High IQ guy on the not-vaxx

Why don’t the covid karens get all of them? Why stop at one? Get dozens, multiple times.

Get every single one ever made and be super duper ‘protected’.


I respect the man but as someone who also has… a sizeable intellect, he under-estimates how spiteful and petty those people are. Sadists enjoy pain. Mental as well as physical. Pain is their pleasure. They will kill themselves to kill you. Terminally stupid and mad-drunk on power. Sociopathy is high time preference, many have no kids themselves.

They under-estimate how much of human motive is based on a genetic future, as Marxists hate inheritance. The economy would grind to a halt if people didn’t need to work for their families. No future = fuck it.


Our elders are criticizing us because we see past their BS.

they never say because it would be obvious later if they lied

say, if they were fertile….

speaking of, did Kate get it or does she want more kids?

They control who gets which one. Why not give your enemies the more fatal one? Nobody knows which one the royals got, that’s why. Nobody would want the others.

Many sacrifices to Molech, look at US miscarriages lately. Spike damage in studies attacks ovaries.

I wonder how many refusers will be kept back for breeding purposes.

answer to 1 stupid people are agreeable conformists, they are killing off the dumb genes – dumb enough to trust them, despite telling people they want depopulation in literal Masonry

they literally carved it into rock

the Beige People plot for, about a century, is why the uptake is targeted at white countries, who they ruined over centuries with slave banking practices e.g. people forget Boris isn’t white

as for 2. they figure on getting it first, like a psychopath who doesn’t think of prison while stealing a car, they are high time preference like all spoiled brats

decadence ruins all genomes

they’ve had centuries of decay, like a mad king

point 3 – high IQ people have high openness, low agreeableness (hello) but may have high conscientiousness (morals) and high need for cognition

they’d seek out the info

they placed the info online as a test

why do you think we’re allowed to discuss this?

they’ve been sampling DNA for years, including hospital tests

they probably took them secretly at birth too

they have the DNA bank to pull from already the biotech in Israel is HUGE

their idea of utopia is Pleasure Island

if only they’d written a book I’d linked to, explaining why they think they’re Chosen muh Master Race crap, programme something something anti something?

They’ve lowered group intelligence with pesticides, corn syrup, GMOs, state schooling, banker wars, TV, pop songs, mercury fillings etc. So if we’ll fall for all that, from their perspective we are sheep.

The pathological altruism is too high in whites, we think we’re too smart to fall for something so obvious.

The smug Karen and he-Karen types never cared about their health to begin with, reprobate minded sluts catching many viruses out there by choice, let alone care for their kids. Boomers are famous for it (I know NABALT).

The non-whites know it’s been done to them before, making them less cocky. Blacks have the street smarts, at least. The syphilis studies and such made them ALL brush up on conspiracy theory. Never met a black who didn’t, good on them. Now why aren’t we that smart? They are lying about uptake but to what degree? I guess flu season will tell.

Note they stopped telling us a percentage because they’d hit 100% soon and have to backtrack.

If P, not Q. The cheerleader effect they filter for requires not-cheerleaders.

If the number stopped, they’d have to say why.

Meanwhile natural exposure immunity was reached in April, if you believe herd immunity.

India still claims there is no Indian variant and our media used film of sleeping people claiming they were dead.

At least the Nazis took away the undesirables to be injected under Aktion T4. Our schools don’t teach us that, huh? Wonder why. Making them book a fucking appointment would’ve been easier. Saves on trains.


T4 Program, also called T4 Euthanasia ProgramNazi German effort—framed as a euthanasia program—to kill incurably ill, physically or mentally disabled, emotionally distraught, and elderly people. Adolf Hitler initiated the program in 1939, and, while it was officially discontinued in 1941, killings continued covertly until the military defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945.”

Killed by doctors. Death by Doc.

And they started with the ELDERLY AND DISABLED.

ding ding this is why we have the Nuremberg Code people

you think it’s stepping into showers

it’s the doctors doing it, that made the law needed

“In October 1939 Hitler empowered his personal physician and the chief of the Chancellery of the Führer to kill people considered unsuited to live. He backdated his order to September 1, 1939, the day World War II began, to give it the appearance of a wartime measure. In this directive, Dr. Karl Brandt and Chancellery chief Philipp Bouhler were “charged with responsibility for expanding the authority of physicians…so that patients considered incurable, according to the best available human judgment of their state of health, can be granted a mercy killing.”

Bloody hell, which IQ test did he take because I want it. I reckon I could do pretty well.

Milgram was about t4. Doctors used to wear white. Scientists copied doctors.

If doctors and nurses were doing it all, they’d all be sued into oblivion – not to mention hunted down by small mobs. So getting “volunteers” to do most is a legal defense. It’s a medical intervention and further, an experimental one, with no permission slip, no pre-trial disclosures, nothing. The lockdown cannot end until 2023 because they need the emergency use authorization to continue to experiment. Lab rats usually die,, or become sterile. Same thing. Do you get your volunteer’s name? Nope. No legal recourse. You can’t sue the manufacturer by law (odd) but you could theoretically sue who administered it.


Coming soon: mistakes were made.


h/t AC


but for how long?

One response to “High IQ guy on the not-vaxx

  1. A Brit is in the most difficult position when it comes to Nazis and their “evils”. Many decades of mass brainwashing to instill the British hero storyline. But when I look into the Nazi card played (T4) I find the original letter Hitler signed in which it appears that it is a selected suicide issue (Kevorkian style).

    Reichsleiter [Philipp] Bouhler and Dr. med. [Karl] Brandt are charged with responsibility to broaden the authority of certain doctors to the extent that [persons] suffering from illnesses judged to be incurable may, after a humane, most careful assessment of their condition, be granted a mercy death.

    I suspect that this isn’t the mass murder meme the jews proffered. Any quick search of the program leads to pages and pages of jewish sites. So, do jews run Brittanica?

    Frankly, I disbelieve jews more than I do the memes.

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