Courses are the new model, huh?

You know Skillshare doesn’t actually have real courses, right? It’s Youtube for hipsters too pigshit to look up the video/s on Youtube that the ‘experts’ of SS ripped off. Test my theory with their specific topic names.

  1. I question why she’d hide her own man, even random limbs aren’t in photos.
  2. Why not married? Isn’t that endgame? If you can’t do it, it’s like asking a porn addict for sex advice.
  3. Why no kids, then, if she wants them so? You could pay a surrogate, surely. With medical advances, your body is no excuse. Unless the broad jaw indicates something else… which would explain the efforts to seem feminine. Personally, I can seem feminine in combat boots so I never got that. You’re feminine just by being a woman, surely? Anything else is deeply insulting.
  4. Why does it appeal to Americans almost exclusively? Especially the ghetto rat variety? Seems predatory, to me. The ghetto doesn’t want its own, why would the rest of the world? Most of her customers seem that way, but even Africa doesn’t want the self-proclaimed “African” Americans back. They got rid of them for a reason, like Europe ejected the Puritans for being mental. I think it’s unfair to tar Africans with the herpetic brush of low America.
  5. Why does it act like jetsetters are all the same homogeneous blob with no national flavours or exclusive characteristics, leading to the now-cliche black girl moving to France (or lately, Italy) epidemic? 5b. Why does nobody point out that is literally colonialism? They don’t want you there. You are a parasite. You are not entitled to be there. Cultures don’t exist to amuse you with tiny tourist food. Why should Europe take in foreign strays? Go home. Look what Europe has done to invaders in the past. That could be you. Read the political room. White people are not nice. The French don’t even like the Spanish. The French raped more black women than any other white country. How stupid are you? The Italians/Romans invaded Africa too. England was the nice guy who ended it all. Hollywood lies.
  6. Appeal to tradition while pushing political correctness e.g. race doesn’t exist/ means nothing / but one must be inclusive… of what? Impossible paradox.
  7. She gets things wrong. Much like Bernadette, anyone correcting, however gently, is swiftly blocked and possibly reported with the hand-waving excuse of negativity (actually toxic positivity, narcissism and gaslighting).
  8. Seems to act like rich men are desperate. No hunty.
  9. ” ” ” ” and eager to wed. “Not our class, dear” a foreigner or outsider would never be approved. Men of any breeding need family permission. If he wants you, he isn’t what you want.
  10. You will still need a job. A man will not pay you to exist, outside of a brothel.
    10b. Influencer is not a job. I’ve had many online identities, for years, it isn’t hard.
  11. Birkins are shit, have you tried getting into them? Too fussy. How you think people of a certain rank dress is very different than the ‘I wear what I like, who are you to judge me?’ attitude they display. Poor people and rich people dress the same, basically, because neither gives a shit what you think. Specifically you, their moral inferiors. England especially is sick of social climbers infesting London, be they blood Russian money or American royal family worshippers. They’re not even English, they’re German. By all means, take them! Most of us secretly want to go back to the latest English blood anyway.
  12. Tax evaders are not rich. “Bey” keeps implying they’re smart. It’s like calling a lottery winner a mathematician. There will be global taxes shortly, you fucking numpties. It’s called globalisation. Like any Commie is gonna look at the table and think “I’ll just leave that big pile of cash there, for no reason!” Please.
  13. Courses must be valuable to be called such, otherwise it’s fraud. ‘Member Trump University?
    13b. I think she failed to write a book because she couldn’t control it. It’s easier to spot a farce written down than with all the window dressing of flamboyant presentation and fugly girl acceptance. In a book, the information itself could be parsed for accuracy… and quantity.
    13c. Look up the signs of a cult. Yes, cults of personality count. Why do you think I hide? I find the idea weird. Who wants that? Trying to replace family or isolate you from family is the creepiest indicator. Usually it’s the same rhetoric – you’re leaving them behind, they’re toxic, they don’t understand, you don’t need their negativity, follow your dreams by giving me money. The PUA lot do the same thing sometimes, this is the other side of it: how to get da rich manzzz. Also blaming you when THEIR information fails the test of reality.
    13d. false scarcity. Why aren’t these courses up all the time? Just hire somebody to run them, you’re not busy or important.
    13e. lovebombing is verbal abuse e.g. my dear elegant ladies, now provokes my gag reflex.
    13f. the cult copes e.g. you can’t criticise our Glorious Leader, you’re just JEALOUS! e.g. the ‘only commenting’ to tell you how sad they are (projections of a hapless follower) etc.
  14. Yacht girls are not classy. Some look it e.g. Grace Kelly, but they’re still just sluts.
  15. If a man is paying you to ‘party’ with him, that is not a girlfriend. Girlfriends don’t get paid. It’s a hippy invention anyway. Arguably, no such term exists, a girlfriend is just a girl too dumb to realise she’s the mistress (whether or not he’s married). You were fuckzoned, deal with it. Girlfriend is the consolation prize for losing the audition for wife. Trust no man who says otherwise.
  16. Have you heard the expression ‘stringing along’?
  17. Never mentions the social, genetic, psychological or financial implications of race-mixing. Those channels never get taken down (like the MRA Black Pigeon types bitching about Asia). Any man of wealth who marries so far down as to cause outbreeding mutations would be disinherited, so what is your point?
  18. There are good girls and good time girls and we all know the type who want the easy way out (usually an orifice). Male gold diggers exist but…. come on. There are wife material and bondage material. You can’t hypnotize a man’s dick into marrying you, that has never happened. It’s a Mills & Boon trope. Fuckboys encourage it. It makes them enjoy it more, fucking a fucker.
  19. Your appearance will determine 90% of your results. You can spritz perfume onto pig shit but it doesn’t matter.
  20. Your marriage will be miserable and his lawyers will rape you (or hitmen kill you) if you tried to leave. I’ve met people like that. You cannot ‘play’ them, it isn’t a game. The only bag you’ll secure is a body bag. Then again, men marry trash and don’t expect a stink, so the change of heart could be on his end. Opening your legs does not require a credential. You could be replaced by a 14yo brothel slave in Brazil.

PS If anyone wants to rip off these points for a video, be my guest. No credit needed, it’s common sense.

I am almost tempted to buy it and post the whole thing online. I cba but someone else do this.

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