Stock critic kang returneth

After watching this I need a post-coital fag. Fag means cigarette here, no homo.

This is the ketamine-enriched rock festival of youtube channels and I’m here for it.

Boog drop was not a myth, I repeat, not a myth. The banks are ramping up purchases for a reason. GPS has covered this. Never trust ‘super secret trades’ pushed by MSM. There needs to be approx one more solar cycle for the final n00b rinse like a slutty washing machine.

I never considered watching history would involve so many fidget spinners. It’s not over until the fat lady sings. The banks want to repossess everything – every mortgage, every commercial portfolio, the lot.

Besides, legally, they had to let the people do the thing in order to have proof they wanted to do the thing. Give them enough rope to hang themselves by.

I’ll attach a fresh spicy comic as I have no tendies. Regrettably mine were pillaged by Tesla vikings. I’ll keep you posted on the anal reconstruction surgery. For the spergs – I am joking.

Fare thee well, fellow traveller, into realms of unspeakable autism.

I have a feeling Musk has a pubic tattoo reading HOP ABOARD for all the people he’s going to fuck.

One response to “Stock critic kang returneth

  1. Being an old country boy, back in ’93 I made a trip to Scotland, via Heathrow, and experienced what was one of the best times of my life. While awaiting the connecting flight, an old bloke told me that the weather in Scotland sucked… raining all the time (not to mention how bad the food was).

    So, in a misty rain I boarded my flight and flew the short jaunt into a breaking sky of beautiful blue skies and the most lovely weather.

    I was there to teach a class and as the first break on the first day came about, a student (a man my age) asked me if I wanted to go have a fag. Everyone but me knew what he was talking about, so my red face and hand up explaining mine is an outie, not an innie, brought huge laughter to the group.

    We hit it off very well.

    I loved that trip. 2 weeks of absolute beautiful weather, beautiful people (and I couldn’t believe how good the food was). A weekend to myself in an automatic vehicle with steering on the right and a long trip around and up to the Highlands. Fields and fields of flowers. I toured every castle and bit of rubble I could find. Even looked for Nessie.

    And then my fag friend and cohorts treating me to golf at the Dalmahoy and St Andrews (where I shot the best game of my life on the hardest course I’d ever played).

    The world has gone to shit since then.

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