Put away the tinfoil time

Companies are legitimately successful and the competition is fair.
Dior’s new line based on Tarot is just about some playing cards, nothing to do with the occult.
And not a word on cultural appropriation, see thumbnail.

Note the Eyes Wide Shut style mansion. Left hand on book – left hand path, Satanic Bible. Black woman – wikipedia “In some definitions, the Left-Hand Path is equated with malicious black magic or black shamanism, while the Right-Hand Path with benevolent white magic.” French brocade – purple bath King. Key – gates to Hell.

I would also note that not all tarot are the same. Out of the two packs I was given (apparently they only work if they were gifts) the artwork depicted varies entirely. Only a few pack styles (of hundreds) are actually Satanic, the rest are just new age hippy shit. Playing cards are literally tarot cards too, but gamblers conveniently forget this. It’s the minor arcana. Any Christian who owns playing cards (I own parliamentary ones) also owns tarot cards, so get off the high horse if you pleaseth.

FYI Louis Vuitton recently had a line about playing cards. Total coincidence.

2 responses to “Put away the tinfoil time

  1. There’s an old, old Country song about a soldier who was accused of playing cards in church on base. He explained that he couldn’t read, but learned Bible from a deck of cards as mnemonic. Jesus is Alpha and Jack. Father is King. Queen is Holy Spirit. And the rest were combinations of books, chapters, and verses. When told to prove it, he did the entire sermon for the officer from that deck of cards.

    Yes, I’ve seen playing cards used in fortune telling and have done it myself. Mom’s side of the family were witches and I learned how at a very early age. The major difference between playing cards and Tarot is playing cards aren’t ‘blessed’ with a demonic spirit. Both sides, Mom’s witches and Dad’s witch hunters (now there was a marriage formed in hell) what someone does with their life is their business, as long as they don’t get my eggs caught in a crack or, for that matter, get caught. Peace.
    niio, chico.

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