“Reduced lifespan” from ‘covid’ modRNA jabs


Evidence suggests people who have received the COVID “vaccine” may have a reduced lifespan as a result of the acute, subacute and long-term effects from the COVID injection

The fact that they all couldn’t make a report, that raises my eyebrows. What percentage of the information are we actually seeing? The answer is, I estimate, there are already around 200,000 dead Americans, directly related to the vaccinations.”

To get to that number, Zelenko assumes only 10%5 of adverse effects are reported. Studies have indicated it could be as low as 1%.6,7 That gives us a death toll of about 60,000, to which he adds another 140,000 given the fact that reports are being scrubbed and refused.

“The point is that it should definitely raise eyebrows and have the public start screaming and saying, ‘We want to know the truth. We want to know the accurate numbers. Stop suppressing the truth … I want to be able to make an informed choice whether or not I want to take this injection.’ And that’s not being given to the people.

My problem is not with the vaccine. My problem is with the government, governing bodies and certain people that are obstructing the flow of life saving information and suppressing the truth from people, and then using coercion to force people to take this vaccine. That’s the nefarious part.

“my problem is not with the vaccine” why not shoot yourself in the other foot?

Safety is a positive claim which remains UNPROVEN especially since they REFUSE actively REFUSE to collect data about the null hypothesis (it doesn’t work, a best case scenario). That is the cult of scientism, not science. Science is a method of data collection and publication. They do neither.

No antibody studies on the jabbed.

So here you have a dual censorship where the positive, hopeful, life-saving information is being suppressed and the dangerous outcomes of the vaccination approach is being suppressed. It’s a perfect setup for genocide.”

They want as many lemmings near the cliff as possible.

The question is the deadline for the swing.

The subacute risk phase, which begins around three months’ post-injection, is exceedingly difficult to quantify. At bare minimum, it’s likely to last several months to a couple of years. The primary concern now is antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE), also referred to as pathogenic priming and/or paradoxical immune enhancement (PIE) as it more accurately describes the disease mechanism.

Zelenko believes the mRNA will have degraded by this time, and your cells will hopefully no longer produce spike protein. I believe he may be overly optimistic here, as the synthetic mRNA has been genetically modified to be less perishable, plus it’s encased in a nanolipid to resist breakdown.

AGAIN a limit to the spike protein production NOR the shedding cessation is a POSITIVE claim and must be PROVEN with evidence. You cannot just ‘wing’ it ffs. A limit is quantification and is quantifiable, you cannot just guess.

“several months to a couple of years” oof that’s quite a fucking range there boyo

what of fertility problems in men and women? y no studies on sperm counts before/after?

We KNOW it alters your genome because it admitted this. RNA is part of your genome.

I suspect this modified mRNA may remain viable far longer than anyone suspects, thanks to its synthetic nature. What’s more, there’s a mechanism by which the mRNA can be reverse transcribed into your DNA, which would make the spike protein production permanent — and probably intergenerational. I describe this process in “The Many Ways in Which COVID Vaccines May Harm Your Health.”

Oh look, famous people parroting me again.

Still, nobody listens.

The reverse transcriptase* can be added later. It isn’t especially rare.

I said it’s likely permanent and not one person who challenged me (they wouldn’t do that! incredulity) has posted scientific evidence to the contrary. PROVE a limit or it doesn’t exist.

Rumour is any children born to the mutants will be themselves sterile.

This is possible since germline studies have NOT been conducted. There was evidence in the ‘covid’ male sterility study that spike proteins are sufficient to kill either the man’s fertility or get into the fertilised egg.

Little mentioned: what if the antibodies to shed SPs are different? And those cause more of certain effects e.g. fertility? Does it depend who is shedding it? Genetic relative? Same sex person? Nobody knows.

Again, nobody can prove they’re the same SPs (they’re not, they admit – synthetic and lipid layers) nor the same reaction to them, because nobody has bothered to study and prove they’re the same. ya know, science?

If Zelenko is correct, then the primary disease agent now switches from the spike protein to the antibodies produced in response to the spike protein. We don’t know how long these antibodies will last, but chances are they’ll stick around for a number of months or years.

People with ‘Spanish Flu’ had antibodies after a CENTURY.



The 1918 influenza virus was the most devastating infections of recent history and killed anywhere from 20 to 100 million people in the space of two years. Ironically, it seems that the virus killed via the immune system of those infected. It caused immune cells to unleash a torrent of signalling chemicals – cytokines – that recruited other immune cells to the fray. These too started signalling and the resulting “cytokine storm” rages out of control.

The results indicate that B-cells that respond to infections endure for the lifetime of their host, even if that lifetime spans the best part of a century. The fact that these antibodies reacted strongly to the 1918 flu and not to later generations suggests they were the same defences that were stimulated some 90 years ago. However, Yu and Tsibane say it’s likely that infections with related viruses in the intervening years helped to sustain the population of targeted B-cells.

They are already hinting at this: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-9733211/Pfizer-Moderna-COVID-19-vaccines-provide-protection-against-virus-years-study-finds.html#comments

Could be technically true. It keeps you alive but barely living. Pod people.

Nothing about sexual transmission, really?

Back to Mercola:

While antibody production is the primary purpose of these shots, and the response said to provide you an immune benefit, they can actually be the source of problems.

“Animal trials in which conventional coronavirus vaccines were tested have shown coronavirus vaccines routinely cause ADE,8,9,10,11,12 so when the animals are challenged with the real virus they’ve been immunized against, they can get seriously ill and even die. If hospitals start filling up with vaccinated individuals this fall, you’ll know why. They’re suffering the effects of ADE.”

even die

did you know things can even die?

the more you know

now you know

even die

If? IF? They already are here. The mutants will never blame themselves for signing up for the experiment.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if the ‘jab’ transpired to actually protect one against ‘covid’ wu flu but made the common cold lethal? They are related. Very Bedazzled logic.

I mean TECHNICALLY the experiment worked?

“In other words, those antibodies that were produced with the vaccination were pathologic,” Zelenko says. “They were lethal and they led to an exaggerated immune response. That’s what it means, antibody-dependent enhancement. It’s an enhancement of your immune response in a way that it will kill you …

Iatrogenic? I believe that is the word you seek, fren.

Caused by the medical intervention of modRNA ‘vaccination’.

Iatrogenic viral over-immunity death.


resulting from the activity of a health care provider or institution; said of any adverse condition in a patient resulting from treatment by a physician, nurse, or allied health professional.

NHS counts. They paid and pushed the trial, whether or not they got dopey ‘volunteers’ to administer it.

The question is, how safe is it long-term, or in the subacute [phase] from three months to three years? That is a big question mark. Based on animal models — and this is what Dr. Mike Yeadon is saying — it could be absolutely genocidal. It’s the biggest gamble on the survival of humanity in the history of humanity.”

Zero evidence against.

“However, as a counter to this view, Dr. Peter McCullough, who is in complete agreement with the engineering of this event and it being one of the most egregious crimes against humanity, is not convinced that there will be a massive die-off in the fall.”

Doesn’t have to be. Any reduction in lifespan, even losing a solid decade would suffice. In my basic halving remainder lifespan model, we wouldn’t know for at least a decade. And each subsequent dosage probably reduces it further.

They make a classic error, can you spot it?

“Beyond the two-to three-year mark are the long-term risks, which are even more difficult to predict. One particularly difficult risk to predict or quantify is infertility. It’ll take decades before we have the data on reproductive effects. Women in their 20s who get the jab might not get serious about trying to get pregnant until they’re in their 30s.”

To remove the gun threat, you remove the bullets. Look at male sterility data from ‘wild’ covid studies. I posted about it, you could’ve conducted one lit search. ONE.

Sperm can be studied in an afternoon. Idjits. They want it in military age MEN and at COLLEGE.

If women have few ill effects and men are all sterile, what then? NOBODY mentions this.

Of all the times we need the MRAs to actually demand REAL protections for men and boys… crickets. Controlled ops confirmed.

Teens and young children will have to wait decades before fertility can be ascertained. Of course, by then, it’ll be too late. The damage will be done, and hundreds of millions will be in the same boat.

Almost like we need over a decade of safety data for any chemical bullshit?

Zelenko cites research published in The New England Journal of Medicine, which concluded COVID vaccination during pregnancy had no increased risk of miscarriage. However, a closer look at the data set revealed that this was only true for women who got vaccinated during their third trimester. Women who get the COVID jab in their first and second trimester have a 24-fold higher risk of miscarriage.


There are also reports of declining sperm counts and testicular swelling in men, and menstrual cycle disruptions in women of all ages. “There is an absolute effect on fertility,” Zelenko says. We just don’t know to what degree yet.




reports are not studies

I have been looking. I have been asking. I have found nothing. Yet. HOW. HOW HAS NOBODY CHECKED.

It’s ironic black women are refusing to get this while still whoring around. STDs cause infertility too, but you don’t seem to mind that? So there is literally no racial group of women who aren’t going to have fertility problems in the future.

We’re just artificially equalising the results between races with this trial.

Now, what is going to be the death rate from global vaccination? That is going to be several orders of magnitude greater. And it actually depends how far out you look. Because if someone’s meant to live 80 years and they live 60 years, how do you quantify that? …

Iatrogenic death. How do I know this and you don’t? State sponsored genocide, like T4.

We’re talking about 1.5 to 2 billion people [dying] for no reason, except the agendas of a few psychopaths or sociopaths. Why do I say that? It’s because there have been people advocating for population reduction for decades. I just saw a video from [U.K. prime minister] Boris Johnson’s father … advocating for the reduction of England’s population to 15 million …

They aren’t white, only white passing, so did he mean native population or his?

To the depopulation fanatics, we only say YOU FIRST.

Another scary individual is Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum. He’s very influential. He wrote the book ‘COVID-19 The Great Reset.’ In 2016, in a French interview … Schwab made an announcement that within 10 years, all of humanity will be tagged with an identifier. If you look at the UN 2030 plan, which was crafted by the World Economic Forum, it says ‘America will no longer be a superpower.’

Tagged for the body bag, yes.

Earth is a farm.

Zelenko, a devout Jew, believes the root of this global takeover is really a war against God. The implication is that life has sanctity, and if life has sanctity, we have human rights, “earned” by our birth alone. This is the source of natural law. And, if we have human rights, handed down by God, then no one has the right to decide how long any one of us should live, or how many people there should be on the planet.

So he really is that dumb? Just promoted for diversity? Ah.

I’d happily feed him talking points if he pays me.

Natural law is under English common law. Only the native English may lay claim to it.

“That’s God’s prerogative,” Zelenko says. “However, if you take that out and view people as no different than an animal, a Darwinist perspective or eugenics perspective, and basically survival of the fittest is the yardstick that you measure the dominance hierarchy of humanity, in that case, these people feel that they are on top of the pyramid, and that entitles them to decide if you and me should live …

Money has nothing to do with fitness. High value male is a cope from old Boomers with nothing to offer women but money. Fitness is GENETIC. No sane woman wants autism sperm.

Darwin said nothing about murdering people because natural selection is NATURAL, it by DEFINITION requires no ARTIFICIAL manmade intervention. It occurs in the natural environment. Manmade Intervention is anti-Darwin, read his books.

It is however Pure Malthus.

“This is especially important for anyone that has received the COVID jab as they are at a high risk of having complications and are under the false impression that they are “protected” when actually they are at increased risk now that they got the jab and need to take extraordinary precautions.”

It doesn’t even stop transmission. Pride goeth much?

“Any symptoms of upper respiratory infection should also be treated immediately, not later. COVID is a multi-phase disease. The first phase is the viral phase, which lasts five to seven days. This is when it’s most easily treated. After Day 7, the disease typically progresses into the inflammatory phase, which requires different treatment.”

Apparently fasting helps remove SPs.

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