Since I’m here –

1 – Paltrow or Angie. Probably Angie. Depends who was there. Powerful men? Yes. If not, Paltrow.

2 – Emma Watson, 99.9%

“or any bad habits” hid her smoking for a long while

She also stripped for an entire rugby team (who signed NDAs) so I assume drugs were involved.

3 – Sean Penn

4 – could be literally most of Ho-wood.

Molech altar, based on the one I heard they trashed in a museum?

Brazen bullshit. Simps4Satan

Supposedly they think their drug-induced hallucinations are ACTUALLY talking to Satan. I think it would be sold as a history thing, maybe set in Canaan?

2 responses to “Guesses

  1. They were talking to a “dark” God, in front of the real “God” that created both the minor deity and the worshipper.

    Look at the protection and the power of projection they now have. Hollywood decides court cases AND Hollywood and its wretched Black Cube(s) control the narrative.

    “#1 – This former A+ list mostly movie actress who is probably A- list now from an acting family once participated in an orgy which then turned into her having sex with every guy at the orgy.” <– Not a crime. It's disgusting, but these are pedophiles with mixed blood. Also, when it comes to Hollywood, not a single Celebrity can be believed. Mossad et al, control them.

    #2 – This former A+ list mostly movie actress who is probably A/A- list now likes to pretend she is above doing drugs or any bad habits, but she once orally serviced a guy while also doing lines of coke. <— Again, not a crime. I assume the cocaine is a crime, but the US Department of Defense and the US DoJ and the US Federal Government all believe that Hollywood is legally allowed to do whatever drug they want. Hollywood has the courts working in their favor, see Sayanim.

    #3 – This former A list mostly movie actor won multiple Oscars for his acting. He also beat his actress third wife so hard, she needed to be hospitalized a week. <– This is a crime, where did it happen? LA? If this actor is a democrat and beloved by the "media" both social and otherwise, also are you sure this is a celebrity and not some treasonous intelligent agent foreign\domestic? Of course we both know that the more blue the blood, the less serious any social contract. Marriage or Civic\Social. Hollywood advocates for genocide against Goyim for being Nationalist, White, Christian and/or Male. If anyone is stupid enough to marry or get entageled with that nightmare, celebrites are not human beings, they are immoral monsters who do not care for anyone or anything. They need help and salvation, but their handlers have raped them too much. If Hollywood and Elite Politicians want to rape and kill\eat children, then the US DoD and IC will hand them over, no questions asked. It's only legal if the news\media allows it.

    #4 – This former A+ list mostly movie actor who is probably A-/B+ list and disgraced now, once tied and tortured an A list mostly movie actress for almost four consecutive days. < —- A mentally ill individual tortures another mentally ill individual, and because the world they live in is above the US Constitution and they have more money than I could ever care for, yet they cannot spend it, they are puppets. How do we know any of this is real? It could be a role that was being researched, or he could be doing it under orders of a producer or politician.

    Celebrities cannot get proper mental health because the Mental System is Zionist to the core, and the doctors will share the information in the Synagogues until the assassins find their marks.

    Remember, the celebrities make money for the people who promote communism and lied about impeahment\covid\floyd and committed acts of fraud and terrorism. If the DoJ and DoD is going to blame white people while they prove themselves to be ineffective and themselves treasonous and seditious, I don't care about "Hollywood" Gossip.

    The masks, lockdown, and social distancing are not based on logic, but because these people are more powerful than all the worlds militaries and intelligence departments combined. Every single nation is under their control.

    I wish England a good revolution. I pray God is on your Side. Perhaps London does need to be burnt to the ground, but as it stands, no media will cover what needs to be done in a positive light, just like before, and before that, those that own the media AND the banks, the ones who get to decide what is evil and what is good. Marxism is good, Catholicism and Republics and Law are bad!

    I cannot speak for you, because you never once wrote back to me, so I am human, the majority of humanity is human, there is a small minority, you know, that is not human or does not want to be human. Why is Hollywood so interesting to you? I thought you were above that, it doesn't matter now does it.

    None of this matters.

    • I’m sorry I haven’t replied, often I don’t even see comments.
      “Why is Hollywood so interesting to you?”
      I cannot avoid it here nor in my social circles. I know people in the arts, friends and family both. Above it? It’s influential, that’s why.

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