Prequel to I am Legend

It’s so realistic. Make it stop.


They want to fulfill the promise made by the serpent in Eden, eating the fruit of the tree of life and be immortal. That can be connect to the mark of the beast, because once you change your DNA you’re done, and the bible says that the ones who get the mark there’s no coming back. Obviously the mark will be something easy to see there’s no need to be afraid to get trick by that, as the mark it’s related to idolatry. People who got the mark will want it because they want be immortal and the beast as the one who shows how to do that will adore.

With that now you understand the persecution that people who don’t want the mark will face it.

But if we think about… Being immortal in this world… and this world belongs to Satan… and this world will end in fire… and in the lake of fire will be cast the antichrist, the false prophet and the beast (along all the people who choose satan)…

So in the end, they will never leave this world as they wish so much to be here. A plot twist made by God? Think about it…

Symbol of medicine on American hospitals? A snake. It’s the snake building.

Idolatry, you say?

had to

When the CDC and Bible agree, I am freaked.

And they sang a new song before the throne and before the four living creatures and the elders. No one could learn the song except the 144,000 who had been redeemed from the earth.


These are those who did not defile themselves with women, for they remained virgins.

They follow the Lamb wherever he goes. They were purchased from among mankind and offered as firstfruits to God and the Lamb.

So only virgins would survive the Apocalypse, they used no other word. It’s a very specific, medical word. Also, virginity does* apply to males. Unless you’re implying it’s all lesbians.

The commentary is full of cope, surely GOD couldn’t mean the totally pure? Well, yes. It’s the one word meaning that thing. And lambs must be innocent of all blame and sin. Who else would God take? The way is narrow.


παρθένοι (parthenoi)

Strong’s 3933: Of unknown origin; a maiden; by implication, an unmarried daughter.

So either all maidens or we’ll throw in male virgins due to noun gender. Yes, incels survive the Apocalypse. Shocking twist. If the whole Biblical use of virgin actually referred primarily* by linguistics (etymology) to male virginity, history has been covering this up to tempt them. No wonder so few remain. Biblical usage predates all our records. You cannot post-date a pre-date term. The Biblical use is the winning one. Is it unclear? No.


*Noun – Nominative Masculine Plural

so the French later on lied, quelle surprise

Meaning “young woman in a state of inviolate chastity” is recorded from c. 1300. Also applied since early 14c. to a chaste man. Meaning “naive or inexperienced person” is attested from 1953. The adjective is recorded from 1550s in the literal sense; figurative sense of “pure, untainted” is attested from c. 1300. The Virgin Islands were named (in Spanish) by Columbus for St. Ursula and her 11,000 martyred virgin companions.

Virgin, a word of unknown origin.

Yep, definite cover-up. I find it extremely suspicious the commentary lot are just swallowing what a bunch of woman cult pagans said the word means. When the Bible directly contradicts this. Numerous examples abound, clearly a medical meaning is intended, see uses here:


2. “a man who has abstained from all uncleanness and whoredom attendant on idolatry, and so has kept his chastity”: Revelation 14:4, where see DeWette. In ecclesiastical writings one who has never had commerce with women; so of Joseph, in Fabricius, Cod. pseudepigr. Vet. Test. ii., pp. 92, 98; of Abel and Melchizedek, in Suidas (10 a. and 2450 b.); especially of the apostle John, as in Nonnus, metaphorically, ev. Joann. 19, 140 (John 19:26), ἠνίδε παρθένον

So only virgins survive the Apocalypse. If you believe the BIBLE.

This implies a sexual transmission to spike proteins, if we’re assuming this is It.

Aw, shit.

One response to “Prequel to I am Legend

  1. Um, no. The 144,000 are all martyrs. That’s what robes washed in blood means. It’s 12,000 from each tribe, and 12,000 from both of the half-tribes of Joseph. Dan kind of got lost and there won’t be 12,000 of them found worthy.

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