Video: Royal tea

This one has the information. Good sauces.

Remember: I predicted the move to America.

The Queen is watching, I hear, and she’s fuming. She’s actually quite a passionate person. The Palace source wouldn’t be Big Willy would it? It used to be Kate.

They’re trying to bump her off with the stress so they have a chance at Prince Niglet. When the Queen dies, the title situation can change because the official line changes place and the rules applying to them would be different, they’d be higher up automatically. Without another mad King Charles on the throne, they haven’t a hope in Hell and Smugs is already planning her exit strategy. I said, after at least two kids. Why bother for more unless she really needs the alimony and has no titles to parlay? She’s ‘securing the bag’ in ebonics. Harry is the mug but a twat also. Something hollow and shallow.

America doesn’t recognise the titles of monarchy, isn’t that part of the Constitution? Since the sprogs are Yanks, they should be disallowed the HRH. DO IT.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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