It doesn’t stop transmission

Speaking to TV channel Russia 24, the head of the Russia Orthodox Church’s Department for External Church Relations, Metropolitan Hilarion, explained that his parishioners regularly repent to him for not being vaccinated. They feel guilty because they passed the virus on to someone else who eventually died, he claimed.


That happened.

If they felt that way, they’d speak out in public themselves, Pharisee.

Nowhere in the Bible does it say humans need feel guilty for germs. God controls germs. They could also catch them from the jabbed and fomites.

“The sin is thinking about yourself instead of thinking about other people,” the metropolitan said. “We are responsible – each of us – not only for ourselves and not only for our loved ones, but also for all those who come into contact with us.”

No, that’s Marxism. He who will not work, shall not eat – determines personal responsibility.
It’s also Satanism. I am not responsible for your sins. You’re not for mine. Jesus died for all sins. Do you deny Jesus?
To be as a God includes feeling you control life and death. This is rank pride. The jab does NOT stop transmission that’s impossible. Your lungs don’t hoover it up for people like an air purifier.

In recent months, the Church has been more vocal about its support for the government’s vaccination program. Metropolitan Hilarion has regularly spoken on TV about the need to follow the rules and take precautions to avoid infection. In June, the cleric revealed his “positive attitude” towards the government initiative to impose compulsory vaccination on those working in the service sector.

You fear Government, not God. You are no Christian.

Matthew 6:34
John 14:27
Matthew 6:27

“Of course, it is desirable to observe the principle of voluntariness in relation to vaccinations – the principle that was stated from the very beginning,” he explained. 

“But there is also the principle of people’s responsibility for the lives of other people.”

Are you responsible for the damage by jabs you encouraged? Criminally? Financially? No?

Is Jesus responsible for the sins of Satan? Don’t be ridiculous. Duty of care is a choice to take on professionally, personally it has never existed.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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