hitting it, increasingly paranoid. The Botox is making him look like a waxwork.

Did not comment on the Tara blind (legal reasons…?)
nb Millie is often referred to as an ashtray (especially by people like Cavill) and your Youtube comments to that effect will be removed…

Would like to point out, I got there first.

Sometimes I best Enty. Not often but… sometimes.

*and too many dots, I do the same thing. Old IRC habit. e.g.

“In this here photo only one of the Cavill men was a father. Now…. a few years later, only one isn’t!”

Please never breed, you pedo rat bastard.

In a cover family he’d probably rape his own daughter.

bold – Also calls people ‘bitter’ instead of jealous, thinks it makes him sound posh.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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