When we get dis?

Considering our history of human rights, rights of Englishmen, data protection, when are we stopping the Little Hitlers from playing papers, please? There’s footage of people being abused in public on twitter, spat at in pubs and the like.


We need this now, and hold the companies accountable for violations of rights (like harassment) on their premises.

“In addition to banning private businesses from requiring proof of vaccination, any business that does require proof of vaccination may not engage in state contracts and some state agencies that look over different business sectors may require compliance for licenses or permits.”

Pubs need a license.

Private companies shouldn’t be permitted to violate bodies.

The precedent of allowing it means they could force a pregnant woman to get an abortion, dark employees to lighten their skin, sky’s the limit. Lawyers are already offering IVF packages. Get private companies out of our bodies!

Members of the British Communist Party advise/are in SAGE. One’s a UCLH professor.


1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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