Those symptoms look familiar

Beriberi has two general types: nerve disease (all nerve issues look alike) and heart or vascular (including brain) problems but the brain would intersect with both sets of symptoms as apex of the CNS.

Critical and characteristic between the lists is inflammation, including heart inflammation and enlargement.

If anyone knows those athletes with the modRNA damage reactions, I suggest you ask them to get thiamine (b1) INJECTIONS (highest, critical dose) and see if their symptoms improve within 24 hours, according to this.

Worth a try?

An injection giveth, an injection may taketh away.

The modRNA could fell you with a common cold by being a simple thiamine blocker. When missed out of infant formula, it causes death or crippling. I’d scan them with ECG before and after the thiamine injections, that would be impossible to ‘debunk’. You could be famous if it works. Athletes have a lot of money, including the Danish footballer who might never play again. All you need is one case study and publicise it to the hilt.

If it is a thiamine blocker, by ‘accident’, we can call depop motive. B1 is vital to life. They’d know at the autopsy stage of the animal models.

That and glutathione precursors (so the amino L Acetyl Cysteine). Might as well. No promises. This is immune boosting.

I assume there is a virus but it’s mostly harmless to most people. The Chinks are not that competent. Cytokine storm in a teacup. They want the jab damage and the biometric passes for CCP style utopia.

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