Take the knee or STFU, Dick

Cultural Marxism is the most anti-English thing going, the reason people hate your brother isn’t the bird, it’s the signalling sermons. Why do you think people refuse to attend PC churches? Speaking of holding people accountable for noticing shitacular diversity hires being incompetent at representing us, since you want to represent anti-white causes, when are you stepping down for the brown ones, taking the knee and your family returning all the shit they took from Africa for years? No? You keep the family ivory? You keep the gold and diamonds? Wanker.

I used to be one of the biggest monarchists going but if they’re all Marxist, we’re done with them.

Prince Dick needs to remember his only authority is based on Church principles, it’s divine right of kings, not secular right of kangs and their lackeys.

You had one job, like a vestal virgin – NOT to fuck up. Guarding traditions is one thing, hard to prove, actively trying to destroy them another. Shut up and cut the ribbon or step down. Know your place, you actually are a public servant. Every royal who ever tried this shit died so… are you sure? Historically? Not looking good. Threatening the silent majority of subjects for having an opinion on a game (3/5 shit players does rig the match) is really dumb. Sports is meant to be an outlet so people ignore you, idiot. You don’t even fight personally in wars anymore, a face on a mop would do a better job if you’re picking up Marxist talking points.

This isn’t America and we’re very happy about that. Leave the American Boomerisms to Boomers. They wanted a multicultural Empire and now it’s dying. We fix our displeasure with royalty very differently to voting out a politician.

Image sauce is Charles I’s execution.

If we wanted Marxism, that would be a Republic and you’d need a real job.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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