Why do we look for good in evil?

This goes a way to explaining the sympathy for the devil phenomena. I guess we’re all a little hybristophiliac, because we want to believe pure evil doesn’t exist, everyone must have a kernel of good to redeem them – or show mercy to us. It’s selfish. We evolved to seek mercy where overpowered or overwhelmed by people or places we don’t understand. We regress to a child, easily soothed or visually distracted and stimulated.
I have a minor interest in film theory and the psychology of evil. Zimbardo is a hack though, his book is useless. Don’t bother.
Hollywood covers the allure or seduction process to evil as a destination better than science. Quelle surprise.
It’s interesting that most people assume nice people are bland. I’ve not seen this. There is always a Shadow Self. Mine is particularly un-Christian, due to my overt conscious Christianity. Nobody likes looking at theirs, so blatantly edgy people put us off, seem to be faking it like a porn orgasm. Predators make themselves uncomfortable, spurring their acts to relieve ‘boredom’ or irritation. A chill predator is a patient wolf, in the zone. They cannot be normal, with mundane irritation and I believe we sense the difference between nervous systems. Their frustration is physically distinct from the rest of the species. Their sensitivities make them charming or artful, but it’s shallow. Most don’t develop it. There’s no slow-bleed of emotion, just rage and emptiness they carp and cavill about. Most predators aren’t deep, they just think they are. Film gives them the illusion of depth and a rich inner life that rarely exists. They’re wild without wit.
The Devil’s main sales pitch is sympathy, woe is you, wrath is sold as justice, vindicated by personal exception (folly). Visually, there’s a visual catharsis to revenge, explaining the serial killer trope. Cultural Christianity makes us believe we can be their personal saviour. But the Bible never tells us to save people, help but not save, since human(-human) mercy is false, prideful. I have a lot more in common with that character than I’d care to admit, but it’s usually love of the arts and presentation. If he were real, we’d probably be friends. This is the disturbing detail, the path not taken. Evil is a destination, and we could go there any time we like. That’s the lure – and the horror.

The Devil makes evil accessible, so we have five year-olds clicking onto porn and seven-year old rapists. This is the dystopia. Corruption everywhere.

We have the concept of false modesty and political false mercy, including converting ‘sinners’ and various ists and isms, are religious and fundamentalist in instinct. If you’re better than Jesus, walk off a pier and prove it.

We have a mutant Christianity, why not a mutant Satan?

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