Video: “papers please” NHS app

Can confirm. Restaurants and the like are saying they’re only following orders too.

They want an open air prison system.

If you think your politics isn’t going to be on that app, well….

We fought wars and our ancestors died to be free. People get the country they f-ing deserve, but the uptake rates are fake at least.

I can also attest for a fact that people who need to see a doctor or surgeon are being forced to show text messages showing they have a negative test result. They’re being coerced into the rigged PCR tests. That aren’t accurate.

What if you have no phone? What if you have no smartphone?
The worst historical punishment wasn’t murder, it was isolation. You were un-personed.

People won’t let you put an ankle bracelet on them but if you sell them a tracker that allows them to place calls and play stupid ‘games’ they’ll thank you. Steve Jobs wouldn’t let his kids have idiot phones.

The absolute v relative data on the RNA trials is more accurate and it hovers around 1% ‘protection’.

At least the Groaniad Karens won’t go on holiday.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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