ironically problematic paper

I’m happy to let them continue down this path, morbidly curious to see what happens.

I mean, I was raised in a socialist schooling system and look how I turned out.

Notice race! But don’t you dare notice race!
Identify as your race! Identify everyone else as their race! Categorise people by their race!
Be colourblind! Never be colourblind! Always notice race!
What does whiteness mean to you? How do you benefit by whiteness? How is your racial identity part of your history?

I mean wow, they are literally recruiting for the trads, aren’t they?

You wanna open the psychological Pandora’s box?

Asking the questions doesn’t mean you get to control their conclusions.

Isn’t the concept of white ‘privilege‘ arguing for biological white differences?

Isn’t it literally the scientific, given premise of white supremacy? The othering of whites from the species?

The premise of innate, biological and unshakeable is the same.
The intended conclusion alone varies: pride or shame.

Even if you consider surrendering being gifted or special, would any normal human? They try to guilt trip, emotionally abuse and gaslight us into a kind of racial masochism (whether such talent/ability surrender is possible or not) but pathological altruism has strong survival limits.

Recall what happened the last time white people got pissed at another race – Hiroshima

Do you want to wake a sleeping giant? The medieval bloodlust in us hasn’t gone away, it’s suppressed. If you keep bringing it up, well… they assume we won’t change in our behaviour. That’s facile.

And if the problem is white culture, simply vacate white homelands? White people have a right to be white in cultures we founded, that is the builder race’s right. Found your own culture instead of projecting racial parasitism as the issue of the host. Guest right terminates at destructiveness. We needn’t tolerate hostiles any more than furniture should tolerate termites. And false flagging as in-group can only work for so long before even the dullest wake up to it.

It’s like they’re trying to piss us off.

White norms ARE the framework, they ARE the civilization and society, made by the collective genetics. Behavioural genetics is finding increasingly that culture is genetically based. Where white people are, we cannot help but make white culture. So what do they think we could do, other than deport the rogue element that prefers other cultures? That’s the only peaceful solution.

But the goldfish (citizens) would die without the bowl (productive white people) protecting the water (white social structure, civilization and gibs). We have turkeys arguing for Christmas.

The problem with gibs isn’t even the free stuff, it’s the lack of discrimination in why you get it. If you give people money for all behaviours, you encourage vice ones. Gov grants would be fine if they actually helped the little guy, cronies should be hanged. Deterrence must exist or corruption continues. Middle-class corruption is no less a crime, it’s actually a collective mugging. In their metaphor, will the water magically float? If you want to stop relying on white people, simply refuse their tax money, or we’ll never, ever start taking you seriously. If you act as our dependents, we correctly view you as children. Unproductive white leeches get the same treatment e.g. the chav, the grant-chasing academic. They are correctly resentful of their dependent role but THEY chose that, and continue to. We dislike it, we didn’t want it. Nobody wants white man’s burden but should we seek to shake it off, white man’s rejection, also complaints rise there too. They don’t wanna drop the learned helplessness, the convenient incompetence routine. They could just go home if they want to be among their own kin, but if you come to multiculturalism or the American (raceless) republic expecting personal segregation, you must be retarded.

What’s called parallel communities is just a colony.

replace meme text with white identity, from their perspective

wow just wow

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