Everyone’s an expert in a bull market

All that money and he doesn’t get ultrasound on that jaw, tut tut.

He’s holding the teacup wrong smh NO LOOPING.

fyi – you hold the handle, delicately, NO LOOPS

also why is he holding the saucer wtf it exists to protect the table

I get english nerd rage over the most obscure shit.

I’ve written about the debt/GDP of nations like Singapore before. You also don’t wanna stick out as the one white guy in case a probable war with Asia breaks out. Come war, all foreign-looking people are killed on both sides.

Places like Singapore are baiting the hook to do a later wealth tax. It’s politically popular to do this to foreigners instead. Funny how white guys assume the rest of the world actually likes them. They will screw you over and enjoy it, if you let them. Ask anyone who produced in China.

Asia is cheap because nobody wants to live there. It’s a bit libtard autist to assume normalcy bias. There’s no value capture because most of the growth occurred 1960-2000. As demographics increase there (more than AFRICA) then quality of living goes down and many properties are bought by failing banks backed by CCP-like socialist governments. No thanks. White people are more honest in dealing. Both markets are priced in, they’re buying the top. Humans have racial differences, Asians won’t magically fix their corruption and trade like cultural Europeans. WEIRD is weird.

Think long term is old as the Bible for advice.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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