depp again

It’s cute how Americans always assume one celebrity has to be a virgin Mary type, Johnny was trashing hotel rooms while Amber was in primary school. However, that doesn’t excuse the abuse on her end, which was probably much worse. Yet he knew she was like this when he married her, they’d been dating for years. I just hope the truth comes out but Americans shouldn’t expect it to flatter either party. This reminds me of that old fandom drama where it’s team This or team That and one party is Satan and the other practically Jesus. Identification is a defense mechanism, stop it. Celebrities aren’t you or your friend. He went on massive benders when she wasn’t around, come on. Rockers gonna rock.
I like the guy but he’s no angel.
I like the idea of cancelling cancel cults but …they still wanna cancel Amber, when it isn’t even necessary because she had no career anyway…? Seems like they just hate women, let her suck. Let her suck in her films.

I do wonder how the Bro Code lot will handle his ‘betrayal’ when he goes back to her (overtly or covertly) because I heard (as others also reported) that he wants to.
Mobs turn. Personally, I support Johnny but he knew she was a snake.
It would be the ultimate cuck move. Taking her back would be like a public admission he was just as bad.

I hope he doesn’t think he can ‘rescue’ her.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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