Potter gossip

h/t Vox, I hadn’t seen this blind.



“Our former actor said there were only a few older actors who took part, but they were some of the worst.”

I know two things.

  1. Ralph Fiennes is a monster. He also raped the young teen daughter of that theatre hag he shacked up with, and later lived with her as an adult. Pedos exploit trauma bonds. Listen to him talk about and act in the deflowering scene from Invisible Woman, he knows an awful lot about virgin teens…?! He also hates kids more than Planned Parenthood.
  2. David Thewlis has nothing to do with this, imho. Yes, he’s lefty but he’s nice, realistic PC. Yes, I’ve met him. No creep vibes whatsoever. Very protective of his daughter. Just seems to wanna do his job and go home.

My guess for the boy is the Draco guy. He’s a douche IRL but semi-good in music.
Jason (played Lucius) is a cryptoJew and creepily, smarmily nice, so take that as what you will. You never hear a bad word about him (weird) and he openly despises Trump for no reason. No reason at all. Watch him on Youtube. I think Jason protected him, but maybe enabled others to be…? They’re eerily close. Jason was also in Peter Pan as Hook. A weird choice.

I said this didn’t just happen to girls, pedos are usually bi. They’re opportunists, boys usually fight back more. I wonder if the pedo-defenders will try to rationalise this? I guess not.
I know people who worked on Potter, as extras or otherwise. Extras travelled in packs.
PACKS. I swerved being an extra myself. Could have.

“Please not Gary Oldman.” Could be, he’s violent. He beats defenceless women. Is friends with David, though, as he told me. Maybe professional friends?
Chris Columbus has always been a massive notorious pedo. that’s why he wanted Ralph. Also zoomed in on Harry’s pain scenes.
Ralph famously made a weird comment you can find online about “humiliating a boy”” in his graveyard scene.

Chris Coulson is gay but I don’t think it’s him.

“As for the “older men,” my heart sinks at the thought of Alan Rickman being part of this, which seems quite possible.”

There was Philosopher’s Stone footage online where the boys were oddly discussing rape in a joking tone before an age where we learn what sex is in school.

“Kenneth Branagh, Richard Harris, John Cleese and a bunch of others.”
Kenneth is very fond of the backdoor, slept with Hiddleston didn’t he?
Harris, no idea.
Cleese, no. I don’t believe that. They cut his screen-time in later films, he is not favoured.

Rowling is friends with Marilyn Manson and uses a real demonology summoning circle as a kid’s necklace. I covered this.
Depp used to be friends with Manson, I think that messed him up. I don’t think Depp is one of them, just a mess. Know people who met him entertaining kids for free in hospital (all above board, parents present). Seems to be trying to feel better about involvement in that industry. Just loves the job. Creepy band name though. Then again, I like rock and posted a photo of him here once, so I can talk. He moved to England very recently, I know exactly where. The actual house. He wants to avoid Hollyweird. Maybe they threatened him?
Hurt did a lot of work on kid’s films, like a LOT, including for the BBC (Merlin) and I believe Doctor Who (I suspect anyone who worked on Who). Who conventions are full of kids and I know at least one former Doc was being creepy to attendees (a 18yo girl I knew but still).

The crossdressing Oscar Beasts guy is 100% gay but also loves his wife. IDK how. Premium beard?

Pretty sure Daniel was raped but he’s Jewish so could’ve been family-approved. Anyone who gets naked on stage has some issue. It should be illegal.

Rupert could be the one, nice bloke but hates acting now. Did lots of kid’s films.

“And depending who the other “older men on the set” aside from the actors were, maybe because they aren’t suicidal enough to name names.”



Is that enough naming names for you? Weird incesty fucking family, like Jolie. I heard rumours the only woman he’d ever love is his mother.
He’s called Ralph the Rake by other creeps (boys will be boys bullshit) and orders random theatre workers to fuck him during intermissions. Claimed to be a ‘sex addict’ that one time (no such thing). I think he is actually possessed. I don’t think he’d mind.
These people piss me off muh ‘nobody naming names’ we DO you don’t LISTEN. And unless you were there you can rarely prove it.
Did any of the kids say ANYTHING nice about Ralph as a person, literally EVER?

Did any of the adult cast? Or did most of them seem scared?

By process of elimination….

Does Hollywood love the guy? Does he keep getting plum roles? Is he friends with Harvey? In Epstein’s black book? Did Spielberg praise him as ‘sexual evil’? WTF does THAT mean?

In addition, sometimes the women are among the worst. ‘Blind’ said ‘adult’, not men. Mostly men, sure. I know HBC famously shagged Ken.

If ‘Rafe, actually’ wanted to suicide me by now, he would have done.

Mostly I just avoid plays he’s in. They’re shit anyway. Diverse cast.

p.s. Emma’s feminism is sincere, she’s trying to stick up for the boys.

I refuse to watch Stranger Things because it’s based on a murder case.


I covered the Crowley passage that talks of young boys.

~waits for Qfags to catch up~

“At his death penalty sentencing hearing, Echols’ psychologist reported that months before the murders, Echols had claimed that he obtained super powers by drinking human blood.” possession

Winona defended this guy. Johnny hates her.

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