yes, murder should be illegal

The Epstein predators kept that loophole open. It’s been the favourite, most intimate way for men to kill women and girls, because while raping them it causes the woman to tighten just as they… finish. Otherwise, a lot of them can’t. ED aka impotence is a hallmark of the rapist, they need variety, novelty and cruelty – psychopath signs. Rapists are sexually dysfunctional, this sexual sadism has been documented for centuries, since Psychopathia Sexualis. Look at what Marquis de Sade did. They refuse to publicise it, wishing to normalise and push on kids like attempted murder is ‘fun’. Nobody should be proud to call themselves a sadist, it’s on the same level as paedophile. By MO. Rape gangs also choke them, it’s specifically anti-white, they do it to goats and other beasts, and another certain religion kills chickens like that (going for the throat) and the royals here have been photographed throttling pheasant. I heard of one top security prison case in America.The most feared and hated man in that prison, kept alive by hybristophiliac ‘mercy’ and taxpayer money. An adult man murdered an 8-year old girl, while raping her he stuffed her own knickers so far down her throat there was foam (aspiration) and watched her slowly choke on her own blood filling her lungs. That takes a while. I feel sorry for the guy who did that autopsy. Read Grant’s Dissector. I still think about it when tempted to feel pity for the people claiming muh fetish. That is not normal, it is not mere kink. It is not fluffy handcuffs between two adults. It is pure evil.

If slapping is illegal, throttling must be logically. Throttling damages the vocal chords and prevents the victim from crying for help, so it’s the preferred tactic since Jack the Ripper to cut the throat if they want the organs (kosher slaughter method) or throttle for pleasure. No sane person could defend this.

Oh, SUDDENLY they remember to link a study.

Studies indicate that around 3% to 10% of the adult population have been subjected to strangulation, but the figure rises to 50-68% for victims of recurring abuse. Two studies of intimate partner violence and sexual assaults found that strangulation was involved in 20% and 23% of cases.

That is NOT enough. You don’t know how these people work. I’ve met some of them. The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled – was getting you to feel sorry for him. Oh he’s the Real Victim Here, it was just an ‘accusation’, and IF he did it, he didn’t MEAN to hurt anybody but naturally they would claim that, wouldn’t they? Why watch what is effectively torture porn for pleasure then? It’s incitement, it must be banned. All incitement to rape and torture (of anyone) should be banned to qualify as the First World, as a civilization. Yes, including Hollywood. It’s their only fear (apart from tax). Bring back the Code and you’ll get your culture back. Otherwise, bye bye family values. Stop the sewer pipe before you pick up a mop.

Sexual sadism MUST be added to the DSM or this will continue under other guises.

It’s an incurable personality disorder.


Most rapists are serial rapists, this is not an accident. You don’t trip on a banana peel and penetrate a child. They will alter their MO for other plausible deniability. They premeditate their crimes, it is carefully designed to maximize pleasure and getting away with it. You’re looking at their blueprint when you hear their rehearsed tale. The narrator is always biased. They are glib, will say anything, with superficial charm. If you met them, you would like them. That’s what they are, likable monsters. The unlikable ones are already incarcerated. So you let them talk. Don’t do that. Why? Then, you would feel sorry for them, there is always a sob story, a Hail Mary moment. It’s all fake. Why does this criminal need to tug on your heart strings, you must ask? Why the emotional appeal? Calling it out as such gets you…. drumroll…. a defensive, hostile snarl. A mask drop, always, from a flat: “Emotional appeal doesn’t work on me”. A real victim wouldn’t mind this, knowing their innocence, a liar and a predator …might. So…. what to do?

You need to prove they exist as a clinical category with criminal inclinations, like Hare on psychopaths. Otherwise the sentencing will basically be one of those turnstiles at a theme park. The law presumes mental normalcy. This is a ‘mistake’. You need them in a psychiatric facility, where they can never get out.

If what Person X likes is ‘not the same’ how about you call it something else? DON’T name it after a notorious misogynist, woman beater, torturer, rapist and serial murderer? It would be akin to calling oneself a Hitlerite and wondering why people just assume you’re not that fond of Yids. The biggest mortality threat to women is men so a little logic in these matters is required, since sparing the nutters makes all other men look enabling of predation. Some of the nutters kept that loophole open so long.

“Non-fatal strangulation is a frequently used terrifying practice by domestic abuse perpetrators, to control their partner with people who are subjected to it seven times likelier to be killed by their partner,” she said. “Making non-fatal strangulation a standalone offence is long overdue and will raise awareness of the awful risk and suffering it involves – I congratulate Robert Buckland on listening.”

Read Dr Hare’s psychopathy work. They fantasize and practise. They then alter their fantasy to extract more agony before finally ‘going through with it’. All violence is sexual to them. They are practicing how to kill their victims, on their victims and passing-off as ‘kink’, which ought to mortally offend the kinky because I hope the fluffy handcuffs demo aren’t misogynistic serial killers of women and children. As they freely admit, we are NOT the same. Equal in humanity, different biologically. Think about that. Why do they know this? They prefer women to kill due to the innate difference in upper body strength, making it easier to pin them, hold them down. Most go down the gym to enhance this fighting advantage, make it impossible to resist them for any biological woman. That’s why women don’t like gym muscles, when studied. Lady-killer is a compliment, to this type. …Is man-killer, a compliment? Women also have smaller lungs in all cases so he can ‘miscalculate’ how long she can hold her breath. Women have thinner neck muscle and a smaller neck, more room for ‘error’. Men are strongest on the shoulder, good for choking and bad for punching. Choking is the simplest way a man can kill any woman with his bare hands while also preventing her from screaming for help, as the Bible advises. Blame shifting onto the victim, especially when dead (literally ‘she asked for it’) is another layer for them to enjoy, the deceit. Men are still responsible for their own (criminal) actions. Choking is one of those things ya gotta mean, to be able to do. Male-on-male rapists also like to choke little boys (smaller neck, smaller lungs, weaker upper body again), but nobody asks. There are serial killers from centuries ago who did that, and it was called torture. I covered one such French bloke long ago here. It is slow murder combined with terror. It is sadism. One question I always ask: What would Patriarchy do about this? Also, Jesus, but sometimes he works a little too slowly for me. Thou shalt not kill, nothing about ‘motive’.

Nogah Ofer: “It is time that as a society we stopped normalising and ignoring strangulation,” she said. “We look forward to the police, prosecutors and medical professionals working together to address this with the seriousness it deserves.”

Blame Hollywood, bring back The Code.

p.s. I know you want me to comment on the Trump Thing – but for legal reasons I cannot. Don’t worry, it’s all part of the plan and it’ll work out just fine. Wait and see. I’ve been kinda taking time off, with family, watching the Hannibal TV series and spotting the hidden references. …It’s a hobby.

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