The human farm

You’ll own nothing – including your body.

THEY will own your body. It’s a human farm model. China has the pilot test, where they can carve you up for organs or rape men/women/children like all Marxist governments, as a form of intimidation, sexual terrorism and plain good old-fashioned sadistic torture. Historically men raping men was really common as a weapon of war actually, look into it. There are also stories of tying the enemy to a chair and introducing specially trained dogs….. isn’t Marxism nice? Like the girls the Munster rebellion raped for equality, while also raping women who were married already. If you refused, you got decapitated! Marxism has no crime of bigamy, they feel entitled to every-body. When somebody sounds bitter about monogamy, they are angered by the concept of a person declaring themselves sexually off-limits. Think about that. Their lust trumps your No.

I’m not saying they’re sexual deviants or possible cannibals, I’m saying if they were they’d want the same system. The exact same system. By Canaanite coincidence.

The presumed consent model for ‘organ donation’ in the UK is an important legal step in saying that, by default, YOU do not own your own body, but the GOVERNMENT does!

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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