Diversity is our weakness

Trust the diversity hires to blow it for us.
Maybe they were paid. I knew as soon as they stepped up, we were fucked. It should be a rule that the players must be at least 50% ethnic natives, but then Australia is doomed. Ya gotta earn the shirt.
I could’ve made those penalties. My grandmother could. I’m pretty sure a monkey in a fez could. Southgate wanted foreigners to be Man of the Match and it shows. Shovel coal, lose the goal. So the Romans took London – again. By all means, I’d rather Roman rule (again) than United Kangdom.

Marxist methods, Marxist results.

It was obvious what they were playing at when they banned the coming home song.

They’ve been removing the George cross from Magic Shirts, notice? It’s literally the flag. But we’re supposed to believe Africans wearing a white flag of surrender shirt are magically Anglos. Muh Magic Shirt.

This will all backfire massively because footie especially is a replacement to the church (communal gathering) and sports are a healthy outlet of patriotism. Take that away with entryism and ….well… look at history.

Goalie had magic hands.

re gameplay, their players kept grabbing at ours, especially the giant who at one point pulled a player’s arms behind him in a stress position (a form of torture) but the ref refused to notice…. and all the diving the Italians tried to do, including one chap who dived, then got up to dive again because he timed it a little too early, at least the ref didn’t cave on that one. English football is considered boring by South Europeans but speaking as someone who used to play it, before my hips grew in, it’s harder to even stay upright on muddy ground when you’re sliding around like a WW1 trench. Your centre of gravity is necessary. If you challenged me to hire the best football team on the understanding none could be footballers, I’d hire 100% gymnasts and play on muddy terrain, the real man’s game. That’s why we held so much ground for so long, their sliding and diving techniques didn’t work on muddy ground (causing them to need to grapple our players like a dirty wrestling match) and it was ‘pissing it down’ with rain. They don’t train for real football on tough terrain. The gay little run-ups didn’t help either, less flounce, more bounce. Southgate should be sacked, for more choking than a Roosh V article.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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