Strip their charity status

SJW convergence? Really?

I’m sure Bernadette Banner’s past involvement with them had absolutely nothing to do with this.

The updated description on the EH website and app says: ‘Blyton’s work has been criticised during her lifetime and after for its racism, xenophobia and lack of literary merit. In 2016, Blyton was rejected by the Royal Mint for commemoration on a 50p coin because, the advisory committee minutes record, she was “a racist, sexist, homophobe and not a very well-regarded writer”.’

When will the relatives/estate sue for defamation? Marxists keep using that to destroy anything of cultural value. The entire purpose of that charity is protecting white culture, as a target for entryism I predicted they’d start erasing our own history. If they could get away with it, pretty soon they’ll be smashing the sculptures like Islamic State. Evil can’t create, only destroy. They’re losers with no life so become outraged at any sign of achievement.

The charity, which manages over 400 historic monuments including Stonehenge, today defended the move.

Charities are banned from being political, Marxism counts.

And in an update made some time after August 29, 2019, the charity said author Kipling’s political views have been ‘widely criticised for their racist and imperialist sentiments’.

Why don’t the Thought Police mention he was a Freemason?

Like most of those men?

It came after weeks of warnings about the future of some of Britain’s top cultural institutions, including the National Trust, being under threat from a ‘woke cult’.

In the face of anger, English Heritage stood by its move today and tweeted: ‘We’ll continue to update our website so that the story behind each plaque – and each person – is told in full’. 

SJWs Always Lie.

The plaque is on this house in Chessington (pictured), where Enid lived between 1920 and 1924 as a nursery worker, writing her first stories in her room at night when the family’s children slept. People visiting will now be told about her books’ links to racism via the English Heritage app

Apps rely on reviews, don’t they?

Well at least EH is never getting another penny of my money until the Marxist is purged like the cultural Black Death they clearly are everywhere else. Get woke, go broke.

English Heritage vowed to review all plaques for links to ‘contested’ figures following last year’s Black Lives Matter protests. It stated that objects ‘associated with Britain’s colonial past are offensive to many’. 

Then go home. Nobody wants them here. We have a long standing hatred of crybabies. We never asked for you to be here. If you hate our culture, sod off.

Now a registered charity it looks after more than 400 historic monuments including Stonehenge. 

It relies on cash from memberships and tickets and donations from visitors. Pre-pandemic these totalled around £84million-a-year.

This is what happens when you let the inmates take over the asylum. Boycott.

This country needs a boycott list.

The heritage charity, which criticised Blyton’s work ‘for its racism, xenophobia and lack of literary merit’, administers the Blue Plaque scheme and has placed over 950 signs in London honouring historical figures. 

It isn’t a heritage charity, those preserve. It destroys. It is no longer fit for purpose.

Give it to me and I could run it better, you need an anti-SJW policy of non-intervention and never apologising or explaining away anything. History cannot be altered by these censorious losers. Read SJWs Always Lie. Bolsheviks never stop starting bullshit.

Information about her work’s xenophobic controversy will also be available on the English Heritage app for literature-loving tourists.

We hate tourists.

We all know Americans don’t read real books, they read Harry Potter and fanfiction.

The row emerged after current chairman, Tim Parker, announced in May that he would quit amid a revolt over ‘woke’ policies he spearheaded.

You made the monster.

There was further controversy after it emerged that the Trust had tried to force volunteers at a Norfolk mansion to wear the gay pride rainbow symbol on lanyards and badges to mark 50 years since the decriminalisation of homosexuality – a demand later dropped.

It’s illegal, against religious rights.


If they had any intellect they’d realise that they are banking upon the masses to read this information about a historical figure and be critical and withdrawn in their respect, love and appreciation, but for many this respect, love and appreciation is immovable and presenting this small facet of their personality unnecessarily will be read inevitability as an ENDORSEMENT. I.e. Benjamin Franklyn was a great and intelligent man and if he thought… etc. It’s far better for everyone to realise the people who lived in different times were simply subjects of that time and stop banging on about it.

that’s common sense

they’re actually normalising these ideas as elite and successful

Freemasons like Franklin still think like this.

They’re inadvertently inspiring kids to agree. They’re suggesting it. Priming effect.
Try not to think of pink elephants. What colour is the elephant?
Trying not to think of white supremacy. Definitely don’t notice any reasons for this.


How very sad that organisations such as English Heritage and the National Trust are so ashamed of our English Heritage and our nation’s history that they happily accept public funding to denigrate what many people ( probably the majority) hold dear. Yes, aspects of any nation’s history can be justifiably criticised by today’s standards, but today’s standards were not in existence 80 years ago and would have probably been considered strange to say the least. Eighty years ago freedom of expression and thought were not an issue so Enid Blyton’s only criteria would have been to write books which interested her readers. Today unfortunately those freedoms, including the freedom to offend, are in danger and we are lapsing into an Orwellian dystopia in which only the ‘correct’ expressions and thought are deemd to be acceptable. Frightening.

Well some Boomers had to vote for Blair and now we have ‘hate speech’.

8.9k upvotes to:

I will cancel my membership to English heritage immediately hope Many people follow suit. as I did with the National trust ! People need to stop supporting these woke organisations and companies.

Did after the Banner incident.

It’s always them.

Without the training wheels of Youtube censorship, they’d know how many people really hate them. They’re not leading the revolution, we’re all waiting for someone else to cast the first rock at them. Have you seen the bloody history of civil wars in Europe? It isn’t about race, stop telling us what to do at home. It’s very simple. If we’ll gut our second cousin, don’t expect mercy. White people are crazy, if you really pay attention. We’re just repressed. It’s like a cork bobbing up. Periodic bloodbaths and we’re overdue. I almost pity them, I wouldn’t live here.

Do not forget. Do not forgive.

Really hope she moves to England. It’s easy to find out where people live. It’s an island. We could make her kind feel real welcome. It’d be fun.

These hypocritical cunts go on about Victorians when Queen Victoria called herself Empress of India and they’re literally celebrating imperialism as multiculturalism.

Boomers get day of the pillow, what do Marxists get?

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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