Come die with me



Come flu season, I’ll only feel sorry for the people who were 1. forced to get it, like people in care homes were practically held down or coerced or 2. weren’t smug, did it for a relative and believed in choice. EVERYONE ELSE gets the shade they rightfully deserve.

I’m hoping I don’t lose any relatives but nobody knows. I tried warning them.

It’s now becoming apparent they don’t even do anything (unlike natural immunity), with ‘variants’ that are 99.7% the exact same genetically (Yeadon), causing the normiest of normalfags to question why the government wants to keep pumping you full of experimental juice. It’s Jesus juice, it means you’ll see Jesus. Much sooner than you think.

That footballer faceplanting was a sign.

The definition of insanity – these jabs don’t do what they promised, let’s take another and another and another! FOREVER.

It’s not like there’s gold standard treatments already, don’t bother using those! Fuck with your genome!


“According to the CDC’s tabulation of the vaccinated who got covid after the vax, 1.6% of the vaxxed are dying of covid.”

So it actually increases your risk of death from The Thing.
Cytokine storm? Antibody dependent enhancement? Who cares?
Facilitating antibodies most likely.

So they’ll blame the normal, when actually it’s mutating inside of them. It might pull the real thing into the cells.

It seems to preferentially bump off young fighting-age men. This means war and China is to blame. At least they don’t have white male privilege anymore.

1.6/0.3% fatality in young people anyway:

5.3x more likely to die of the coof once you’ve had Bill Gates’ death sticks.

Whatever you call that, vaccine is the wrong word. Euthanasia, maybe.

Wait until the fertility data comes out proper. The reactions of lefty women.


The Government didn’t share because they saw the death count.

Know the enemy

Echo variant next.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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