Did you mean: MGTOW memes?

The anti-natal SJW disapproves of anti-natal memes when straights are making them, because THAT’s sad and pathetic. Hey, you guys make it cool to shit on marriage, after half a century of propaganda and now you’re wondering why it’s more contagious than coof at a pozz party? Or is seeing the divorce rate, especially among the re-married, now a hate crime? I don’t mind the anti-marriage memes, but many are quite… lonely, from a lonely place it seems. If you alienate enough lonely bachelor men, you get problems like in India and traditionally that doesn’t end well for The Gays.

I heard homo Boomer men complain that SJWs are ruining their fun because many have foregone having kids, who would’ve been r-select enough to be gay and yep, seems that way. Successive generations have fewer lifelong gays. In a generation or two, ‘gay culture’ may no longer exist. They could’ve voted their way out of existence. Then by the time women can piss on a stick to find out their kids’ sexuality (it’s in utero hormonal, it’s coming!) then I wonder if the Left will be so strong on the PRO-CHOICE side. Somehow I doubt it.

Homofatalism is statistically more likely, to result in death. Heterofatalism only properly exists in bachelor men, mostly Boomer. Note how the SJW evades the valid concerns of some young men who don’t know how to read data properly (divorce is way lower for first marriage, especially if both parties are religious). SJWs are intrasexual aggressors, so must attack straight women but all the memes are clearly made by men, for men.

Of all ‘straight women’ of the ‘men ain’t shit’ crowd, they’re basically all black, and rejecting degenerate culture. Go ahead, turn the blacks of America back to the church! See what happens! Threaten us with a good time!

I think heteropessimism is a good term we can co-opt, it describes the pervasive distrust of Marxist death cults and the sense something went horribly wrong around the time of the Sexual Revolution, in addition to the economic burdens on family formation imposed by globalisation and multiculturalism. I’d distinguish this from heteronihilism, which is every MGTOW cope ever. We get it, you -personally- never want to marry. It’s like the sad atheist memes. If you were really secure in your decision, you wouldn’t need to pretend nobody can ever be happy that way. The happiness of other people shouldn’t take away from your lifestyle choice, to the extent you envy them and deny the happiness is real.

Especially against all social science, the pretty tough stuff to fake like lifespan.

I sense enough of the tide is turning in men of all races (PUA mostly picks up non-whites) that they sense they’re losing votes, so blame white women for the cultural shift (why would women make memes against the thing most of us most want?) before finally squaring it on immigrant men hating the Western construct of postmodern dating. Which SJWs and The Gays made.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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