2021 song

freedom is only a month away
that’s what they always say
it’s just a month you bigot
don’t like it, you can stick it
just like the jab
you have to have
to drink or play the cricket

stay indoors you filthy peasants
while MPs rent out pricey whores
and tell you you’re extremist
for wanting human rights laws

you have to sign up citizen
your name on dotted line
it’s encouraged, not mandatory
but you’ll get prison time

all hail hancock in his wisdom
for our safety building prisons
for enemies of the state
and the proles who speak of hate

think for a moment chap
of bill gates and his profit margins
he needs another project
after africans stopped starving

you’ll do whatever your betters said
or you’ll disappear off twitter
then end up –

yes you’re doing the right thing old bean
and Boris – still no vasectomy – ?
is heavily walking around somehow
doing magic tricks with the flu count
tada it’s gone, poof for a year
and now your duty is LIVE IN FEAR
death could come at any time
but black lives matter
and all is fine

If anyone wants to record this, go ahead. Shitposting isn’t even possible this year.

i posted this in july

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