Has social justice jumped the shark?

I say yes. In 2021, even the most bland of chavs is a Marxist. For attention.

At this point, virtue signalling must tip over into becoming overplayed. The Q is how and what replaces it.

“If you think people of a certain race can’t have an aesthetic, you’re just racist”.

The whole point of an aesthetic is looks-based, you fucking bint. BRB starting my Black Panther cosplay. I guess you can never get offended by Halloween costumes or blackface ever again? I wouldn’t mind insanity if they had no hypocrisy. At least commit to the lunacy.

I find the bimbo thing funny because they think sex appeal is a costume you put on. Some people got it, most do not. And you know, no way in Hell would they dare wear this shit in No Go zones in London, because you GO GIRL. Notice they’re all trying to be like naturally attractive women, like Marilyn, who was only seen in one pink outfit. One. For work. You either have It or you don’t. If you’re not sexy in jeans and a top (coughs in Meghan Fox), you’re not. And that’s okay. Fat girls in particular seem to think they can trick men (ho, no) by amping up their hair and make-up, as if the guy won’t notice she’s like 200 pounds. Even if you wanted to be viewed sexually, what would make the guy want to marry? Don’t they know they’re the practice girl? Bridgerton is fat girl fanfiction, even the fat girls wanted a slim bloke. It’s so dishonest. It’s really sexist tbh because the man has looks, fitness, money, marital viability and she has…. what? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. She exists. They were all whiney and boring. I wanted to shoot myself listening to the self-pity of such lazy characters. Whiney Mary Sues, the lot of them. Men will only put up with crazy if you look like Amber Heard.

Although they all sound the same at this point. Is this the new form of vapid woman? Politically brainwashed? I’m so glad I don’t need to date women but fear for my friends who do. I wanna see the backfire when they realise men like the bimbo look but still don’t want them as people because they’re politically schizo. It feels like a genuine Shit Test for once but of all white people.

I’m legitimately concerned they drew a false equivalence between girly girl (child) and literal whores (Playboy mansion).

Bimbo isn’t new, it’s the siren or mermaid trend of about five years ago.

The tan blonde look is actually Nazi. The fucking IRONY.
nb Showing that much figure in the 30s/40s was a huge deal.

They’re so dumb they still haven’t twigged that Joker was a minstrel show. THERE WAS A STAIRCASE DANCE SCENE.

And nothing about infantilisation.

this was prophecy

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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