What did you expect from literal Satanists?

and it’s killing the manosphere online as a safe haven for jaded men because they deliberately conflate unproven to mean false, while moving the goalposts of evidence for anything a woman says. There are practically books of testimonials about ‘anger issues’ re these guys. Do you need ten women? A hundred? I thought the West had a justice system, even Sharia isn’t that skewed. What’s with the hypoagency of saying a grown man shouldn’t rein in his own behaviour?

Top comment:

Manson: “I held a gun to her head and made her swear she loves me.”

Audience: “Wow! So intense! So hardcore!”

Manson’s Ex: “He held a gun to my head and made me swear I loved him.”

Audience: “She is LYING!”

The Satanism is not a joke, how long until people figure this out? And I thought Alkaline Trio were obvious. Eat the pain also applies to their private relations, all Satanists are sexual sadists, who admire Marquis de Sade and his literal tortures of women as if it were artwork. It’s a belief system of misogyny and putting women in ‘their place’ by literally breaking them, a cowardly thing. They daren’t act that way against men. They hate happiness, happy families and who’s required for that? Non-sexualised mother material. MM used to offer random people to see that ex-gf stripper’s chest (without her consent). It’s all about control.

I’m curious to see if Johnny Depp speaks out against his friend’s admitted domestic violence, considering recent scandals.

If not, we have to assume the blind about rapey Halloween parties was true, that Kate Moss was likely the one covering (models are brainwashed by the Game to think it’s normal) and Amber wasn’t completely lying. If it was mutual abuse, that would explain why he never left her. Sadists prefer victims who present a challenge and put up a fight. Plus the band name, Hollywood Vampires.

Which I know nothing about, obviously.

Still nothing new about Chester. Poor guy.

Jared Leto is a total pedo, hope that doesn’t apply to JD. I was invited to a 30S2M gig and didn’t wanna be in the same vicinity as that weirdo, especially since I look young. If they don’t distance themselves openly, we’re forced to conclude they tacitly agree.

I looked up re the blind about Brazil filming (and underage ‘spas’) and the ages of consent were different, off by a year, so I really hope that wasn’t John. Blind said 14 I believe, internet said Brazil is 15.

“instead you’ll taste my pain” “always out stalking prey in the dark I hide” “they say I cannot be this”

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