Why are gothic fonts back in?

It was bad enough when rappers stole them. They do know they’re white supremacy fonts, right? I blame Taylor Swift for this.

and this in particular, god my eyes

HOW could you blackface cherubs, the Roman Cupid? Did you KNOW who the Romans enslaved?

still one of us, I remember Meredith

2 responses to “Why are gothic fonts back in?

  1. Wild, wild west; a time of dying of ancient civilizations and the explosive growth of a mix between them and Europe.
    A time when evil forces were slowly being crushed by civilization. A time when men could be men without asking permission of gays. no one cared if you were straight, gay, a cross dresser as long as you were tough. Pedophiles were castrated, not elevated to world leader. People with dementia were cozened and loved–in their homes behind closed door–not paraded as the best we have to offer.
    Gothic is cool because gothic is reality. Like bullets flying in the air, it’s reality.

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