Video: Overleveraged, hyperinflated

Technically all equities are hyperinflated already in a bubble, but nobody can define what the hyper- part means.

Stock is just easiest to track, real estate is the bigger one, by far. It affects all companies with locations especially tourism.

How dumb must someone be, to recently buy IN at ALL TIME HIGHS?


At minimum, accounting for taxes means you lose, and bigly. CGT here is 30%, what are the odds there’s another third of juice left to squeeze? Muh boomer logic of ‘time in the market’ applied to the second half of the 20th century. We don’t live there anymore. It applies to Gertrude who bought IBM in the 70s – NOT TO YOU.

and you vote for socialism, so THAT PHAT TAX is going to the moon*

At least equities are fungible readily. Real estate is a bigger time commitment than most modern marriages, and you’ve got all these MGTOW blokes with a real estate ‘portfolio’ celebrating their shackles. The Boomers famously made the ‘rent from the banks’ mistake and ‘buy too much house/s’. You can’t pay X with hyperinflated money, the banks put clauses in to tie you to inflation, chucklefucks. Lynette Zhang has mentioned this. The endgame is banks sweep the board. That means you. Banking family is new royalty.

It amazes me that Marxists are buying stocks and voting for higher CGT parties.*
Nobody help them. They actually deserve to be homeless. Imagine no possessions, it’s easy if you try…. above us, only sky…

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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