sigh I must admit experience in this arena

Meanwhile, I’m second-guessing everyone with a title, or connected with them, that I’ve ever met.

“WEST WYCOMBE ~ Church with the Golden Ball and surrounding buildings. some of which ruined. This place has been mentioned also by a member of survivors and therapists, including US psychotherapist. Pamela Klein. LCSW. MSW. I have been there. It is situated high on the hill above ‘The Hell Fire Cave’ where the so called ‘Hell Fire Club’ held meetings. The church has alternating black and white tiles on the floor and it looks more like a Masonic Temple than a church. I am told that ceremonies are still held in the church and nearby ruins, possibly also in the caves.”

I have been there, eerie place. They do still use the caves, hated walking around them. The place feels evil, if my fellow Christians know what I mean. The ruins in a circle (the only ruins I saw but I wasn’t allowed to wander) are used for rituals, you could feel people had died there. I remember taking a rock, I didn’t quite know why. I still have it. I was a teenager at the time but recall something about an owl. This was in the midst of my owl obsession, they like to have an owl high up looking down on them so maybe there was an owl (made of stone) in that ‘magic circle’, it’s been years. I also know people who worked there, for tourism, saw nothing unusual. They thought the witch stuff was a joke but they didn’t like to hang around once their shift was over, especially after dark. They never, ever set foot near that ‘church’. I walked around the graveyard to that ‘church’ with an especially twisted (do not ask) relative and he was laughing at the gravestones. I found this sick, even for him. Apparently some of them contain jokes -or maybe that’s just him. The cold laughter haunts me, it echoes from up there. He was interpreting them that way, either way. I do recall crying at one particular boy, who was drowned and his tomb-like grave had a cage over it. Maybe that was meaningful. Only some graves did. He was the same age as me at the time, approximately. The spikes looked like wrought iron and they curved inward, looking a little like flames. I include this detail in case you go and find the spot, to verify the truth of what I say. The nearby manor/mansion and its ‘gardens’ (you can see from the hill) always struck me as hunting grounds. Nobody would be able to run from that ‘church’ without being easily spotted, same is true of the manor. I noticed this, without knowing why. It all seemed expertly planned, the locations I mean. A light fog often surrounded the church and made it especially creepy, I knew of no Christian service ever being performed there. The trees were cleared down the path quite a ways visually, as if somebody didn’t want easy hiding places. There was also a notable lack of Christian imagery, for a graveyard. Supposedly the solar ball is directly above something important.

I’ve been around many of these locations and had little idea at the time, except once or twice an inkling. You know that feeling of being watched? I’ve evaded kidnap attempts so I tend to trust my gut and leave. I know of one or two other remote locations but I have no means to describe them. One had a large fence, very ornate, looked suspiciously symbolic and this was in Maidenhead, Berkshire too. A stone’s throw. Former PM’s constituency. The place was always dead. No cars, nothing. Nobody had ever heard of it and you had to turn onto some specific country lanes my family knew (shortcut) to find the place. Long drive, couldn’t see down it. Gold crest emblazoned the peak of the black fence, which must’ve been like fifty feet high. Nearby was a country club. Never got out the car, saw lots of freaky things nearby. Another seemed abandoned but I spied recently activity beginning a few years ago, the area in front of the old iron fence was cleaned. Cannot locate a record of the latter on the land registry (haven’t looked for former) and too chickenshit to hop the wall or fence with a camera. I know I wouldn’t come back. Call it a gut feeling. High brick walls on that place for a reason. I passed it often as a child. Almost daily. For many years, there was nothing, seems like something. A multi-story manor-looking house is beyond but nobody comes in or out, that I saw. No signs of life. I’ve been there at all hours. It’s mostly a blur on Google Maps. Weird shit. No cars, ever. Not even lights. Do you know how rare it is for a place like that to have zero illumination, in this century? I’m not going to tell you where it is because I truly believe it’s unsafe to go snooping there.

Locally to the Caves (fact: the King went there, a rarely publicized fact), I would add anything involving Thomas Holloway, his fortune was suspicious and his wife’s sudden death too. Rumour has it (ask local old women) she found something out (possibly about her husband) and it ‘drove her mad’ but oddly, she was never suicidal before…? It was extremely sudden in a way that isn’t medically possible. Aside: There’s also a mad painting of a polar bear/s they apparently cover for exams. People kill themselves when they see it. I dunno, either. I don’t bother with such things. Ghost sightings semi-common if you believe in that, the victims haunting sacrificial spots. There used to be two bodies of water beside the castle but I believe they covered them up, only researched this once, yonks ago, sorry. Somebody died in a ‘swimming pool’ under mysterious circumstances and I saw weird glyphs on the tiny building but apparently that’s gone? Never took photos, sorry. One was a Victorian pond beside some roses, a wall of them, very secretive – beautiful but odd to keep and apparently also gone since I looked for any weirdness. If ritual drowning is their thing, those would be the places, and roses have connections to ancient pagan cults and fertility worship. I wish I’d taken photos but I was trying to figure out how to break onto the roof. Suffice to say, I was busy. According to people who’d done it, you’d need to go out of someone’s window so that didn’t happen.
Supposedly there is a “secret” tunnel between the asylum for women and the college, which also has secret roof facilities not available to the public. Minerva is positioned at the front of the castle building staring down at the viewer before you enter the chapel. At this point, look around. What looks like Bacchus (of Bacchanalian fame) can be seen to your right, complete with grapes. I almost exposed this but was warned off, after previous attempts at causing mischief. An obscure building vaguely to the left (Maths, Econ, something similar) of the castle as you come in had a Masonic compass engraved above the entrance, in that old-fashioned yellowed stone. The main building was briefly used by Marvel in a scene but strangely they want to leave it alone (Hollywood) despite a picturesque quality you can see on tour and the place has a Mason group, unlisted. The asylum supposedly closed down years ago. Are we to believe it’s just been left empty? I heard they’ve hidden from the public (or sold) many of the old books, I doubt it. What was in them? Never tried to find out, you had to go underground. Hell no. I’ve seen enough horror films to know where that’s going.

I grew up visiting the New Forest. Never saw anything. Sometimes I’d find weird metal objects, I was that kid. Sharp things. Disturbing thinking about it. I was only there during the day. One time during summer I saw lots of party type supplies discarded, looked like some edgy Wiccan teens had had a party including a bbq. There was a faint, distinct burnt smell in the air, not incense. I dread to think it was anything else. I wasn’t allowed to go near it all, I did see used condoms. I checked a book when I got home and sure enough some pagan festival had happened that week. But in actual paganism, the slaughter day of animals for winter is November 1st. That’s why Scorpios are considered natural murderers to people like Crowley. They’re born in the blod monath or blood month. Mars and iron represent it, symbolic of cutting and death, especially grisly, violent ends. Planned murders supposedly use Mars transits (e.g. Marilyn) for this reason. Written off as suicide, but that’s Neptune.

“PINEWOOD STUDIOS ~ West London (See Black Park). Ceremonies held there. map”
the security is not a coincidence
Clue: Tree-Wood, anything Druidic?

“HIGHGATE CEMETERY ~ NW London, Mentioned by others including HG. M taken there in 2004. Used for ceremonies, burials and desecration of graves.”
had a reputation as dangerous, nobody said why
“EPPING FOREST ~ Near Waltham Cross. Essex. Used for Ceremonies; also for punishment.”
same rep – just never go there

Eerie to see all this pop up. I visited Christchurch as a child often. Too sleepy, parts of it seemed fake. Hardly anyone around, in summer, in the sunshine. I often thought I’d get married there, looked picture-perfect. A relative kept insisting on going there, never found out why. There are some things one doesn’t ask.

Elton John, friend of Depp?

Why isn’t Windsor Great Park mentioned? Plenty of bodies pop up there. Seriously. It rarely gets to the papers. You can find weird structures by wandering around. Never go there at night. I knew people who did and one particular time (July/August time) something scared them shitless and they stopped going. Drunken teens, scared to go somewhere remote. Refused to tell me. Right near many schools. Lots of ghost stories.

Yes, they like using hospitals.

since a certain film was mentioned
“According to rumour, outside of the UK, some countries sacrifice Omegas in fertility rituals.”
The Druids killed people. Supposedly might’ve eaten them.

“Twice a year, healthy women under 45 must submit to a gynaecological examination; and most men must have their sperm tested, to keep hope alive.”
The specula are not clean, wouldn’t be surprised if the germs on them have been sterilising us. That’s one way.

nb Julianne Moore is such a creep.
Lots of cannibal shit.
Ex-shag of RF.
Neil Jordan director, same guy in charge of IWTV.
Poor Kirsten. The famous scream was real.

2 responses to “sigh I must admit experience in this arena

  1. This sounds like satanic ritual abuse, for a real story check out homer van meter’s
    “the dreaming time: anatomy of a cover-up” and “4900 nights: a true story of reincarnation”.

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