They’re leaving the weebs

once they’ve got the anchor baby. Toll paid? This is becoming an increasingly common story. I love it when scumbags marry scum. They’re really trying to divorce harder than normal couples in this, the current year. I wouldn’t blame them, actually. Why wouldn’t a gold digger want a higher status baby, access to the West for their real family and leave the weak guy who couldn’t get a woman from his own country? If you have to search another continent’s meat, that’s peak beta, surely?

‘British’ LOL sure, we know that means nothing. We have never claimed mystery meat.

maybe he isn’t actually Greek, looking at the pictures

Babis shared a tribute to his wife Caroline Crouch last month after her death. Under the photo taken on their wedding day he writes: 'Together forever. Have a nice trip my love'

Together forever – my sides!

It’s like a black comedy. Her smile is so fake. I can see why he did it, but I still disapprove of murder. Divorce isn’t as expensive.

Cook the rice, pay the price. Now he gets to go to prison and blame white women for his insanity. Clearly WE were involved in this problem, somehow! Something something Western women. If you followed our traditions, I remind you this would’ve never happened. Too soon to place bets on the daughter doing porn?

“Caroline, a statistics student at the University of Piraeus, moved to the island of Alonissos with her Filipino mother Susan Dela Cuesta and British father David Crouch, 78, when she was eight.”

Boomers emulating Lennon get what they fucking deserve.

First to find the murderer’s PUA forum account wins. They keep racking up dead bodies, don’t they? Nothing is ever their fault, it’s WOMEN who never take responsibility…. say, by leaving an abusive loser of an Asianphile husband and taking the kid?

You don’t go from zero abuse to murder. It just doesn’t happen.
He was too old to think he could keep her, surely. Big age gaps predict divorce.

Maybe he’ll release a pick-up book he can claim as ‘satire’, something like “Getting away with murder is cheaper than alimony” only to bitch when Amazon pulls it for incitement. Because ‘clearly’ they were joking.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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