SJWs and narc rage

Anyone going on a long crocodile tears video about Black Lives Matter, after moving OUT of London, to a lily-white area, is clearly an NPD case.

Narcs like to start on pregnant women, hoping they’ll miscarry. It’s like legal murder. I wonder if LEM’s infertile or just hates kids/joy. I’ve met the type and they’re so fake. I swear the husband is gay, he’s like a twink gym bunny and she looks like a tranny. Broad shoulders, no hips. I would not be surprised. When a person is lonely at home and wants kids, they buy a dog. When you get home, dogs are happy to see you, like kids. I think the woman’s beauty (Nicky) combined with pregnancy (happy) caused a narcissistic rage. They will try to shame the trigger with some random thing, in this case her hair colour, which looks no different. The Mumblr lemon-faced girl aging prematurely due to essential oil use and Womanchild ones are also really toxic but rarely discuss politics out of strategy, they play off their spitefulness as joking. They’re not joking. Thunder thighs Freddy, the womanchild especially. She’s started getting so much done to her eyes she’s looking vaguely middle-aged and squinty. She has no idea how to dress and wears exclusively stuff that makes her look dumpy*. Choosing pale colours doesn’t mean it suits you, especially with that jaundiced chav tan and oddly greyish hair. I don’t know why anyone would choose to flaunt those thighs, speaking as a woman with quite shapely ones myself. She cuts off her torso with boxy ill-fitting shit in preteen colours matched with tween Disney channel tat like massive sleeves or cheap lace. Most of her subs are there for handbags. All three think they ‘look expensive’ it’s hilarious. Being non-fat does not make you hot. To lie and make a bad hair appointment sound like sexual abuse is scummy.

*gamine clothes on a Kibbe natural type body – just say no

Living with a narc gives one high blood pressure. I had it living with a certain relation, Ali should leave.

“been my punchbag”

Speaking from experience, you’ll get more health problems and they’ll gaslight you about them. When you’ve left they magically lift like a curse. I always thought Lydia had Amber Heard style crazy eyes. Like a Siamese cat. I never trust anyone with grey carpets, never met a person with those who wasn’t a sociopath. Life coaches are nothing clinical, narcs like them. Easy to fool, no awareness of NPD traits. A life coach is useless, but I bet Ali insisted she ‘see someone’.

Ali if you see this, go to this guy

Freddy is just as bad, 8 minutes in “I was literally screaming and crying and threatening” verbally abusing an estate agent isn’t fair, they are AT WORK. Fucking Karen.

“I’m surprised I didn’t have a tantrum three months earlier, I think I did really well” oof fucking hell, Ma’am this is a Dennys and you are in your later TWENTIES

These types are why nice girls say men only want slutty bitches. Somehow, none of them are single. They always have Chloe bags, we all know what the C stands for. She’s starting to resemble Amber Heard, same botched face look.

the EMF in those wireless earbuds will give you brain cancer, like literally

not that we’d notice

it’s like how smartphones are designed to be used largely on speakerphone
the paperwork says so
and people have been getting tumours on the side they preferentially hold their phone

“ORs for glioma tended to be greater in subjects who reported usual phone use on the same side of the head as their tumour than on the opposite side.” and the temporal lobe, which the phone is held against

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