Eternal lockdown England

Prison population to medical martial law. Gov links below.

At 5m they show their hand: not enough of you dipshits took the mystery mRNA, so we’re blackmailing you with beer. B-b-b-because everyone else is doing it! Or so they claim. Beer and beaches, for bread and circuses.


The injection is under emergency authorisation so the restrictions won’t be lifted because then there is no emergency.

Experiment would be OVER. Corona chumps and covid Karens. They’re still boiling the frog.


Yep. Mrna injections are authorised for emergency use only. Therefore fake state of emergency is being uphold further.

Correct. Read the NHS paperwork about it.

Meanwhile the death rate for months/years has been comparatively low.


It confuses me when they go on about how successful the vaccination programme has been when clearly it hasn’t

Cheerleader effect (still claiming 70s %?) and their metric is tagged before bagging (ID card with chip, then chip in you).


It was a success, until they needed it not to be. If they opened up fully, it would show we are back to normal, and the vaccine wouldn’t be allowed its special dispensation to be used. It would have to go back to having proper tests and trials. But they need an excuse to vaccinate the kids now.



It’s to fool people into taking this experiment, because in reality not as many people have taken it.

Also considering how ineffective and dangerous it really is, it does make me wonder, why are they pushing this vaccine so much??

Correct. It’s an experiment, but they haven’t told you all the aims, did they? Did you sign a consent form? Is there debriefing paperwork after both doses? No.

If the masks work, you don’t need the geneticists’ potion. If the potion works, you don’t need the masks.

So how is the “2 jabs and you get your freedom back” working out for you all? LMAO.

I made memes joking about this a solid year ago.

At least, people assumed I was joking. They usually do until it happens.

It’s like living in the shitty prequel of a zombie apocalypse.


The vaccinated must feel pretty stupid now

The backfire effect and cognitive dissonance. They’re doubling down on smug and outrage to blame everyone but themselves.


It will never go back to the way it was before

I rarely have faith in men but I do find it curious Trump moved to Florida, which is both open and fine. If he opens up the whole country on that premise, then…. other countries would look like cunts. Moreso. This is Emperor’s New Variant.

Constantly moving the goal post 🤦‍♂️ this sh!t will never END. Remember 3weeks to flatten the curve. This is just total tyranny. Less than 1% of hospital beds are occupied by covid patients.

The reopening is never going to happen & never will. We know it, they know it & all but a fool doesn’t know it. If anything it’s going to go the other way.

“The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” – George Orwell.

Boris ‘Just the Tip’ Johnson will promise Just Another Month.

People seem to be getting Stockholm. The Yes Boris, stamp on me-s! Stamp harder!

“This temporary Authorisation under Regulation 174 permits the supply to and by the Crown of COVID19 Vaccine AstraZeneca, based on the safety, quality and efficacy data submitted by AstraZeneca to…”



“This authorisation is not a marketing authorisation ….” cannot hit the market legally

“its shelf life of 6 months.”

Hence the push. It won’t last until flu season.

39 Manufacturers and authorised persons performing the pack down (splitting of packs) activities must be authorised to handle regulation 174 products and immunological products.

So why volunteers?

This temporary Authorisation under Regulation 174 permits the supply to and by the Crown of COVID19 Vaccine AstraZeneca, based on the safety, quality and efficacy data submitted by AstraZeneca (AZ) to MHRA in the period from 24/09/2020 to 29/12/2020 and by The Serum Institute India Pvt. Ltd


When’s the infamous Lapland variant? Martian variant? Molech variant? Papa Smurf variant? Tooth Fairy variant?

  1. In the case of SIIPL COVID‑19 Vaccine (ChAdOx1‑S [recombinant]), except to the extent that these conditions absolve one or other party of a particular responsibility,

Like recombinant DNA?

GCSE: “During recombinant DNA technology a fragment of DNA can be cut out and inserted into a vector. The vector is then used to carry this foreign genetic information into another cell. Examples of vectors include both plasmids and artificial chromosomes.” “A marker gene can be used to ensure that the fragment has been inserted into the vector successfully.”

rDNA, the combining of genetic material….”

Recombinant DNA is the method of joining two or more DNA molecules to create a hybrid. The technology is made possible by two types of enzymes, restriction endonucleases and ligase. A restriction endonuclease recognizes a specific sequence of DNA and cuts within, or close to, that sequence. By chance, a restriction enzyme’s recognition sequence will occur every (¼)n bases along a random DNA chain.”

Definition on duck duck go of recombinant vaccine definition: HERE;

“An organism, cell, or virus in which genetic recombination has taken place.
Material produced by genetic engineering.”

This authorisation will be valid until expressly withdrawn by MHRA or upon issue of a full market authorisation…

21 This authorisation does not preclude an authorised prescriber administering this vaccine to a patient for whom it is not recommended in accordance with the instructions of use, in circumstances where that authorised prescriber is directly responsible for that patient and the administration of the vaccine is to fulfil the special needs of that patient where, in the professional judgement of that authorised prescriber, the welfare of the patient is likely to be in jeopardy unless the vaccine is administered.

Are they saying, what they seem to be saying? They can force you? Nuremberg when?

AZ must ensure full product lifecycle compliance with the risk management plan (RMP) for the vaccine,

Never-ending boosters. Suckers.

AZ must promptly and regularly liaise with MHRA to ensure the safety specification is adjusted in light of evolving data.


This is why you need decades of safety data FIRST.

42 must comply… with conditions…. onward and if different final distribution of products…. and their final deployment…. are still being developed


Onto another GOV link!

This temporary Authorisation under Regulation 174 permits the supply of identified COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 batches, based on the safety, quality and efficacy data submitted by Pfizer/BioNTech to MHRA in the period from 1 October to 2 December 2020;



….This ‘supply’ is literally legally, going to last all year, you fucking idjits. D E C E M B E R Y’all Boris’ ho-ho-hos. Just in time for the school term…. if they’d let Muslims bend their kids over, why not bend the arm for Big Pharma?

This authorisation is not a marketing authorisation;

Pfizer/BioNTech must promptly provide to MHRA any further data that is generated by them, or which otherwise come into their possession, which is relevant to the risk / benefit profile of the product;

MHRA may review and adjust these conditions for temporary supply in response to any developments which it considers material, including any subsequent market authorisations that might be issued by other medicines regulators;

…Adjust a safety condition?

This authorisation will be valid until expressly withdrawn by MHRA or upon issue of a full market authorisation by the MHRA.

…go ahead, take a thing that isn’t fully legal yet. Don’t come crying to people like me, I warned you before it officially existed. At least close the theatres, make the Boomer suffer for pushing this shite. The London Muslim colony will close all theatres soon anyway, it’s a dying faux woke medium. Get woke, get smoked.

“Emergency powers allow the government to introduce measures that may affect fundamental rights, such as the right to liberty. These measures can only be introduced in exceptional circumstances and should be temporary in nature.”


re Pfizer

“stability of six months” – from December is a year from now.

This is going to continue, for a fucking year. And then can be ‘amended’ to extend yet again.


“The government has stated that the emergency measures to tackle the coronavirus will be time-limited to two years and not all measures have been used.”



“The use of emergency powers should be proportionate to the scale of the threat and time limited.”


I’m fine.

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