Medical segregation propaganda

Literally what it is, the ‘following orders’ brigade.

Here’s an article for the pharma-cuck Karens in your life.

The term alone is sinister, ‘greater good’
“While our first inclination to vaccine resistors may be to chastise them or come at them with an arsenal of facts, that’s likely to be ineffective. Instead, we should first listen to people’s concerns without judgment, so we can better address their needs, says Heidi Larson, founding director of the Vaccine Confidence Project at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.”
Sounds 100% biased, considering her livelihood depends on pushing it.

The age-based roll-out is fake news, I and other young people were offered it MONTHS before the likes of Prince William, Phillip and the Queen. They’re going after their political enemies first, it seems, or the proles generally.

The projection is amazing
“For example, John (an alias) got vaccinated as soon as he was eligible, but members of his extended family refused the vaccine. When many of them became sick and his vaccineresistant uncle died from COVID-19, John felt both grief and fury at his family.”
So the uncle had the gene therapy then died? Gee, better blame other people!

“Also, if unvaccinated friends and family ask you to be in their company, for whatever reason, you should feel perfectly fine refusing, says Larson.”
As long as they don’t mind being excluded in turn due to stories of shedding spike proteins.
If that can be proven later, they could be sued. Reckless endangerment with an experimental drug.

Emotional blackmail is the only thing this pharma-cucking cunt can use, which says a lot.
You know one of the signs of a cult? Exclude your friends and family who question it!

At the end is interesting:

“On the other hand, she says, we can take hope in the fact that people may change their minds on their own. As unvaccinated people face more restrictions—or find friends and relatives leaving them out of activities—that may be more impactful than any particular message you can give them.”
Which restrictions and how is that legal?

And if freedom of association is now legal, doesn’t that apply to white flight?

“We’re going to get to a point where there will be things that people can’t do if they’re not vaccinated,” she says. “People may get so frustrated they’ll just want to go around whatever is preventing them from getting vaccinated—without worrying about explanations.”


And that violates the Nuremberg Code, throw traitors like this in prison to rot, at minimum.
They’re not permitted to force, coerce or punish people for refusal.

All they have is scaremongering.

I would like an explanation of Trump’s enthusiasm, later.

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