134 minutes in

It’ll take two generations before we know the full effects of the genetic engineering. Why are basically only white people doing this? Why this pattern of uptake? Well, have you seen the Military Power Index? Who’s stopping Russia/China? Us. I have covered this, at length. They’re already in one legal union, I think the SCO? See below.

Woman speaking from 134~ minutes is Alexandra Henrion-Caude.

“there’s no such thing as pure scientific consensus” starts about 1hr44 after that
“to hide this unknown, some scientists are on one narrative, some on another, we’re blind people trying to make light of what we don’t know” someone write a transcript!

“lethality now similar to flu” “do we proceed?” “this point is completely critical, revise the status of the pandemic”

“Portugal pointed out it was the wrong test, wrong to use as diagnosis, basis of number of decisions”

“forbidden, misunderstanding again, they are not vaccine as we have been using and developing them they’re different, based on strategy of wear masks which are not efficient”

“if masks, distance, and confinement are inefficient why go to ‘vaccine’ strategy?” “keep changing parameters”

“no one is using mortality parameters, it is not used as the consensus parameter”

“those ‘vaccines’ so-called vaccines, I prefer to say those genetically engineered experimental vaccines, exactly what they are, are dealing with our genetics” ~1hr52

“genome, heredity, not in old view that messenger RNA is very static” 1hr53

“based also on epigenetics, they have same DNA, same genetics yet you see morphology is different, in queen and worker bee, behaviour and organs not the same, epigenetics makes them look so different and behave so differently” Eloi and Morlocks. I wonder how r/k fits in.

“changes environment brings to your genomic information altogether,we are talking of DNA RNA and recently of circulating factors all influence epigenetics” 1hr54

“not only in your nucleus but also in your mitochondria so …we know 1% of protein coding sequences” 1h55

“all the rest is unknown, humans are composed 8-9% is viral sequences, we interact all the time and we put in our genome some sequences from the viruses, this so-called junk DNA, not the 1% tip of the iceberg”

“they didn’t plot according to complexity, just ratio of non-coding DNA to total DNA, you have complexity of living that goes… fantastic, should bring one conclusion, be really humble when we do anything with our genome” 1h56

“talking of the 1% this is much more complex than presented, like a cake in france, within the gene, greater number of RNA sequences embedded into gene actually very important in cell to bring flux of information” 1h57

“RNA we talk of all these information embedded in sequence, what do we know of RNA biology? Brings information how it works, possibility that will induce chromatin modifying, through interactions, RNA-RNA interaction, cascades of regulation with proteins and idea with predecessors for other small RNA” 1hr58-9

they are like brake to Ferrari, RNA, alter one of these cables of brake you think you’re safe because your Ferrari can still be used” 1hr59 Is it cruel to call dead men walking zombies or accurately mutants?

“like RNA function bring power of inhibition to system and can be viral or pure origins, if you cut one and try to brake, you don’t have full power, so number of consequences may not be seen immediately but may be seen in the long term” 1hr59 – Live 9h59 (entier) Post=Covid-19 Stockholm Peace Summit, uploaded Dec 2020. They knew.

because you have to face the situation where you really needed this information, the common assumption was simple DNA copied to RNA but actually you have more than that -2hr

your RNA can get edited, known since 1986 and other versions can be made onto this RNA distinction in 2014/6. – 2hr to 2hr1m

RNA is not something stable it can be edited in manners we still not know of, they exist but not know how they are turned on – 2hr1m

we are putting out a rushed experimental procedures, genetically engineered on worldwide scale, the worry, concern, through rushed development any serious adverse events, instead of being observed during 24 months normally, it has been cut down to six months, within six months they’ll be uploading the serious adverse events with a rushed experimental procedure – 2h1-2m so it’s due to come out… right about…. now? I want a white hat, dammit.

we see that it’s going in the wrong direction (screen: STRATEGIES NEVER USED IN HUMANS BEFORE) – 2hr2m

the path we are taking is a dangerous one -2hr2-3m

Strategies of vaccine summarised in this table have NEVER been used (read: tested for safety) in humans and most of the time never tested in [other] animals – 2hr3m or they hid the findings. Occam.

This is one serious concern again, not only they are rushed, but also they were never used and never fully tested in animals. 2h3m Was Warp Speed drawing attention to this?

You have different types of vaccines, (includes recombinant and nanoparticles) even plant cells, a wide variety of many parameters that are completely new. 2hr3m Read: novel. This will be an ethics case study on informed consent. Milgram made real. Get this woman on talk radio.

Given what Pascal presented, other doctor has presented, we have a number of treatments that exist, give good results and therefore, given this aspect and given fact we’ve had other epidemics and realised after the strategy of vaccinations was not the solution, we should learn from past experience. Strongly raise indication of public health policy of anti-Gov vaccine strategy. – to 2h6m

Meaning, I think the fact of developing a vaccine is a solution that should be undertaken with an indication – typically, it seems to be that severe cases are still an issue that we really haven’t well solved therefore focus on those severe cases, it has not been planned that way. – 2h6m

No indication was discussed to start with, no discussion as to why we should put up a worldwide strategy on ‘vaccination’ – had been irrational This is a discussion that has to occur. This is likely the reason why a number of people, more than half in France, don’t want to take the ‘vaccines’. I think because they didn’t have the debate. -to 2h7m I’d assume it’s same here, their uptake claim has stalled. Freedom to choose for your body is no debate subject.

They just don’t understand why everyone should go and get ‘vaccinated’, and indeed, we need to have the debate of stating understanding the education of the health policy of vaccination if there is such or more for certain category of people. -2h7m

2. Are the people currently getting the ‘vaccines’ informed they are currently being enrolled in a biomedical protocol? – to 2h8m This also implies they can be brought back for further experiments without their consent. The consent for an experiment is considered one-time, unethically, by many dodgy researchers.

This is a question I raised, reason being clinical trials are still ongoing, on the different strategies, ARE ongoing, YET people are being ‘vaccinated’, and to the best of my understanding, they are not informed they are NOT INFORMED they are being ENROLLED in a biomedical protocol. There is the strong ethical discussion to have here. – 2h8m Her emphasis. No means no. They’re trying to say people can’t refuse a second dose now, based on the admission to experiment point. Are the government public workers for the citizens or are you their slave? Who serves whom?

Another discussion, informing people about the specific risks with anti-coronavirus. This is very well explained on this article – at/to 2h9m

on the right published and stating, saying informed consent disclosure to vaccine trial subjects of RISK of covid-19 vaccines worsening clinical disease and what they are basically saying in this article is, we need given our past experience of anti-coronavirus vaccination, we need to SPECIFICALLY inform the patient (read: express consent, written) that the risks are that it will WORSEN the clinical disease – 2h9m wait is she saying variants could be caused by vaccines? Is that why UK has most variants? Is it mutating inside them?

How does it do that? In fact it is based on a phenomenon which is called antibody dependent enhancement. – to 2h10m

Yes you may have been producing antibodies, but those antibodies, instead of being, neutralising the disease, will actually have the REVERSE effect of facilitating the disease. Of facilitating the entry of the virus into your cell, of facilitating the replication sometimes of the viruses, this is a varied concern. – 2h10m I see what you did there.

Which explains WHY there has NEVER been any APPROVED vaccination on ANY coronavirus: on ANY Sars-1, MERs, and this is something that should be raised to THE PEOPLE. – 2h10-11m

The other issue we should be having is the targeted population are never defined in the clinical assays, this is a concern that made Dr (name) put up this article (on screen), associated editor of British Medical Journal” 2h11m Oh they definitely know/knew.

He asks the question Will Covid-19 vaccines save lives? which is the question one SHOULD be asking.
Here: https://www.bmj.com/content/371/bmj.m4037

Tiled Will covid-19 vaccines save lives? Current trials aren’t designed to tell us

from it “Yet the current phase III trials are not actually set up to prove either (table 1). None of the trials currently under way are designed to detect a reduction in any serious outcome such as hospital admissions, use of intensive care, or deaths. Nor are the vaccines being studied to determine whether they can interrupt transmission of the virus.” – BMJ, so it isn’t actually being studied at all, then why push it?

““That’s right,” concurred his guest, Paul Offit, a vaccinologist who sits on the FDA advisory committee that may ultimately recommend the vaccines for licence or emergency use authorisation.”

“But that’s not right. In all the ongoing phase III trials for which details have been released, laboratory confirmed infections even with only mild symptoms qualify as meeting the primary endpoint definition.9101112 In Pfizer and Moderna’s trials, for example, people with only a cough and positive laboratory test would bring those trials one event closer to their completion. (If AstraZeneca’s ongoing UK trial is designed similarly to its “paused” US trial for which the company has released details, a cough and fever with positive PCR test would suffice.)” – BMJ, PCR is being rigged by cycle N.

This is a very very big concern we should be having. – to 2hr12m, AHC again.

Not defined as proof positive, on which we would SPECIFICALLY ASSESS the vaccination, other aspect the gene modification, yes or no? I wonder what we are talking about, again this is a BIG misunderstanding, coming back to the root, we are talking of mRNA ‘vaccine’, those genetically engineered experimental ‘vaccines’, are designed for human to start producing a protein that they never produced before – to 2h13m

I’m not playing the fool but I’m just trying to understand, how can these people be saying that it is NOT modifying your genome when it is bringing in information to your body that your body didn’t have, your body was not an industrial producer of spike protein of this virus?” – 2h13m They’re lying.

That would make all of the consent misinformed. Pity you can’t sue. Get that over-turned.

This is an issue, now beside the fact you’re going to produce a protein that you never produced before, in the hope that maybe it will turn on an immunology response (isn’t that autoimmune?) apparently the efficiency response has to be synthesising to be strong but now – are these antibodies facilitating antibodies, or neutralising antibodies? Nobody knows.” – 2h14m BOOM. Does this tie-in to cytokine storm damage?


“and this comes back to that article about the specific risk of worsening disease with anti-coronavirus. The modification that mRNA may bring and I don’t see a way that it cannot have an impact on the epigenetics of your cell because as you saw in my introduction, the fantastic fluidity and changes that RNA brings to the cell, you cannot be in the expectation is not going to have an epigenetic influence on your cells. This is to me NOT reasonable and this goes COMPLETELY against ALL the fantastic improvement that we have made in our knowledge and ALL the literature that has been ongoing on SARs 2 and epigenetics and in the last month which is a HUGE piece of literature in the field.” to 2h15m.

So epigenetically, I don’t see how they CANNOT be actively changing your… have an impact, now in terms of changing your DNA? One can have the concern, that you may have reverse transcriptase and your mRNA may become er, DNA, and may, modify your genome, This has been foreseen as a possibility. And therefore, this has to be studied and unfortunately I didn’t see those genetic parameters, that genotoxicity, where, in the list of things that had to be studied”. – to 2h16m

So they can have another virus with reverse transcriptase or would an artificial shot of it at a later date do? Contaminated vials would be a useful thing for China to produce.

“There are other concerns but I don’t want to put them all this is to give you a glance as to the complexity that we have at the moment, DNA is being transcribed to RNA, RNA is being translated into protein, BUT you have the possibility of through other RNAs (DS: ‘boosters’?) you have the possibility of the DNA to replicate, there are, using ribozyme self-amplification proteins, with the prions (DS: wtf) of some self-reproduction, and this is ONE LEVEL of complexity.” – to 2h17m

“You have to envisage the fact that, this DNA will be modified and this is called your EPIGENOME.” – 2h17m

“These RNA are modified and these are your epitranscriptome (spelling?) proteins are being modified and this is called epiproteome (PTM) and all that can be transferred to the next generation.”


“SO, to CONCLUDE, my question on the ‘vaccine’ is how can we be putting out vaccination policies when they were NOT made for the severe cases of covid-19, and were NOT made to prevent transmission human to human. Can we call them, vaccine? And is a genetically engineered vaccine, that is COMPLETELY EXPERIMENTAL can it be called again a vaccine? Or does the word experimental (unclear) vaccine? As well as the genetically engineered, because these completely new strategies that were never done in humans and can have a great number of consequences. Innovation is great, but not always a sign of progress.”

“Is it progress to change our consideration of human integrity? When we are using mRNA on HEALTHY individuals, this healthy aspect is really important, we consider humans as a biotech tool to be producing a viral protein. So we are ENGINEERED as to being the producer. This is touching our human integrity. This is a critical aspect that one has to really embrace in terms of the revolution that is coming along with this change of human integrity. (DS: reminds me of Iron Man 3 meets Revelations) We are NOT bacteria to be producing such and such proteins that we want to be producing, this is changing our genetic information and our HEREDITY information as well.” – to 2h20m

“So, once again, is that an innovation? To be changing our genetic information? I’m asking the question and is this a progress? It’s an innovation for sure, but is it a progress, to be changing healthy people, the genetics of healthy people. We are taking the risk of transmission with these ‘vaccines’, whether intergenerational level or transgenerational level, meaning that maybe the next generation will not have anything, but the following one YES – because, once again, we are touching on epigenetic issues.” to 2h21m

“And NOBODY can tell me, to date, that those ‘vaccines’, sorry, those mRNA those lipid particles that have the mRNA will not flow through your germ cells. Because when you go into the circulation, when you alter the vascularity of the muscle and the MOMENT you do so, some particles WILL go into your circulation and will circulate in a number of cells whether the brain, organs, whether the brain, whether the germ cells and no one can say that this cannot be taking place.” – to 2h22m

“So we are taking the risk of a modified transmission, in a manner that we know nothing of. And the last thing that may sound really ridiculous for the non-scientist but to me which is very important, We have been putting a lot of energy as to the hopes that we’re bringing RNA-based therapeutics I was even editor of a specific issue on therapeutics, with the hope of treating patients. What is going on at the moment is terrible for us, because this rushed strategy is in the faith that it may ruin all our knowledge (DS: whither is the control group?) and the promise of all RNA based therapeutics. (You’re forever GM humaning and you’re worried about money?) Because it will leave a very bad presentation because it is so rushed because experiments in animals were not proceeding in the right time, and therefore, we may face the situation that the public will never want to hear will never want to hear about RNA based therapeutics anymore, for people with severe diseases. What a waste.” – to 2h23m Currently 2.7k views.

If you sterilised one generation, the next might come up. If you get two, total genocide. Opening salvo in a war. Supposedly Boris’ dad wrote a book on eugenics and depopulation (see bottom), so did Sidney Webb. This might explain why he breeds with gay abandon. I wonder how many non-mutants (this feels like an uncool X-men plot) will be trafficked into breeding farms like Gattaca. If they get to mandate the kids to get it, they’ve got everyone. As many times and types as they want. Easily six per year, then adding on other dangerous ones like Anthrax the USG had to ban, they’ll claim for “international travel” which could mean anything. Not least because their reproductive organs are still developing (into the 20s, the under 25 cutoff is now important, see?) but because children are the ignored human rights case. Nobody cares about their civil liberties to say, home school themselves if bullied. If they can force all kids to get just one, that sets precedent. America called it implied consent (like blaming a rape victim for being white) and supposedly schools are doing drills where they lock the doors, stop the kids using their phones (Hello Auschwitz, no evidence in recordings or 911s) and stop parents from coming in. I’m sure antifertility vaccines have nothing to do with this. Remember, teachers are state agents. Like NHS doctors. They follow orders. Any orders. Like the Silents, they’ll be long dead before they see the rotten fruit of their work. Give it to the royal kids. Make sure it’s the real deal.

Supposedly teachers might be training in assessment of Gillick competence to coerce kids into ‘agreement’. If kids can consent medically, the pedos have open season. Lolita is a pedo rationalisation, ‘she was asking for it’.

I don’t care who rips this one off, SHARE SHARE SHARE the information.


The official working languages of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation are Chinese and Russian.[citation needed]

Also, they invite the UN and Iran is a member. MFW:

I calculated the SCO numbers some time ago. They could easily win a war. EASILY.

Now you see why Iran is mission-critical.
They (China, their investment money) target UK for not-vaxx as revenge for the Opium Wars, which wasn’t us. It was Them.


Consider the timing. Future proves past. NATO is red herring, SCO want war.

I think China might have a spike solution, but only for the women, if you know what I mean. They have a lot of excess men to go around. Gang rape style, if necessary. Look at the cultural ripples to see the Sun Tzu at work.

….Why is wu-flu oestrogen-protected?

[this bit can be skipped by the weaklings and mental midgets who love Big Brotherhood]

Meanwhile, the pick-up artists are already normalising the cultural dehumanisation and criminal rape of white women, in addition to the usual incitements and excuses (no means maybe, keep pushing, LMR, she’s lying about being a virgin) which actually toe into hate crime territory easily (on grounds of religion if not sex). I’m sure this will end well. Just be like Roosh and ‘diddle‘ her in her sleep. If they can’t drug her (including alcohol, the most common rape drug) then they wait until she falls asleep. …That isn’t sex. Sex requires consent. I’m sure it’s a coincidence most PUAs are “Asian” and feel entitled to whites’ women. Whether we run away on New Years Eve in Cologne or not. (Porn) treats women like toys, now the low IQ males do. Violent attitudes don’t get more domineering than raping someone unconscious, when they’re utterly helpless to resist. Putting the burden on getting women to stop them was clearly bullshit. We lack the upper body strength and ability to drop the politeness anyway. If anything, rapists enjoy resistance as a ‘game’. Read about Weinstein. Courtship disorder? Sexual sadism? Why not both? Oddly, Youtube has yet to ban a single channel for inciting rape against white women (rhetoric blame-shift: they deserve it, they’re probably a slut because they wear skirts – objectification is dehumanisation). White women aren’t the trafficked zombie characters of porn, being raped for show (brainwashed MKULTRA style by The Game, as slavery charities note) or living toys with no heart, they’re people and your genetic future, who should be protected from invaders in any patriarchy. PUA’s use of patriarchy and perverting it is the male, Satanic version of SJW’s subversion of female groups who like knitting and baking bread. The rot gets in early. A rutting animal fucks, anyone can do that, it’s bestial. Hollywood tells men it’s their rite of passage to be masculine, to be a manwhore. But lovemaking was always the boast, with a woman who loves and respects you. Only the Boomer normalised porn from its trafficking bedrock, with publications like Playboy. They’re not watching sex, they’re watching rape. Where do you think these women come from? How do you explain the suicides? No sane woman would choose to be violated repeatedly, that is not work. Invisible slaves. Rape slaves, because it’s not sex. Sex is a positive claim, legally consent must be proven (as PUAs know, you can’t prove a negative), hence the Left trying to normalise raping a minor as ‘sex with a child’. Yet nobody points it out. It seems the tradlarpers don’t care, so I hope China castrates them, chemically or literally. If you would harm your own women, who rely on you, you deserve it. If the men want to violate us, they can’t complain when the Chinaman and the Muslim think it’s okay. Because you set the standard in your own in-group and the incitement you not only permitted, but celebrated. Worse than Boomers. Being a rake, a cad, a wastrel, was sad. Same with wankers and porn. Now they’re trying to make slut shaming men wrong with the ridiculous Chad meme. Women don’t want Chad. Especially traditional women. With the sexual disgust studies, it’s proof women want a used-up slut even less than men. MGTOW isn’t the man’s choice, it’s sexual selection. Women would rather be alone. FGTOW? In the case of religious virgins, nobody waits for a slut. What’s the point? Who wants a fizzy drink that’s gone flat? They want their own kind but PUAs feel entitled to trade-up and it will never happen, (firstly that many women don’t exist and two don’t want them) and they’re slowly realising that fact and trying to rationalise it. Adam was directly warned by God so his eating the fruit was worse. They can’t have been wrong this entire time and fallen for a scam, it must be half the species. Sexual selection must be wrong, they falsely reason. The memes are Chinese, people. The women freaking as Koreaboos, the female weebs, describe gentleman qualities, the antiChad. Chad is a psyop, you morons. He’s forever alone but with better clothes. It’s a death cult of sterility. Atomic, suicidal, nihilistic and empty. High time preference loser. Look at the life outcomes of bachelors, shorter lifespan to boot. Women don’t want James Bond, they want Mr Darcy. Even the female sluts! Ask them! I did. A sterile male slut is not alpha. Alpha is a breeding pair. They’re laughing at you. It’s like the smug mudshark or ricecooker talking about white demographics, sneering. A happy family man is the only alpha possible. You find the best woman in the in-group and keep her happy, that’s it. Not rocket science. You don’t need to buy anything. But they can’t do that, can they? Mummy issues too strong. Being nice to your own wife or daughter is simping now. But they claim to desire a high trust society, sure Jan. They wouldn’t last a week in the 1950s without being arrested for harassment, rape or being a general creep. All they have is lies, sexual Pied Pipers flogging shitty books that tell you to stalk women home, lie to get in their home (for the toilet) and rape them. They look up to that, psychopaths are compulsive liars who move the goalposts on what’s a crime, hence ignorance of the law is no excuse. Criminals always lie. Removing books whose entire purpose is incitement to rape white women from Amazon is a good idea, like a non-fiction how-to manual book titled How to Murder and Cover Up Forensically. That isn’t censorship, it’s human decency. They were about to get sued for aiding and abetting crime including international breaches of human rights. What’s next, Amazon must sell burglary tools? How to Eat Babies by Hillary Clinton? It isn’t ‘just joking’. Pedos use this type of material. They swap grooming tips. How to castrate your son by the NHS, with handy graphic guides? The problem is the people buying that shit, they have no empathy. Corruption is a serious problem, where is your conscience? They’re getting young men too early in development online to grow patriotic or a conscience when it comes to female violence. Instead they have attachment disorders and serial monogamy, stunning and brave. I find it especially funny they take marriage advice from divorced men. Take weight loss advice from fatties too. The emotionally broken leading the sexually stunted. They can’t maintain a relationship to save their life! They literally think they’re fucking for virginity, the retards. They dare call their principles trad when in another, traditional era, they’d be lynched for defiling the magistrate’s daughter. They’re being left on the shelf by increasing numbers of alienated women who are so disgusted by them (and the race mixing, look at white women stats) they just give up – leaving them ripe for the Asians, by force. I honestly think whites might be doomed already. The men abandoned us culturally. It’s over. White people kinda deserve to die out if the men hate their own women. The porn succeeded,

Hollywood lied. You’re becoming the new Boomer. Porn and game (emotional abuse*) are the bread and circuses to prevent patriotism (pick-up is multicultural and degenerate) and family formation and a happy sex life. The more men sleep around, the less they score in sexual satisfaction. The same pair bonding issue happens to them neurologically. They’re spoiling themselves and like SJWs corrupting the younger generations coming up after from spite. Then there’s divorce risk. Look at the male data. Look at the Boomer. That’s your future. The manchild never grows up. Everyone hates that guy and they don’t realise nobody thinks they’re cool, the social isolation is a punishment. Prime meat for gold diggers though, easy to con. They’re conned by men all the time. Just one more e-book! They play themselves.
Ironically, every handsome man I’ve known was monogamous and especially hated r-types. Real patriarch quality. Game is the r-select cope for marital failure. It gives them an excuse for deadbeating, failed relationships and divorce. Sex and the City for men. They didn’t fail as men of the house, they wanted to fail!

*gaslighting, lovebombing, stonewalling, ghosting, hoovering etc. Clinical abuse. They’re emotional vampires. This is why seduction is/was a crime, with breach of promise. It ruins societies. It’s anti-social. Black men like white women because we’re so gullible and trusting, apparently. Easy to abuse. They EXPLOIT that. It goes unmentioned. Roosh bragged about raping an unconscious woman, PUA sites should be banned as incitement. Legally, it is.


The useless fuckers/wankers are literally impotent. They can’t get it up. But porn and sleeping around can’t be the problem, oh no! It can’t be that psychologically you feel deep buried shame at lowering yourself like an alley cat.

“There seems to be a perception that something like this is a ‘lesser crime’ because it might not be at the hands of a stranger but your partner. But what would feel worse? Being pickpocketed by a stranger or robbed by someone you love and trust?” she asks. “The idea that you’re asleep so it didn’t require violence is also very dangerous. Penetrating someone’s body without their permission is an inherently violent act.”

These guys could always volunteer to be ‘banged’ (note the violent terminology) by the super-friendly local rape gang in their sleep, to see what it’s like for women? …No? They think it’s the women’s fault because PUAs told them the woman’s job was to ‘fight them off‘, rather than being a MAN and having some IMPULSE CONTROL. That’s pedo logic. That’s Weinstein logic. That’s pure rapist rationalisation, telling themselves they’re not evil. Reprobate mind. If you didn’t want to be robbed, you shouldn’t be so rich? Harrison Bergeron’s world. …If you didn’t want to be raped, you shouldn’t need to sleep?… If you didn’t want to be raped, you shouldn’t be so white? What’s next, female pedos and Muslims in swimming pools can rape boys because of the shorts showing leg too? That’s how insane they are. It’s deranged. ‘Sexual emergency’ crazy. The myth of blue balls again when they have two hands. Self-control separates us from most other animals. They’re subhuman by action. Note the psychosis of the victim blaming. They chimp out and muh dick and blame anyone but themselves. If a dog understands No so can you. Use your words, always ask. It isn’t hard. Especially if you’re a degenerate with potency issues. Thank you, God for sparing women those would-be rapists. Then again, circumcision might be the cause, they need a lot of Viagra to wake it up too. Women hate the mutilated.
Any woman in that situation, which pedos do to kids as well, FILM IT. It’s funny PUAs tend to film themselves committing crimes when that’s evidence against them. They do look up to psychopaths, who are dumb. Filming sex without consent is a crime but not in the case of no sex. If you didn’t consent to sex, there’s no crime in filming yourself sleeping. If they rape you, you won’t get in trouble for having filmed that, especially as court evidence. Kids need to be told this. It prevents pedos getting away with it and adult rapists too. So that’s where our culture stands, in tatters. We need a porn use x sexual violence study we’ll never get thanks to ((censorship)). Study pedos in prison too, I’m sure that’s interesting.

[end of weaklings skip]



“Such talk repels us now, but in the prewar era it was the common sense of the age. Most alarming, many of its leading advocates were found among the luminaries of the Fabian and socialist left, men and women revered to this day. Thus George Bernard Shaw could insist that “the only fundamental and possible socialism is the socialisation of the selective breeding of man”, even suggesting, in a phrase that chills the blood, that defectives be dealt with by means of a “lethal chamber”.”

Oh, look, the enemies of Man. Fancy seeing them here.

“Except this was no accident. The Fabians, (((Sidney))) and Beatrice Webb and their ilk were not attracted to eugenics because they briefly forgot their leftwing principles. The harder truth is that they were drawn to eugenics for what were then good, leftwing reasons.”

This is why Left means evil in Latin.

top comment is funny

“This is a disgraceful article it’s like arguing that Tony Blair and Hitler were socialist.”

Literally though? Those ‘social programmes’ need big taxes, big gov. They’re so close to breaking the programming, aren’t they? Boomers were told so long they had fought the Nazis they didn’t see themselves becoming them.

They’ve been warning us for yonks.



The Torah party know too. The thing they have in common is a love of masonry. Ban the cults!


SUE. Let them fire you and SUE. Quote Nuremberg law and discuss Aktion T4, this shit is experimental. VAERS has mortality data.

And where the F is Trump already?

“The controversial measure sets up a likely battle with staff in both services and could see the government sued under European human rights law or equalities legislation for breaching the freedom of people who work in caring roles to decide what they put into their bodies.”


At least they’re only asleep mentally.

Are you FREE or a SLAVE?

Social Services has sterilised people in this country and called it legal. Good luck. There was one case where they tried to famously steal a normal tourist Italian woman’s baby by forcing her to undergo a C-section while here. They are insane.


Kids as sexual objects:


If kids can consent to the genetic engineering trials, they can consent to be raped in their sleep too. IF.

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