Are Eco Marxists a legitimate government?

Nobody voted for the Marxists of SAGE to control the country and the Tories aren’t being conservative. The trials must continue until 2023, which means lockdown for emergency powers until 2023. This is anti-human. If the Anglo Saxon plan is true, nuclear war imminent. If there are white hats in the Western military, I don’t see how they could prevent it. Switching over from pandemic narrative to war would be tricky however. They sold multiculturalism on being peaceful. We need Trump back, I can’t think of anything else. If Supreme Court could overturn the election fraud this year, nothing less would work. Then again, if UK has the system go live for “vax”ID, wouldn’t Americans have to comply to visit for work? Tricky. But yes next lockdown is permanent, the holiday morons don’t see it coming. Medical martial law, full out. No Christmas. Signs you live under a tyranny.

I wonder what the real ModRNA numbers are, and broken by race, religion etc.

If over 80% of adults had it, that’s well over herd immunity they claimed, and America is aiming for 70%. Natural i.e. real immunity was in April. Maybe it’s to rush the NHS passport system in but I sense something else. Dunno what.

One response to “Are Eco Marxists a legitimate government?

  1. What marxists? Eco-marxist is an oxymoron. Marx believed the world should be used up, then new places found to use up, as well. Hitler claimed the earth is man’s only god, and made that law. The Green movement was integral to Nazism, he said. That makes eco-marxists eco-nazis.

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