Coronavirus infecting cell patent

Guess the year

“A helper cell for producing an infectious, replication defective, coronavirus (or more generally nidovirus) particle cell comprises (a) a nidovirus permissive cell; (b) a nidovirus replicon RNA comprising the nidovirus packaging signal and a heterologous RNA sequence, wherein the replicon RNA further lacks a sequence encoding at least one nidovirus structural protein; and (c) at least one separate helper RNA encoding the at least one structural protein absent from the replicon RNA, the helper RNA(s) lacking the nidovirus packaging signal. The combined expression of the replicon RNA and the helper RNA in the nidovirus permissive cell produces an assembled nidovirus particle which comprises the heterologous RNA sequence, is able to infect a cell,”


not a bioweapon?

If it’s intended to be a slow kill with immune over-reaction, I’d then target the water supply, personally. Blame an act of war when it’s Mason depopulation, a la Guidestones. Whether you live or not is God’s decision, God made our lifespan intended to be 120 years a la Bible, so naturally anyone misotheist wants to reduce that, ideally to zero (or with abortion, negative).

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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