Deja two, Vox

Edit: as you can see, I was in a bad mood when I wrote this. Is it still true? Yes. Yes it is. Posted because of

It’s nice to see that Vox is concealing his references …again. I know that’s my theory because I was the first one to write it.

It builds upon previous explanations of Satanism and Deep State theory. Why would you set up a DS, unless you needed it for an operation? Partially also based on the ‘They’re made of meat’ sci-fi short story. I neglected to cite it in case this exact thing happened. Would it kill you to be intellectually honest? This is why I seldom post anymore, what’s the point? What is the goddamn point?
I write that theory, first online to blend that particular batch of nightmare fuel, and FIVE DAYS LATER….
a comment at Unz. Sure. Like the BOE link I had to trawl through papers to find, for days. Okay. Why WERE you looking there because I have personal reasons?
And you wonder why women don’t bother. This is why women avoid your particular sphere of politics, you don’t care about accuracy, it’s all about ego and bravado. If you can’t signal and posture to fellow males, you don’t care so much for the truth. Purple pill at best. Women don’t give a shit about your American obsession with MENSA scores and it kills you, doesn’t it? We care about truth, fair credit (fairness, not equality) and would rather leave posturing and other chest-pounding at the door of civilization where it belongs. If you’re smart, have smart ideas. It isn’t that hard, surely?
I was basing it on a combination of occultists of my acquaintance and military contacts, all based in England, where the F did you pretend to get it? Just a fluke comment you happened to read, you can’t be serious?
I’m just officially holding back from now on, it’s too insulting. [edit: yep, pretty much, let em rot, muh superior male brains can do all the work then, I’ll be a useless little flower IF THEY REALLY WANT]
I was telling AC about international pedophiles before Trump was in office but sure, pretend the Epstein case was the first of it. I shouldn’t have bothered with Brexit. They’ll never listen. I turn my attentions now to France and other nations that are listening to me. At least they seem grateful.

Correction: it doesn’t work like bloody toxoplasma gondii, the world is a farm. It’s always been a farm, there are paintings from the Middle Ages including UFOs FFS. I’ve seen them, you’re full of it. The mass depopulation scheme is part of a Satanic ritual, a final slaughter to bring Mammon or Satan or whatever they believe in this week (an Antichrist) to fruition on this corporeal plane, their words. Apparently the plot of the Constantine film isn’t far off what they believe, if you ask discreetly. Different ending, obviously. The Wiccan stuff is about increasing the number of receivers channelling and attuning other-dimensional beings to this plane. The doorway stuff mentioned in Ghostbusters has the same idea. It’s similar to the Ninth Gate film in that certain things are permitted by God to fulfil prophecy, and I mentioned Ninth Gate before though.

Predictive programming. Try Mars Attacks and why would they choose that director? Of all of them?
Oh, I guess VD will find another ‘comment’ with that exact ‘theory’ in…. about a week.

SO HERE’S ANOTHER – a third one to chew your metaphysical teeth on, children!
This ties into everything I already said, spanning back years. Spiritual ties and such.
The Matrix is a lot more sensible if you consider us as SPIRITUAL batteries…. processors also works though, I guess. So-called aliens from another dimension (what was formerly called demonic because it intends to harm us with false light – called hellfire) wishes to parasite upon us and our pure light, each of us with a divine spark from God, the New Agers call it Christ spark and erroneously conflate us with God himself. That’s blasphemy. We are not the Holy Spirit, we channel it. We are god-designed mediums of holy light, like a tuning fork. Tesla was obsessed with this shit, you have no idea. HOLY Light aka The light that is whole. Think of God’s fibre optics. All natural laws have basis in this spiritual truth. We are, in matter (on earth), hard light bodies (I used this term before, it’s my term). Hardened, materially. I guess he’ll ‘come up’ with the light stuff too? Maybe give it a fortnight. He’ll pretend to have always known – [Edit: part of the reason I didn’t post this explanation immediately, it’s been over a month now and he’s oblivious, as expected.] I’ve mentioned it in passing as a concept before due to the prompting of a related topic by TA without the full context to see if anyone used it or passed it off before I adequately explained. Little runt.
Talking about it? Fine. Please do. Misattribution? Really? …Again?
He doesn’t even link to the comment, for us to go and ask the poster. Could it be… him? or Option B, imaginary?

I cite even my enemies’ work, this is patently absurd.
Comment #6 is funny because he believes in c. Tesla was quoted talking about so-called light speed. If they lied about everything else, why not Einstein? 8 Signature theory is closer to reality. NO DNA is junk.

“Don’t you realise that your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives within you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself” – 1 Corinthians 6:19. The limits of reality are deity.

Here’s something for Vox to rip off once more in gamma delusions of Secret King mouthing the words of greater minds:
It could theoretically be done that God signed us, by Zipf’s law-
but I’ve found no paper on it.
“Simon Shepherd, who lectures in cryptography and computer security at the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom, took an approach, that was based on his line of work. He looked on the junk DNA, as just another secret code to be broken. He analysed it, and he now reckons that one probable function of introns, is that they are some sort of error correction code – to fix up the occasional mistakes that happen as the DNA replicates itself. But even if he’s right, introns could have lots of other uses.” (coughs reverse transcriptase)

Meanwhile, nothing to see here
I wonder when the boards will pick up this one?
If you wanted to find the so-called Elite families, I’d start there?
“The study found that over 90 per cent of the ancestry of modern-day people from Lebanon was derived from the Canaanites.”
Next they’ll tell us rhesus factor is bloody alien. This year is insane.

“Alan Cooper of the Australian Centre for Ancient DNA said the study was hard evidence that God’s biblical command, as described in the Book of Deuteronomy, to “totally destroy” the Canaanites, was not carried out.

And, in fact the finding reflects other parts of the Bible that discuss the Israelites’ failure to follow the command and wipe out the Canaanites.”

Failure – or plot? There’s a reason God keeps punishing them.
“”They were all over the Mediterranean but we couldn’t find any skeletons to gather their DNA from, and there didn’t seem to be any natural cultural descendants.” Are you sure?
Ma’am, are you lost? Try America. Before that, France.

Post over, go home kid.

p.s. AC is more decent, however. A funny way to be described in reply recently – “I think you head on the spectrum toward psychopathy, even getting a little disorganized, and with that comes a level of not giving a fuck which is nearly immeasurable”. This is more accurate than most of my family, wtf. So I’m game for criticism, just be reasonable and sincere. I have been medically tested in various things but nothing MK Ultra, to my knowledge. I know I am mathematically unusual. It seems to be a super high IQ thing, those special tests nobody talks about. Those things are so dull. Still not a psychopath, actually tested as an empath, but text lacks context, I know. But I can predict psychos. My amygdala is only triggered by people perverting my truth nowadays, that and paper K-types. Deceivers dilute the message and lead people down a dark path. If I weren’t a Christian, I’d be of a mind to have (a certain someone) deported, I have posted about EU comings and goings in Brussels before. But I’m not the vengeful type. If people say they want the truth, I want them to properly cite it and if they take the time to deliver it to your open hand, politely let other people decide if they think it’s BS for themselves, rather than the censorious tactics of the Enemy of man. I’ve been called Satan by SJWs, do you know how hard I worked to earn that title? Not online, mind, but in person. Being ignored by men who complain they want more feminine involvement and technical contribution is infuriating, because it’s deliberate and opposed to their claims to desire group/kin loyalty. If even a scant few people listened to me, most of this chaos could’ve been averted. I warned everyone about China. I mentioned a government white paper about pandemic warning, and recently, another gov paper about the Third Wave fakery they’ll try to play.
Instead, they chose to indulge in status games. This is literally irrelevant to the mathematical majority of the species, let alone our futures. The PUA invasion of rhetoric has ruined debate to a great degree, since everybody’s started focusing on trying to be an alpha, defining it exactly the way Hollywood/SJW inversion decrees: an atomised, sterile seducer with no remorse or group loyalty. You can’t get a word in edge ways without being called a ‘beta cuck’, ‘soyboy’ or a litany of other derailment tactics (most amusing is ‘special boy’, this all looks silly and like futile hissyfits to women*) throwing Gen Z away from the topic and I suspect shills are doing this on purpose. We mustn’t let them. It queers the pitch!
*re-arranging deck chairs while the demographic Titanic sinks. They continue to celebrate the death of marriage/family units just like the SJWs. After all the apathy, maybe the West deserves death? I want to take my money and run. I’m at that stage. Let the inmates run the asylum, kings of trash mountain. It’s like herding cats.

degeneracy* They actively hate their existence and try to sabotage it, from STDs to silly politics.

Aliens are superior to us propaganda, expect to see more. Also, you need to abandon God and especially Jesus to be part of the techno-revolution. It upsets them for some strange reason… looking like a duck and quacking doesn’t make a duck, apparently.

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