Hard to find photos of this

If somebody wants to do a physiognomy course with accurate line pictures, I’d be happy to promote it.


“Observe immigrants not as they come travel-wan up the gang-plank, nor as they issue toil-begrimed from pit’s mouth or mill gate, but in their gatherings, washed, combed, and in their Sunday best. You are struck by the fact that from ten to twenty per cent. are hirsute, low-browed, big-faced persons of obviously low mentality.”

Try interacting with them, mendacious sneaks.

Looks do correlate to IQ…..

“”To the practised eye, the physiognomy of certain groups unmistakably proclaims inferiority of type. I have seen gatherings of the foreign-born in which narrow and sloping foreheads were the rule. The shortness and smallness of the crania were very noticeable. There was much facial asymmetry. Among the women, beauty, aside from the fleeting, epidermal bloom of girlhood, was quite lacking. In every face there was something wrong—lips thick, mouth coarse, upper lip too long, cheek-bones too high, chin poorly formed, the bridge of the nose hollowed, the base of the nose tilted, or else the whole face prognathous. There were so many sugar-loaf heads, moon-faces, slit mouths, lantern-jaws, and goose-bill noses that one might imagine a malicious jinn had amused himself by casting human beings in a set of skew-molds discarded by the Creator.”

Thick lips don’t mean full, they mean over-full. Coconut-opening.
Coarse refers to lip shape and whether it looks, well, human. Study primates to see what I mean.
Long philtrum is known to be sign of retardation, even mildly. Never marry it. Shows more in later generations. Also met a lot of gay guys with it?
Extremely broad (not ‘high’) by modern language. White people mostly have ‘high’ cheekbones, they mean Mongoloid as Marquardt measured by computer. Bigger than the temple area just above, from the face-on.
Marilyn called ‘chinless wonder’ springs to mind. Jolie also got hers done.
Nasal bridges are a sign of a larger brain, that’s why Asians use putty or surgery.
Upturned or snub noses are pigged, not cute.

Bluebloods have underbite so that isn’t enough alone, bred on purpose so the men would look more handsome in paintings and on coins. This worked e.g. Isaac Newton had that naturally, an extremely handsome man. Nowadays he’d be a model, if you look at his actual features minus the painting style, he fits the mould of the film Aragorn.


what a fug.

Models still have this.

So a little of that underbite isn’t what is meant here. A strong chin was considered kingly (back to Egypt) and meant you had all your teeth to push out the chin SLIGHTLY. Modern ones could also be dental incompetence, especially with braces.

Other cases are overtly genetic and negative re intellect e.g.

Note the ear alignment issue. Mid-face overall too short.

Sugar-loaf = triangle – narrow head, huge jaw. Triangles were sugar cones.

Moon face = too round, no definition. Simple look, simple minded. Look at Miranda Kerr. Needs a lot of make-up. Jolie used to be one.

Slit mouths = broad mouth, masculine feature, more developed in the men of every race, develops with T. Marquardt’s male v female mask shows. Old Halloween costumes were based on this, like the basis for Jack Skellington. In women indicates adultery, witches were shown with it.

Graphic here, feel free to steal:

Lantern jaws = manjaw, that squaring like the lantern base, Mongol. Commonly seen with a monstrous head (gigantism of skull is sign of backwards farmer cultures). Grace Kelly had this with medium head size. Her hair was used to hide it. Obvious in Jewesses most e.g.

Rosie isn’t English – look at the eyes asymmetry and the flat nose.

Goose bill nose = obvious, excessive point with curve up or down. Common in Arabs and Jews. I’d use non-white examples but weeb simps will reee e.g.

Lantern jaw.

I also know ‘ghoulish mouth’ used in Victorian illustrations of ghouls, that very broad, quite thick-lipped look, common to the East and some print errors, maybe Downies. Downie eyes too, as noted before:

Asians are getting surgery to look like this. Dude, that isn’t how white people are supposed to look! I feel like the surgeon was trolling them but if being trusted by Whites was the goal, bingo.

Ideal was a harmonious face with a medium sized head, broad hips in a woman, narrow hips in a man, straight nose, round eyes level or downturn, medium to large eyes, flat (in profile) large forehead with zero slope and cherry chin. Look at old adverts, especially Edwardian. No beady eyes, no manjaws on women, no slit mouth, no ghoulishness.

Study; https://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/human-anatomy-fundamentals-advanced-facial-features–cms-20683

Mesocephal, the intermediate type, can be seen as the default drawing proportions we learned in our basic proportions. From this basic diagram, carve off a little volume for a brachycephal head, which is as long as it is wide, in other words round. For a dolichocephal head, which is long and narrow in comparison (longer than it is wide), add some volume to the back of the basic egg shape.

“In the West we can broadly say that the further North you go, the smaller the eyes are, while around the Mediterranean they are large enough to look feminine.”

Source: I’ve been used in data collection for beauty studies and I asked how it worked. I say beauty, really symmetry and bone structure.

You also can tell who is related by their ears.

One response to “Hard to find photos of this

  1. Physiognomy is an art that few really pay attention to. Face and face shape are phenomenal when posited by the scope of reference to character. Long live the art of physiognomy and those that pay attention to its wisdom.

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