They’re lying about uptake

I wish we were more like the French, what with their protests. But it betrays the lie. Isn’t it illegal to lie about uptake numbers? Since it’s public data. In this country, most events aren’t large anyway, so the hotels will continue to lose money, as will the airlines and the stadiums. If you comply with tyranny, you deserve it. Just following orders won’t fly.

I already linked to a gov paper about the Third Wave, real or not it will be used to shame blasphemers, sorry, unbelievers in the RNA technology. They know making it mandatory would expose the dictatorship too early to prevent rebellion. Coercion, as in the book Nudge, read by the UK government as a strategy guide.

“There have of course been numerous insinuations over the past six months that a true return to normality isn’t in the offing anytime soon. For example, in explaining the postponement of “freedom day” in June, Prime Minister Boris Johnson suggested the UK could be in for a “rough winter for all sorts of reasons,” as there might be “some new diseases, some new horror that we simply haven’t budgeted or accounted for” on the horizon as yet unforeseen.”

Side effects blamed on everything but the Occam’s Razor of the ‘Jab’.

If you haven’t accounted for it, you couldn’t warn us. They mean cytokine storms from ADE. Plus the mutations inside the asymptomatic jabbed. Asymptomatic normal people is impossible since symptoms are a sign of immune response, which jabs repress. Yeadon has mentioned this.

You can’t call on the homogeneity of patriotism or in-group duty under multiculturalism. Doing the Right Thing doesn’t exist anymore, you wanted us atomised and independent. Congrats?

“Still, black-and-white confirmation that whatever freedom is achieved on July 19 will be short-lived, and subject to change further down the road, can only be considered a perturbing disappointment. Even more disquieting, though, is the section of the document relating to the NHS COVID Pass, or “vaccine passport.”

It states Whitehall will be “encouraging and supporting businesses and large events” to use the Pass in “high-risk settings” to “help to limit the risk of infection.”

Stop people from buying food and drink, see what happens.

Not everyone has a smartphone either, you know. Helping limit infections is impossible. This is a con. Walk around in a hamster ball if YOU choose.

The rule of Paris under Hitler was superior in civil liberties to rule under Macron.

“The government will work with organisations that operate large, crowded settings where people are likely to be in close proximity to others outside their household to encourage the use of the NHS Covid Pass,” the passage continues. “If sufficient measures are not taken to limit infection, the government will consider mandating the NHS Covid Pass in certain venues at a later date.”

Encourage – intimidate. Threaten. Force.

You can’t limit viral spread, the modRNA doesn’t even do that!

People just won’t go. Already fast food places are demanding it. People just aren’t going.

Certain venues – that will go out of business. Even the biggest busybodies will get sick of this, especially with endless boosters provoking obscure ‘horrors’ like rare nerve disease and heart thrombosis or brain bleed. They’ll blame this mutant disease on non-mutants, to convert more into the poison barrel.

No control group, no Nuremberg.

No proof.

The crabs in a bucket is predictable, with smart relatives being verbally abused by people who claim to be safe. Emotional abuse is especially low. Do you want nanna to die? I think their smoking makes that more likely.

It was only in May that citizens were told in no uncertain terms there was “no chance” UK laws would be changed to mandate the use of vaccine passports, with plans to that effect having been unambiguously scrapped. This new protocol could, however, make vaccine passports a fait accompli, achieved via the backdoor, with culpability for the volte face deposited squarely on the shoulders of businesses and large events” and their patrons for not responsibly taking “sufficient measures” to “limit infection.”

Victim blaming.

Businesses must class action lawsuit this bullshit. YOU HAVE UNIONS. People will refuse to go and the economy will tank.

Corporatism is fascism. Cooperation of companies with government against basic freedoms and civil liberties is a huge legal breach. We could technically sue every company who goes along with this. There is no such thing as anonymous data.

“A similar carrot-and-stick approach was evident in an announcement made by French President Emmanuel Macron the same day Javid spoke of a “one-way journey.” He outlined how, as of August, anyone over the age of 12 entering a café, cinema, cultural centre, hospital, museum, restaurant, theatre, theme park, or train in France will need to possess a special Covid health pass. Perversely, Macron was also keen to stress that “vaccination is not immediately obligatory for everyone.”

Hey, France wanted socialism.

False imprisonment and blackmail on a mass scale.

“Essentially, no one’s forcing you to get vaccinated – it’s just that most spheres of daily life and activities, both indoor and out, will be entirely off limits until you do. The Catch-22 situation the UK government is subtly contriving in order to impose vaccines, and vaccine passports, on the public seems particularly insidious, given official data indicates that 87% of England’s population aged 18 and over have received their first vaccination, without the clear threat of not being able to enjoy drinks with friends in a pub, among other mundane exploits, hanging over them.”

Out of those, cinemas will lose out most. Medical segregation will produce unrest. Weirdly, no Marxist protests led to spikes in cases….. huh……

Official data clearly lies.

People are having gatherings at home, as they always did. If you wanna kill your economy, that’s how.

The morons who took any ‘dose’ of the experimental sauce are now slowly realising it will be neverending, with no limits on how they can get guinea pigged. It’s like Russian Roulette, EVENTUALLY you’ll get serious side effects. Imagine turning up to the afterlife and they say they did it to go to a pub for two hours. Some think they can refuse now, and will refuse third, fourth etc. But the gov will simply discount your prior ‘jabs’ because ultimately, they never did anything anyway. They never worked. Nothing stops transmission.

Does the jab protect the jabbed or not? Death rates say not. So no need to get it personally. Just like we don’t vote for our neighbour’s best interest, we take medical decisions for OUR body, not some hypothetical.

“Moreover, the experience of Israel shows that vaccine certificates quickly become redundant – in fact, it was just three months after Tel Aviv made a “green pass” mandatory for accessing indoor spaces that they were scrapped. After all, as the policy had served as such a stirring incentive to get vaccinated, all Israeli adults had received both doses by April, meaning there was no need to inspect anyone’s pass.”

If you believe that…. you’ll believe anything.

A government gave up total control over the People. For no reason. Ok. /thathappened

V for Vendetta and 1984.

People who got jab damage aren’t covered by the NHS for their treatments. That’s what experimental means. I can’t afford a pricey health condition, can you?

“The UK has a proud history of opposition to identity systems and personal checks. COVID-status certificates would turn the UK into a twotier, checkpoint society and mark a serious break from our long-guarded democratic traditions, of which respect for privacy is key,” Big Brother Watch warned. “The combination of apps with sensitive health data and the subversion of everyday businesses and events into checkpoints could constitute the biggest expansion of surveillance ever seen in the UK.”

They have to identify who to shoot so yes we oppose ID cards. Like numbered tattoos only digital.

Privacy? Basic liberty. Slaves must ask masters for permission to go somewhere.

The government is enslaving you by asking for check-ins, like an abusive spouse.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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