The endometrium lie

The endometrium (womb lining) has never been part of the immune system.

Show me that in an old medical textbook because I’ve read several. Never read that. I have read that ANYTHING that disrupts your period, from an allergic reaction to bad diet, requires immediate medical correction (after just two periods excepting heavy bleeding, needing A&E) before it impacts your fertility on what might be a permanent basis. The body is built to survive so anything that blitzes reproduction is a serious threat, including cancer. Minimization of this is evil. Informed consent is required ethically, not misinformed. This is why high trust societies need low corruption people or it will mutate. Then again, feminists always gaslight women where Muslims are concerned, I guess the shoe is on the other foot now.

Thankfully we have the totally unbiased Vaccine CONFIDENCE Project evading our questions.

They have a fertility video where the question isn’t answered with a ‘no‘ or ideally ‘no, that is impossible’, only ‘no evidence’… which isn’t legally the same, is it? There are no studies, the study is NOW. Argument from absence is not evidence of absence. As it happens, there’s plenty of evidence from America, including the miscarriage rate sharply going up. We also don’t know how fertile people will age with this thing coded inside of them and spike proteins could be transmitted sexually like an STD. the m in mRNA stands for messenger and the guy who invented the tech got ‘corrected’ by twitter and told to delete his post for saying it sheds. I think it was one of the Moderna guys.

There was also a Pfizer study done by someone with a brain, who showed it gathers in other parts of the body, including the ovaries.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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