Bernadette Banner, Marxist infiltrator on our history

Fake name (she used to admit), fake person.
This is a paste post. If you don’t care, carry on elsewhere.
She censors this type of info or I wouldn’t bother. 9,400~ words.
“It’s totally fine if she doesn’t want to discuss her upbringing! But in the Twitter account linked to her old Youtube channel (, there are repeated references to being Jewish, going to Hebrew school, and celebrating Jewish holidays.
“I linked before that she used to go by Erica). So it’s strange if she’s flat out denying it.”
Not if she’s mis-educating teenagers deliberately.
She is not a researcher. She uses first page google information plus ripped-off comments, so her ‘historical accuracy’ is often wrong. I’ve even see her rip-off my own knowledge from comments on other people’s videos. Things I learned in random, obscure ways, including from now-deceased people. You didn’t visit the same places I did as a kid, bitch.

She doesn’t want to discuss religion because she’s a black hat (black magic) witch, literally.
“I still don’t understand how she grew up in America and claims not to understand basic information about one of the country’s biggest holidays.” Forced delivery in a fake persona. Nobody sounds like that. Her accent is like Keanu in Dracula.
“People defend the weird transatlantic voice because she’s spent time working in the UK, but barring some elements of her accent nobody in the UK uses any of the archaic language she does lmfao. It’s very obviously put on. You can sometimes hear the voice drop when she says something off the cuff and she sounds totally normal and really lovely.”

Literally an actress persona with an imdb and an agent (in description section). A bad actress. She’s also condescending about others’ efforts like her projects aren’t shit.

She screams two-faced with that slapped arse pursed lip expression.

“But I also started to feel like she’s snobby unfortunately.” New York ancestral Jews have Scrooge McDuck money (that’s why no upbringing chat) and feel superior to other Jews, let alone the planet.
Another reason why the out-of-touch “idk what Youtube is!!” persona is SO bizarre is that she actually used to be a Youtuber with her sibling when she was younger. There used to be a news article with a photo of them, but I guess she was able to convince/pay them to take it down since I last saw it.” Because that isn’t dodgy.
She’s paid to be an e-celebrity, I guarantee it.
“But the more I watch her videos, the more I can’t stand how stuck up she is.” Nobody going to mention her cunty ‘expert’ videos? She’s only an expert in bad elocution, anorexia (seeing xylophone bones is never healthy) and that Jewish brand of Satanism that explains the ‘feminist’ and SJW posting.

“From her fancy apartment in New York while being a dress historian of all things, it’s hard not to feel how condescending she is.
The way she insists on sewing everything by hand and seems to sneer at machine stitching, the way she looks down on how people buy clothes (because lower class working people definitely have the time/funds to make their own, right?) It feels like she’s built her identity on being out of touch”

Good luck bribing me, cunt. Actual VIPs have tried. She is known to use her checkmark to remove comments that point out her own historical inaccuracy and illiteracy. She’s a vapid bimbo in tweed from tumblr ripping off tiny blogs and other obscure sources online, we hate tweed tossers here. All her pop culture videos are bullying people with real auteur flair and style in the job she doesn’t qualify for with her ‘skill’ – except the token one about black people, that was ‘flawless’ accuracy apparently (nope) despite looking ridiculous. So she can publicly humiliate costumers for their ‘accuracy’ but nobody can do it for her?

Sounds like money has changed hands, protection money. Lana del Ray bought her career with family money (and nose job) and so has this one. The comment volume doesn’t match the subs, she’s bought subscribers and heavily censors any that want to correct her – because we’re about learning right?

Butt out of our national heritage, it isn’t yours to describe, bitch.
Jews always hide the actual details needed (e.g. for these ‘projects’) behind a paywall, so there goes the education argument and it isn’t her information to hide, it’s public origin due to the elapsed time.

I don’t think that’s actually legal. It isn’t her info to obscure.

“I think Bernadette is incredibly talented and as a fellow Victorian nut, I was really into her videos for a time. But her personality is very put on and her vibe has gotten grating. She isn’t playing a character like Mrs. Crocombe. She’s trying to lead us to believe this is who she really is and it’s gotten very old very quickly. Her Christmas video was really the icing on the cake when it came to annoying me.
I got the feeling she had a Jewish upbringing, and it’s fine if she doesn’t want to speak about it. The fact that she’s dancing around it is very strange, though. Most people would use a phrasing similar to “I was raised Jewish, but I don’t subscribe to those beliefs”. I’m only half Jewish but culturally I find that half to be an important part of me. There is still plenty of anti-semitism in the world, though, so it’s possible she’s trying to avoid that, but that could be a leap on my part.
However, you’d be hard pressed to find a Jewish kid who doesn’t know about what goes down on Christmas. Kids are curious and ask questions. They have friends and Bernadette grew up with the internet. She absolutely knows the basics about Christmas. What nonsense.”
The simplest answer is correct, the intention is deceit. She intends to influence children and steer them wrong. We call that corruption.
I called her Jewish by birth a long time ago (years, early viewer) and she didn’t deny it. She was on the same thread.
It’s difficult to call other people privileged when you live in mid town Manhattan, with multi-millionaires as parents and silver spoon schooling. Add up her income from Patreon alone, assuming each person only contributes $5 she is a rich bitch either way. The rich get richer. That’s why she slags off poor people buying their clothes, she couldn’t hack it on Broadway, nor as a designer and because of her inability to go beyond goog page 1, nobody wanted her as a researcher. That’s why she did Youtube. I’ve known Broadway people, she simply isn’t good enough. Her skills are subpar. She makes funnel skirts FFS. She also buys her lace, why not make it?
Sewing as a woman’s hobby is patriarchal. You can’t call it feminist.
“Oh boy, another YouTuber who I loved in the beginning, but then as time went on I started getting too many BS vibes from her.”
Literally everything is fake. There is a named agency behind it, BB is a work of fiction, shitty fiction.
“The Christmas video was the final straw, so off to GG I go to see if I’m just being overly sensitive.
There’s no doubt that Bernadette is very talented and her channel could easily stand on its own with her knowledge of fashion history and amazing skills. I could even look past the phony accent and deliberately odd vocabulary”
i r very smart big words

People throw around talented too much. There’s effort but I’ve seen better from better people. Her work is only valued by ‘professionals’ when FREE. She’s basically an intern. Broadway and no museum wanted her. In NEW YORK. With rich Jewish parents. The place is practically one huge Temple.
“because I honestly went to high school with someone who spoke and acted in this exact same way, so I know people like this do exist in the wild and sometimes it’s just a personal preference. But then there was the feigned ignorance of the modern world, despite living in one of the world’s biggest and most modern cities. Still, I could justify this as her brand and maybe she’s doing a borderline historical interpreter type thing? The final straw that prompted me to dig a little further was the Christmas video where she seemingly knew of Christmas in name only. I understand that people come from different religious backgrounds (a brief web search and other users here suggest that Bernadette was probably raised Jewish), but as someone whose family is half Jewish it seems really, REALLY difficult to believe she doesn’t know such basic things about Christmas.
I’m glad to see I’m not the only person puzzled by her behavior. She appears to have enjoyed a fairly normal, albeit affluent, upbringing which she seems desperate to hide. She has done a VERY good job at removing as much as possible about her past from the internet and I just don’t understand why. Privacy is one thing and I absolutely can respect the desire for that, but this is next level. It only makes me ever-so-much more curious about her real persona and I can see I’m not alone!”
The intention is to influence children. If she were honest, parents would forbid their daughters from watching her. Reminds me of those twins photographed with the Satanic altar on the wall. Maybe then she wouldn’t be Jewish, and that’s just a cover?
She is obsessed with witches, wake up? And a huge hypocrite:

“And people like her always look down their noses at the rest of us Americans, who are so uncouth with our ~fast fashion~. Ever heard of Top Shop, Bernie?”
She’s a classist cunt, plain and simple. Being poor isn’t a personality trait.

She’s a bully. If she were male (could be) they’d say mansplaining.

If you skip those: SJWs are delusional whores. This one is the Queen Bee of anti-white white culture gatekeeping skanks e.g.

“BTW, I’m not at all trying to insult the Brits, so please don’t think that’s what I’m doing. I just get annoyed with Americans who think that all Americans are uncultured swine and every Brit is brilliant and proper and well-mannered, or every French woman is gorgeous and fashionable, or all Indian people are spiritual and peaceful and do yoga all the time. Not only is it offensive to Americans, but it’s offensive to the Brits/French/Indians/whatever society is in question as well, since it relies on stereotypes and oversimplifications and a complete lack of understanding of the complexities of other cultures.”
She’s racist, yes.

The Asians larping as a beheaded French woman will burn in Hell.

They’re Mean Girls with none of the looks or charisma.
Down with Western Civ – but we’ll thot it for profit? Stuff your cunt with cement, please never breed.

“In the beginning i really liked Bernadette! Still kinda do. She certainly has talent although i’ve always cringed at some very minor sewing-decisions she made.”
She gets things wrong constantly. It’s like Velvet Mafia, nobody corrects her
“She started rubbing me the wrong way when she made that video about fast fashion. Now i don’t entirely disagree with her, but i thinks it’s kinda hypocrite that she brings up the enviroment when miss thing is printing countless of images on paper (for her projects). Why doesn’t she use a tablet instead? It’s less wasteful and a better investment than having to buy new paper and cartridges for your printer.”
She lives in NY, NY. Move to a farm if you really give a fuck.

“I feel like we are so reliant on fast changing fashion”
Well newsflash. That “modern” fast changing fashion has actually been going on for centuries! Just one decade of historical fashion allready shows so much different styles of clothing for example. She of all people should know that.” except she’s a fraud, why would she?
“I kinda feel like she mostly spoke out of emotion in that video and was just really pressed that her stuff (that she based off of a painting) got plagiarised.” Then it wasn’t hers, was it? SJWs cannot be original. That’s why she criticises films and TV – she was a reject and they have talent. She couldn’t claim they were anti-Jewess, could she?
Jews hate the Chinese. The Chinese are wise to them and hold them at arm’s length, knowing more of their history of infiltration.
“I watched the livestream they did in December. Cathy is, if I remember correctly, pansexual, and Bernadette said she was asexual.”
A woman with no sex drive has zero need for a connecting room in a hotel. Also, no human is asexual. If you don’t want to sleep around, that’s normal. It’s SJW code for ‘I’m not a slut’ virtue signalling. Most of them still fuck, look it up.
“it is quite easy to google and find that she has a very privileged upbringing with her parents having an article in the New York Times boasting about the size of their closet and how most New York apartments would fit into said closet! Mother is successful real estate business owner and father a builder. Sister is also very successful with high powered job in NY! It is unfortunate that she has chosen to ‘act’ in this way as I can now only view her as a historical interpreter, not dissimilar to the Mrs Crocomb that she often raves about!
I am all for keeping your private life private and tbh I don’t really care if she has a relationship with Cathy Hay, just don’t treat your subscribers like idiots and make out like you have been locked in a cupboard for the last 150 years as we now know you are taking us all for a ride!!”
Multi-millionaires, but she didn’t buy her place on YT?
“When I first found Bernadette I could not stand her and how fake she sounded. While I loved watching sewing videos even then, I just couldn’t bring myself to subscribe to her.”
I know regional accents. Nobody normally sounds that way. She’s trying to sound like a BBC radio programme about Sherlock Holmes. It’s creepily specific.
“I have seen some old content she and her sister used to make, and her parents are certainly not secretive in media either.”
Family is in on it because they’re funding it.
“Yikes. She’s more pretentious than the average bear isn’t she… She used to go by ‘Erika’? Is this a Graveyardgirl-esque ‘Bunny’ situation? I found her pretentious from day one but theres actually quite a bit that bothers me about her. The Christmas video was the last straw though, there is no way that she doesn’t know anything about Christmas. She idolizes the Victorian era and that is when Christmas was born. Regardless, she grew up in America with access to the internet and therefore its impossible that she didn’t witness any aspect of Christmas.
As for the relationship with Cathy Hay…its actually a little creepy to me. Like someone else said, its a little single white female. After discovering Cathy Hay’s recent video discussing her voice and saying its a mental issue, that made me really dislike them both. Pretentious and contrived. Not trying to be a dick about mental issues but I do feel like Cathy has leaned into this soft voice thing to make her more mysterious etc and I don’t buy that she can’t speak louder unless shes on a microphone…come on. Bernadette also claims to be super ‘anxious’ around people yet she’s clingy around Cathy and even the Mrs Crocombe lady… She just seems snobbish and elitist in many ways.” 100%.
“Definitely extremely privileged. When I finally looked into her family after that Christmas video, suddenly the premium Manhattan apartment made sense! I think you hit the nail on the head though. “Bernadette” is just a persona she created at some point and I think the most recent obnoxious behavior is the result of believing her own nonsense after some success.”
“Anyone who watches 10 minutes of her video is desperate to find out how an unemployed woman who takes on no sewing commissions can afford a Manhattan apartment.”
Cringey tumblr larper.
Pasting because she bribes/threatens people to take public info down.
” “A Historically Inspired Hair Style From No Era In Particular,” and almost die when she said that the reason that she has such long hair is because “haircuts are expensive”? Is she trying to be more relatable by saying that?”
Compulsive liars will lie about trivialities, she’s trying to show off what a great actress she is. Still trying to get Hollywood’s notice. Pathetic.
“including doing basically unpaid work for that fashion history school that makes the pattern books”
Her research sucks though. Diversity hire? There’s a million little sewing blogs she rips off for ‘tips’, if you double-check. Her description never links them.
Nothing about her is original.
The costume is copy/paste too.
I’m modest IRL but nobody is that stiff and dry vagina. Nuns included. There is no ‘extreme introvert’ but there is ASPD.
She puts on the stern book trope matronly routine when matrons are nice and friendly.
She seems to want people to be intimidated by her, SJWs are always like this. They think green hair and piercings will do it, she goes for ill-fitting coats and filming herself down public walkways with her big nose hoisted in the air like an idiot – strange how she had no ‘anxiety’ there?
“Yes, she is trying to be relatable. The same way she uses ‘trash’ to seem relatable and meme-ish. Shes gross tbh. An affluent person using the words trash in that way is pretty disgusting to be honest.”
“It’s funny because I’m kind of the opposite and yet here I am. Initially I ONLY watched her videos for the historical costuming discussion and couldn’t care less about her personality or private life, but her obvious misdirection made me suddenly intensely curious haha. I hadn’t noticed the hesitancy to discuss fiction. That’s interesting! I’m sure it’s just an extension of the fact that having personal opinions about literature written post 1910 would break her character.
The recent hair video felt like the final stage of her metamorphosis into full-blown stereotypical YT guru, complete with absurdity and hypocrisy.
Our little Bernadette is grown.”
Narcissists are hollow people, the mystery is there’s no mystery, they have no personality, that’s why they hide.
“In case anyone needed a reminder, Bernadette posted yet another story to let us know how much better she is than us Poors who shop fast fashion.”
LOL the arrogance is trained in on purpose by the parents, that’s why the schools are expensive. Sadly she’s shit for brains and constantly rips off prior work in the field. I’ve seldom seen a woman where there’s nothing to admire – ana figure, solid 4 face with a big nose in profile, snobby, SJW, silver spoon, no humour, fake, credit thief, pretentious about a thing she has no knowledge in, if I were like that I think I’d actually kill myself. The mental health talk makes sense, what does she have in life? She manages to be a loser in life who tried to make it on Broadway for pittance only to fail. Rich parents couldn’t buy her a career. In SHOWBIZ. Imagine failing that hard. There’s no excuse, is there? The failure must be personal.
“Here’s what drives me bonkers about her righteous indignation over ‘fast fashion’:
She never talks about the ethicality of any of the fabric she buys. We have seen her scour the shadiest, seediest looking (by her own admission) fabric shops for the best deals and cheapest fabrics, yet she acts like fast fashion is the root of all evil in the world.
I’m not saying it isn’t a huge problem, because it is—but her fabrics are coming from exactly the same places. The same underpaid sweatshop workers are weaving that perfect lady Sherlock tweed as made my tweed pants from H&M. Unless she is following her materials right down to their source to ensure their sustainability and the humane treatment of the workers who made it, she is still contributing to the problem she criticizes everyone else for being complicit in” Stereotypical miserliness. For thee, not me? It’s selfish to make clothes only for yourself all day. Her life is futile. Waste of space. Why not sew for orphans you vain bitch?
“Cool, you made the dress yourself. So I guess that means the fabric, thread and all the other notions were only each in one sweatshop instead of being assembled in another. I fail to see the substantive difference here.” Ego.
“Not sure why she was denying being Jewish given that a quick trip to her siblings Instagram showed posts from Dani’s birthright trip”
Pay to play fake celeb.

“Also, is it only me or Rachel is extreamly uncomfortable as soon as Bernadette starts speaking in the cafe or the restaurant they are at? That empty look on the table is exactly what I would do if I wanted to get out of a situation lol.”
Unrelated: psychopaths give people the creeps, but only in person. They seem artificial. The anorexia wouldn’t help. This explains how it works:
“I don’t know if it is just me projecting but whenever she does a collaboration I feel like the person she is with looks awkward when Bernadette starts talking in public.”
It’s cringe. She is cringe-inducing. The keyword for her entire persona is HAUGHTY. He huffs, puffs, tuts and scoffs as if she’s the world expert on white history. It’s insufferable.
It’s rare to see such an obnoxious woman, who clearly thinks she’s being attractive, but obnoxious examples in women do sadly exist.
She then REPLIES ABOUT HERSELF. So much for being ‘too busy’ even to reply to texts.
Normal people don’t care, fake people have a pricey reputation to maintain.
Opens “Hello all!”
I physically gagged reading that. These people ruined conventions with their pretensions.
“this is the sort of feedback that nobody bothers to tell you to your face”
then stop deleting comments as ‘harassment’ for pointing out your historical interpretation is objectively wrong? Many many people she has urged Youtube to delete. Their whole accounts, channel and all. She has the checkmark. Flags any ‘feedback’ as hate speech.
” the “time traveller persona” is not so much deliberately fabricated as a result of having lost much memory beyond the last ~10 years. I do hope you will understand my reluctance to divulge the details of my medical history.”
You all know that I know my psychiatry, there is no condition where that is humanly possible. How dare you lie about that? People don’t lose an entire decade (she’s at least 20, likely lies about her age down) but have a fully functioning memory after the fact. Severe brain damage would be 1 year memory loss, and you’d need 24/7 in-hospital care in a specialised brain clinic facility. You filthy fucking liar. This makes people with real problems look lazy or bad for not recovering fully. They’re lucky if they can use a spoon.
“My financial upbringing is obviously not something I have control over, but I do feel the need to point out that I moved to New York for a job, which I continued to work for at a union salary for several years until going back to university full time with a decent amount in savings”
No way she is as young as she claims then.
“Fortunately YouTube is now my full time employment—and it pays better than any of my work on Broadway ever did.”
Calculate from Patreon.
“Apologies for the accent—it isn’t an affectation, and it annoys me too. I do quite like the vocabulary though.”
Then why does the accent drop in unguarded moments? Tacky actress.

Speech therapists: EXIST

“Bernadette kept doing this weird posing thing when they were walking down the street and talking…like lifting her chin and nose up in the air..over and over and over.” SJWs confuse snooty with intimidating.
She just has that personality that makes you not want to like her, regardless of any talent etc. Shes phony… thats really the end of the story. She has concocted her personality, it doesn’t seem genuine and who would really want to be around that? Even that Ms Crocombe lady seems to wince around Bernadette sometimes.”
The creeps.

“Records that are available online publicly show that Mr and Mrs banner bought the condominium for 1,047,000 back in 2012. Rent might be expensive in new york but mommy and daddy own the condo”
The English hate snobs. Look at comments about Prince Harry. Lordly behaviour is not tolerated, even in a literal titled Prince.
“”Occupying about a third of the second floor of their 8,500-square-foot home here in the Washington suburbs, the master suite begins with a spacious room containing a king-size bed. Beyond that is a sitting room with a fireplace, wet bar, refrigerator and television. Beyond that is a bathroom with a sunken bathtub, fireplace and a television hidden behind a mirror. Beyond that is Mrs. Banner’s walk-in closet, 165 square feet, the size of an average bedroom. Finally, there is Mr. Banner’s walk-in closet, the size of a small bedroom. When friends from New York visit, Mrs. Banner said, they always exclaim, ”I could fit my whole apartment in your bedroom.””

What about their fast fashion, Bern?

Their household income is more than $500,000 a year.” As is hers. … uburb.html” People who want privacy don’t do NY Times. The ‘for family’ excuse is farby/fake.
“And people like Bernadette, even when they are skilled and woke as her, are completely convinced that it’s ALL their achievement when in reality their parent’s wealth provides the foundation upon which they build their success. If she had to make ends meet like many of us, she’d probably not have the leisure to even think of following her dream/interest.”
Exactly. Her personality is farby.
“Hope you had fun hanging out with Jennie today, Bernie! Did you ask her about the teenage girl her friend Doug Phillips abused for years right in front of Jennie and husband?”
A Jew okay with child abuse? Imagine my shock.
“Did she outright say she wasn’t raised Jewish or in a Jewish home? Or did she just say she isn’t Jewish.”
Exactly, all denials phrased in present tense. Why hide?
Because now she’s a Satanic leaning witch (nothing harmless wicca candle bitch type pagan about her), that’s why she won’t discuss books.
“In this weird cultural climate we are in, I don’t really blame her for keeping her ‘witch’ religious believes to herself- whatever form that religion or belief system may take.”
She dresses like the pedovore cannibals in fairytales, on purpose. I remember seeing what looked like an altar in at least one video – branches/earth, candle/fire, incense/air and a space for water. Also, is fucking Ikea historically accurate? She has money to buy real furniture.
“And sorry Bernadette, the accent IS an affectation. I’m sure you will tell us ‘anon’ in a video that it isn’t but I don’t buy it. The fact that you incorporate English phrases that we don’t use in this country is telling, IMO.”
Nobody talks like that. She’d be laughed out of the room.
“Ironically, she’s sending people to watch it before it becomes unlisted yet it’s her at her most contrived and guileful.”
How honest.
“My problem with her is the fact that she can sometimes feel like a caricature and the disdainful way she talks about modern things that she pretends not to know.”
Playing dumb… but she is. Her research skills are search engine 12yo tier.
“We know you’re not stupid, Bernadette (or Erika?), don’t treat us like we are. You know what Christmas is. How can you comprehend All Hallows Eve is the entire day before All Hallows Day, but not that Christmas Eve is the entire day before Christmas?”
“As soon as I heard her complain about her 9-foot ceiling I knew there was something up with her. Ugh life is so inconvenient I can’t connect my brand new purchase to my 9-foot ceiling…”
She sounds like a stilted text to speech function of a bored 50s housefrau trying to do a Hyacinth in Keeping Up Appearances. Look up a clip of the phone voice, so not even original. She’s also running out of video content ideas. Oh, another ugly blouse, wow. Looks so 1980s. Lawrence LB should sue.
“Girl, he’s very gay, but a ‘funny’ joke, I guess. Were it real though, I think she’d have a problem with his former career as a gay porn star (Under the name Charlie Snake / Mr. Snake)… You know, it doesn’t exactly fit in with her 19th-century fantasy”
“OMG. That is the best tea I’ve ever heard. And its true, just google search Charlie Snake porn. Sure enough, its Zac Pinsent who ‘hasn’t worn modern clothing’ in X number of years.”
That must be how the BBC found him. So I see a pattern. Degenerates of dodgy background taking a sudden interest in Western history and perverting the truth.
“she’s an uptight narcissist but I doubt she cares about someone working in porn.”
“I guess what she said in her “Why Are You Dressed Like That?” video is a lie: “I don’t opt to wear modern clothing over historical clothes because I don’t have it in my wardrobe”.
I believe the brand is called “Victoria’s Secret”
, not “Victorian Secret”.”
Asexuals don’t buy VS, which is notoriously uncomfortable lingerie only easy on the eyes.
Yes, tell us again how you’re not tempted by the modern conveniences of fast fashion, plastic fabrics, and capitalism.”
“In the Ariana Grande dress she uses a Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Strapless Bra in the bodice” Fake people.

“Every now and then she lowers her guard for a few seconds and lightens up on that accent, but it never lasts for long. Bernadette banner, if you are reading this, and I know you are, you really need to drop the accent. It’s off-putting, and you don’t need it.”
“In response to her views on fast fashion, I think that we are wasteful in our consumption in life in general. I think we should all be mindful of what we buy and consume. She spends a lot of time in the garment district buying fabric for her clothing, mass produced by poorly paid workers, in the past I got a holier than though vibe from her”
“It was actually Morgan’s video but Bernadette put off an “I’m so special” vibe and to me was very “we all know you’re not on my level, doing this for you because I’m sweet” toward the other two women.
I got quite put off on her. Everything now seems to be about her, and the clothing is basically her plot structure and stage props. I’m pretty disappointed.”

Narcissistic supply.
“I really like her content, but always felt like something was off about her. Finding this thread confirms everything.”
I’m not saying she is a female psychopath, I’m saying she has all the traits and the mask OF a psychopath.
‘blankname”s long-winded single post is clearly her, but speaking as herself.
opens “Stumbled on this thread-” sure, still pretentious I see.

“She also could have been playing up not knowing in order to extract more information for her audience who perhaps might not know of it.”
How would you know?
“I’m not sensing the arrogance or ‘better than you’ vibe everyone else seems to be seeing” look in a mirror?
“Her views on fast fashion are the same as most environmentally aware influencers from what I know, and her advocating certain options doesn’t necessarily dictate her singling out her less fortunate audience. She understands her position and uses it to be as ethical as she can; not forcing or shaming people who don’t have those options available.” – PR puff
She’s classist and a crybully.
“Also people seem to be missing that the comments on modern society (notedly, temptations of modern clothing, technology and general culture) are clearly jokes that I feel are being ignored here in order to further criticise someone. Bernadette is clearly well versed in internet culture, referencing memes and sometimes exaggerating the victorian character she has created. But I don’t think she actually expects her audience to believe that she is completely immersed in Edwardian lifestyle, and expects they understand that playing up a certain aspect of your personality and lifestyle is part of her content. She probably has a microwave burrito from time to time for christ’s sake.” so this is how she really talks?
When she bullies people, it’s ‘clearly’ a ‘joke’ like those guys say, learn to take a ‘joke’…
She must be retarded to put notedly. So now it IS a character?
“I think I touched on everything but my last point will be on Cathy Hay.” simping ….hi Bern.
“I personally think the bond Cathy and Bernadette has is lovely”
“Personally, I’m on the autistic spectrum and this makes things more difficult, because my entire life revolves around my interests, so I can imagine how difficult it is for others who have more intense interests. (This is not to suggest Bernadette is on the spectrum, but clearly fashion history is her livelihood so I was only relating certain aspects)”
Autism is a low empathy condition. Psychopaths and sociopaths use it as a cover.
Why tell us this? Well, you can’t hold them to humane decency.
Apparently this is not her:
“TLDR; Bernadette is a skilled dress historian, and it’s clearly what she intends to be her life’s work. Historians often have an area/period they fixate on and are fascinated with; this is clearly no different. Her past and relationships are really none of our business as long as they aren’t harmful (ie. racist homophobic etc) and I think people should look at content a little more objectively, then discuss it, rather than ‘I saw it this way therefore it was this way’ especially when you yourself were not there. You can criticise someone’s public / professional work but criticising their character and personal life seems invasive.
Think through what you have to say on here, as some of the words were just criticism, but some were a little harsh and unprecedented. If anyone wants to dispute what I’ve said feel free, but please discuss things civilly.”
She is not skilled. Tiny stitches are not a skill, kids in China do those. Her tailoring skills are absolute shit.
Were you there, blankname? How. Would. You. Know?

“Excuse me, @Blankname but she does pretend to be poor. In her last video she said she can not afford to buy any more after she bought one wool material in the garment district. I mean, come on? She also can not afford to cut her hair by a hair dresser. She is constantly lying and pretending to be otherwordly. A very similar problem I have with Micarah, whom i generally like, but who does earn a lot of money nowdays but still is too tight to pay for her father to go to a clinic instead of draining his elbow on her own. she is not a fucking doctor. and she also constantly acts poor. maybe she used to be, but not nowdays with two vans and over 1 million subs. but i digress.
Other point is Bernadettes constant go on feminism and slamming patriarchy by wearing a pirate shirt, clearly forgetting that her father payed for everything she has and her apartment as well. very self-made. she tries really hard to come across as someone who achieved everything on her own but no, she just comes from a rich family and can afford to sit at home, have fun with her hobby, live in her own world and make boring videos while others actualy work.
And don’t get me started on her scoliosis worrior crap. As someone affected i had to roll my eyes, she makes it sound like she survived diphteria and polio in the 18th century.
On Cathy Hay i will not even comment as her voice is making me vomit and i can not watch her.
By the way , how you shield her is really strange to me, why even bother with a person you never ever met in the real life? Fangirling at its best. 🙄
And it is esp. nice of you to allow us to comment on your post, because otherwise we would be too . and please, let me decide for myself in which tone i answer to someone.”
Most people don’t have a totally straight spine, self included. It’s super common, most people don’t get diagnosed. Nobody cares. I get back pain but so does everyone who really works. She doesn’t.
“Bernadette, we already know you read this thread. You didn’t need a burner to write up that whole essay defending yourself, you could have just used the same account as last time.”
“I actually suspect it’s Cathy Hay, to be honest”
Those two seem like the same person, fair. Seems codependent.
“I saw she had a collaboration with Vogue as well.” Modelling is a cover for rape rings, shocker.
“Everyone can go ahead and state their point of view. I do not know if your goal was to change ours, but it does not work for me. I wouldn’t give Bernadette one penny of my hard earned money to support her on patreon. And i am just trying to sit here and imagine following scenario: let’s say i have a kid and my husband is a staying at home dad and i am the only one working , and than i come home and find out he wastes our money on youtubers …… i would not be amused. i am totally here for giving money to charities and to people or animals, who are in the need, but to someone like Bernadette? lol. No.”
Yep, it’s rich cunt welfare.
“The thing is she’s saying you can’t share the link in the comments of any of her videos. If she was so concerned with the older videos resurfacing for all to see just unlist them” she wants the shekels, duh
“If true, I’m absolutely convinced that the two users (one claiming to be her, one who I seriously thought was Cathy Hay) who have posted their elaborate defenses of her on here actually ARE her. It seems highly coincidental that after both posts she has gone through and removed/hidden a bunch of videos.”
“Are Bernadette and Cathy Hay still friends?
Bernadette had this thung on her account in IG where people could “scream into the void” and one of her comments in stories was (replying to someone) thatshe recently was betrayed by a close friend and she thought she would go into a mental breakdown but they both learn to move on and be indifferent. At the same time Cathy Hay posted a video/held live of FR team and Bernadette wasnt there. Then BB went and unlisted some videos on her channel and the majority of them contained Cathy Hay (except the Costume College video). I went on checkng both insyagrams and seems like Bernadette isnt following Cathy anymore? Or Am I so stupid and simply cant find it? Also Cathy’s likes aren’t popping up in new post of BB on her instagram and viseversa.
In her recent video with black hat she posted several hours aho she seemed to be tired and her voice wasnt as happy as usual.”
SJWs also attack one another.
Also, BB is almost at 1m followers on Youtube. Does anyone think she buys followers? It seems insane to me that her channel has grown so much and that she has so many videos with over 1m views when she has a really small niche.”
Obviously she has bought them, which if proven would be against YT rules and her account would be terminated. I know honest ones with half that working for longer.
Brands base payments on sub count so they’d also have cause to litigate for fraud and theft.
Her parents are probably buying them to show support, which may skirt the rules but probably doesn’t.
“They’re both still following each other that i can see so idk. But I did find it odd that none of the costuming community promoted Cathy Hay’s sewing program last week. Usually it’s this whole big deal.”
Banner is a Queen Bee Regina George type and Cathy threatened that.

“My tinfoil over why the feud happened :
1- BB has applied for a visa to move to England (as confirmed on Patreon). Cathy was perhaps supposed to help her in that regards but backed out.
2-Some drama on Foundations Revealed. She is nowhere to be found anywhere on the website and is not on the Facebook group anymore, and no account on the FR website.
3- Cathy is jealous of BB’s success.”
I sense lesbian drama. Maybe virginity-related? Else why be so angry? If it’s intimate I’m sorry for that, at least.
BB would go over like hot dog shit here, I would advise against it. Read comments about Meghan Markle’s arrogance.
“I guess one doesnt exclude the other, everything can happen! But doesnt she have more then one friend besides Cathy Hay?
And is she really going to move to UK? That’s interesting… Did she state that on Patreon?”
Gut feeling? Cathy proposed then backed out. Peacock gown was going to be a wedding dress.
I do not snuggle with my BFFs on a sofa. And we’re CLOSE.
But, I have a feeling mummy and daddy will step in and she will be gifted a beautiful period cottage that she can sit in and sew to her hearts content…”
If she wants to get firebombed, yeah. Rising tensions over class, never advertise wealth like THAT.
Do you recall the London Riots? They set rich places on fire. They don’t care if you’re inside. That would be incredibly dumb. All it takes is one Muslim acid attack because she’s recognisable and ‘queer’. I would not move here and I grew up here.
She sticks out like a sore thumb. Tolerated in New York, even London she’d get burgled and possibly raped. They target single women for burglaries as cover for gang rape. It’s in the papers. Why do you think I’m discreet? Do I seem naturally shy to you? Never show off. Also cottages are tiny. No storage. I lived in one. Tons of moths.
If she moved out to the middle of nowhere she’d hate it. She would be an object of ridicule. Maybe she expected Cathy to let her move in or buy a house together.
Also, the witch stuff… people would think she was a pedo. People forget female witches lured kids – pedos. Sexual abuse was implied e.g. making them eat things and being too nice/grooming. We burned people here for that shit.
There’s a raft of black people moving to cottages in England for ‘aesthetic’ posts where they pretend to be rich and they’re widely despised, even by ghetto London blacks. At some point, they will get robbed for posting everything but their arsehole. Local councils will put up their taxes and make them lose the house. They’re socialists, they don’t care if you’re non-white. The bank wins all your assets, that’s their plan.
You can’t actually move here without declaring many things like income and her medical issues might prevent her if true. She claims disabled and that might be a reason for rejection.
“In all honesty, i think she wants to move to London out of some daydreaming fantasy about the victorian lifestyle. In her head she is probably picturing herself living in 221b and being Sherlock Holmes. In Europe there are plenty of people who are extremly talented and are into victorian sewing and clothes, she should stay in the US, where her way of life is considered something special. And it is not like it is going to be easy in Britain with Brexit comming and Coronavirus rules everywhere. Not a good time to move. Unless- of course- her parents are going to buy her a nice little house somewhere in the middle of scottisch landscape, than the life will be pretty nice for her.”
London is Muslim, good luck being a Jew in that environment. I wouldn’t want it for any money. She isn’t special here, most of us like the Victorians.
“I wonder if she got her visa… I was told that in her Patreon special video she mentioned the answer had to come just within days, and since then almost 3 weeks have passed.” Rejected. How dare we reject her snowflake self?
Maybe she wanted to marry Cathy for a citizenship card and since that’s super fucking illegal Cathy rightly told her to stick it.
“She has more than 1500 patreons, and if we say that they all pay an average of 10$, she earns $15K a month. Then she has the Youtube Ad revenue and socialblade says its between 7K and 121K, and I’d estimate it as a lowball to be somewhere inbetween, so 60k. In total, she gets at least about 240K a year before taxes. The average salary in London is £37k per year and I’ve survived on much less. Also she’s living in New York which is not much different in terms of vibe.”
How bout- Cathy refused a prenup? Wouldn’t that make sense?
It seems financial. Maybe Cathy was asked tax questions re BB’s earnings in the UK? Why be cagey about your income when people are paying you it directly?
“It seems like BB pulled a LOT of people in and she might have wanted more of a profit share. Maybe CH promised BB a share of the revenue of all the subscriptions that came in because of her and that never materialised.” seems more personal
Xmas video description “This video has been unlisted due to the overly personal nature of the content as well as content that some have found upsetting.”
money’s on lovers’ quarrel
slagging off Christianity here could’ve been reported as hate speech, unlikely
“BB seems a little bit like a class 5 clinger when it comes to Cathy. Maybe it just stopped being cute or maybe Cathy didn’t want the responsibility of being BB’s surrogate mom. Or maybe she realized when BB is physically within distance of her, she’d never get a break and got overwhelmed by the thought of it. BB would be at her door every hour of the day. I don’t know. It’s always seemed a little weird how obsessed with Cathy BB is and how she incorporates her in like every single one of her videos. I don’t know how the relationship started or how they met but it does seem weirdly codependent on BB’s part.”
Unrelated: psychopaths imitate a mark to practise their mask and feign specialised knowledge, they’re users. When the person finds out how much of the mask is well, fake, then they freak out. Psychopaths are nomadic by need, before people abandon them first. Cathy has genuine sewing knowledge. I may not like or dislike her, but she has the actual brains and sewing know-how (at her age) that BB fakes for money. Maybe Cathy said ‘stop using stuff I tell you to make money off me’?
Single poster again: “It feels a little gross to discuss her health, but I’m only mentioning it to defend her a little here – I actually have a similar thing! Due to childhood trauma, I don’t remember a huge amount before my early 20s (they think I was probably dissociating a lot growing up so things weren’t forming as memories).”
Abusive people can claim memory problems in case you press charges, could be a reason. If it’s dissociation, maybe she has an angry alter? Again, hiding makes people assume worse than whatever truth – unless it’s really that bad.
” it was mostly Cathy that gave me the red flags. Anyway, turns out she has a lot of connections to the “self help” world of people like Tony Robbins (not a pleasant individual, putting it mildly) and Jeff Walker, who actually did a podcast with her in which she happily rambled on about monetising “her” community. There was a section in which, and I’m paraphrasing, but nontheless, she makes people like her, so she can make money from them. She has called him her mentor a few times and clearly is aiming for his way of life.
I think that Cathy Hay saw BB as her way deeper into the “costube” community she was only really on the edges of, as a means to monetise them harder via BB’s reputation, mass appeal and crucially, her friends. I would say it worked very well too since up until this last launch, the usual suspects (Noelle, Morgan Donner, Marika etc) had all been happy to advertise Foundations Revealed. I think everything was coming up Cathy right up until the Peacock Dress debacle and her pet project being shown up for the problematic mess it was, when perhaps BB (who I seem to remember was paying for some of the dress using ad revenue from the videos, and who’s contacts had been used to get the embroiderers contracted) and definitely others like Noelle started pointing this out and the cracks began to show in the at best surface level of give a shit that Cathy actually had for BB. Add in the visa situation, perhaps in order to keep BB on side, Cathy had offered her a place to stay and a job to put on the visa request? Probably we’ll never know, but a cursory dig into Cathy Hay reveals her motives in the community and somehow I doubt that sat well with the others when they worked it out.
Either way, it was very clear to me at least, that BB cared a lot more about Cathy than Cathy cared about BB. That didn’t end well, clearly, so now we just have to wait and see who cracks first in talking about this whole thing I guess.”
How did they suddenly come for Cathy? Was it BB using her clout to prove a point to her? Strongarm her into the visa thing?
Then why doesn’t BB have any childhood friends? What would old schoolgirls say about her? She seems like a piece of work too. BB has no mass appeal but also no humility.
“Everybody knew about it because they’d both extensively discussed it and shown their progress making the outfits, but when it came to Coco, Cathy showed up dressed as Moriarty (apparently, you certainly wouldn’t have guessed had you not been told) and appeared in every photo the other two did in costume.
Afterwards, she really took the cake by effectively cosplaying as the BBC version of Anne Lister in an outfit Constance MacKenzie (she works for FR) made and had the time of her life being the centre of attention, surrounded by other Coco goers dressed in all the gowns they’d painstaking made themselves.”
“The “engagement shoot” with Cathy doesn’t seem to be on her feed anymore either although there are other photos of her and Cathy.”
Single poster again:
“As someone who has been around the historical costuming community for a very long time, it’s amusing to me that while everyone is discussing BB’s weird accent and whether or not she’s a trust fund baby, most people have NO CLUE that Cathy Hay is the one who is the real snake in the grass.
IF there is in fact a falling out between her and BB, well, it was only a matter of time. Cathy has hitched her ride to a long list of other “stars” in the costuming/corsetry world only to abandon them as soon as someone with more name recognition/monetization potential comes along. What I find interesting is that BB is by far the most “famous” of all of these poor suckers who believed Cathy’s scammy feel-good EST-esque MLM crap. Again, IF there is indeed a falling out between the two, it’s only going to hurt Cathy going forward. I can’t think of another individual within the Costube/costumer/corsetry communities with BB’s level of reach. Whatever happened between them (and let’s be clear, I still have my doubts that this isn’t an orchestrated publicity stunt), BB is not the one who’s livelihood is going to suffer. She will be well rid of Cathy Hay.”
Hi BB.
“Me, low key wondering if Cathy and BB are making burner accounts to vent their frustration at each other on this medium and reading into every new account post as if it is secretly one or the other.” Yep
“I’m not at all surprised to hear that she’s done this before, I know someone in the community who calls her “the vampire” because she just moves from victim to victim, sucking the clout from them before moving on. I’m really interested to see how this is all going to go down now because as others have said, I don’t think BB is going to suffer much here, but CH has the most to lose by a long way.”
“They brag about being open, but the historical costuming online community has always seemed super clique-y to me and elitist. I don’t get that vibe from BB personally, only when she talks about fast fashion, but then again she might be a touch autistic hence is why she always goes on about certain subjects in depth….
What does the historical costumer community thinks of BB? I have never been active online (only IRL) and it seems like there is a big majority of people who like her, but also a couple of people on Reddit seems to dislike her.”
It’s a cult and she pretends her opinion is fact.

“i’m a historical costumer with 5k+ following on IG
everybody here loves her and takes her words as a gospel
if you say something bad about her you’re going to be shunned

i thought i was the only one that doesn’t like her until i found this forum”
So it’s like a pack rat set up where nobody wants to upset the queen? That’s an awful place to be. Like the mean girls of the historical costuming world.
Oh BB is absolutely unrelatable. You can see by the resting b*tch face she isn’t going to be your friend
. I actually love it when she’s wearing her historically accurate clothing and just walks around her flat posing, she reminds me of the wife from the Truman show, does a turn and says ‘here’s some really overpriced facial products that the average person can’t afford which I’m showing you in my million dollar Manhattan apartment’ I just love it. aesthetic sweetie, aesthetic.”
“eh it’s not that bad
the community is supportive and welcoming
like i was given shoutouts from top creators when i just started (even BB herself liked some of my posts)
the comments are nice most of the time even when your costume looks like garbage
but if you will go against the flow
god help you” That is a cult
“Well it looks like according to her monthly vlog on Patreon, BB is cognizant of the fact that she is almost at 1 million subscribers and is trying not to cross polinate with other channels and organizations in the event she gets cancelled.”
Many things don’t add up, exceedingly creepy.
Subs down recently: down 25% last month (those must be real viewers) and down 48.8% video views?
YET subscribers continuously trickle up overall? HOW?

Channel created: Nov 25th, 2012. Weird. She’d have been 18, apparently?

SJWs co-opting more culture.

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