Why are they pushing a flu vaccine in JULY?

They must be panicked over something.


offered” voluntold

gently escorted to the showers

politely assisted onto the trains

Now, is this about Trumpkin possibly getting back in and putting a stop to the Papers Please Fourth Health Nazi regime? Or perhaps the rumours of the German court case against the entire experiment because the Germans need to avoid as much Nuremberging as possible?

What if the flu jabs they’re already going on about contain reverse transcriptase? That + “booster” = DNA encoding.
Surely we can find one mad lad in the entire NHS to test any jab vials?

The first lot of modRNA ‘jab’ was a compliance/obedience test. Some were famously injected with saline.

And wouldn’t weakening their immune system with spikes make them more likely to die from the flu virus? Injecting them with it is practically a lethal injection if you also just immunocompromised them. And what’s to stop the flu mutating and merging with corona chan? Is that the intention? It’s like they want it more dangerous.

Reminder: flu deaths are higher than Corona Chan. So to prevent something less fatal… inject something more?

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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