Video: Aragorn’s masculinity

This is the best video on masculinity I’ve ever seen.
I expected to hate this, alas no. This is amazing, I need more. Masculinity conversations need to go in this direction.

The triggered broflakes aren’t being like that because they’re men, they’re doing it because they’re jerks. Blaming Man Card is blame-shifting and immature.

I think the toxic label was intended to expose narcissistic men trying to normalise and so justify their toxic entitlement and predations as something mature when they’re actually regressive toddler tantrum things. There’s no toxic femininity because women aren’t en masse glamourising their personal mental illness into a universally feminine characteristic like a damn psychopath. It’s a uniquely male narc vanity. We have gamma men writing in their own grating traits as ‘alpha’. Nooooo.
Just because SJWs use a term doesn’t lose its original intended use. Like, gender still exists, so do gender roles. Gender studies can be an original mostly biological subject. I’ve taken biology on sex differences. Nobody cared.
Aragorn is the opposite of the boys will be boys type, he takes responsibility for himself as an adult MAN and would never be a deadbeat or coward, so men follow him willingly, without threat or coercion. It’s a rare man that makes other men feel safe around him and if any single man is an alpha, there it is. You don’t see him chugging the brandywine and flirting with Arwen’s cousin between lewd stories. Public lust and rage is childish, teen and pre-teen respectively. There’s a quiet dignity and self-respect in Aragorn that everyone naturally responds to. Meanwhile, see the bobo doll study, anger is infectious and neurologically addicting, a sign of weakness. ‘Let it out’ is the awful, evil hippy advice that weakened America’s men. The testosterone is coupled with chronic cortisol release that is actually toxic for their internal organs and nervous system, also making them experience mood dips like blood sugar drops once the testosterone and cortisol go.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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