Generational terrorism

This coercion is almost Biblical. Clearly their authority is illegitimate, because the duty of public servants is to protect the freedoms of the People. Talking of delaying the inevitable sounds eerie.

Stay calm, he’s trying to panic you into it. He loses emergency powers in October. He’ll try to extend it to extend the modRNA experiment. They know it’s unenforceable. This ‘warning’ is a bluff. Threats.

Notice they aim at the degenerate youth first? Foot in the door technique.

When will the Marxist unis announce? Or is this the de facto way of getting students to get it?

This is illegal. Discrimination is illegal. Medical segregation based on something with such high survivability is BS.


Any venue accepting this deserves to go out of business

Mandatory vaccines for entry to nightclubs and probably pubs soon too? Where is the law on this Boris? You can’t just decide on something and announce it. This is disgusting… I wanted you as PM when May was kicked out but this is as bad as I could imagine. Frankly it’s immoral. {tyranny, dictatorship}

I’ve have only ever heard government dodging the question of deaths with double vaccination. Still no figures given. Third time they have dodged it.

When are they going to discuss the thousands suffering from adverse reactions and fatalities from these vaccines ?

5 times more under 25s committed suicide during the lockdown than died of corphoneyvirus

Can your chief drugger explain how if you have two vaccines then how can you get covid again? {it never worked}

So the vaccine was supposed to end hospitalisation yet 60% of those in hospital are vaccinated? And they’re saying it is what should have happened?

You can tell they are getting desperate now.

What a terrible thing to do to young people, basically forcing them to take a vaccine that has almost no benefit to them and unknown risks, all for older and sick people. Boris has lost his metal. He cannot get voted back in. {I think you’ll find it’s aimed at young people, sterility studies suggest on men}

60% of people being admitted to hospital have been double jabbed? Did I hear that correctly? @ 15:17

I’ve had two jabs already. But I will boycott any business asking for the proof.

Guess I’m never going to a nightclub again then, they will also lose a lot of revenue.

“We want everyone to have their freedom, that’s why the vaccine is compulsory”

DS: more like, it works so well, (doesn’t, never stopped transmission) that everyone has to get it because herd immunity protects nobody, actually. 100% to protect 0.

So, basically, you’re blackmailing everyone to get jabbed to do anything

DS: Nazi France had more freedoms than you do right now.

Now it’s medical discrimination but this will only get worse. The WEF agenda is carried out perfectly. Soon we will have social credit systems and mandatory jabs.

DS: Historically fascist governments operated via companies. This is no different. Following orders crowd must be shunned. Otherwise you are the governments’ slaves, because they own your body.

This is getting ridiculous, we need MORE protests or non-compliance to show we won’t stand for this tyranny.

Hilarious isn’t it, all the youngsters have been getting excited about all the party’s getting announced after this so called freedom day only to get told on the day they need a double jab, blackmail at the highest degree. The sneaker f……s!


A (driver’s) licence is not a live virus injected inside tour body with no one fully aware of the long term impact.

A virus with a 0.0001% fatality rate, 0% among youngsters, with elites demanding you get double jabbed with a vaccine that neither prevents infection nor stops transmission and has caused more deaths than the virus IS a crazy request. its 100% blackmail. Maybe grow some hair and braincells before debating.

“I would remind everybody that some of life’s most important pleasures and opportunities are likely to be increasingly dependent of vaccination”. Just think on that statement a little. (30-31m)

Boris it’s not a protection. It’s still in trials so you simply cannot guarantee that that is the case. One million adverse reactions so far in UK

The majority of people I know have not and will not be having a vaccine. Marketing numbers.

Food for vaccines next Boris?

There are many people who have been double jabbed who wished they never now and they definitely won’t be getting a booster!

What Boris has done today is unthinkable . And threatening young people by giving them no choice and reminding them he can mandate vaccines?? Charming

DS: on what grounds? (he says at 5:50 minutes) “proof of a negative test will no longer be enough”

How is unvaccinated young people in a nightclub a threat? Young people don’t get ill or die of Covid and having the vaccine doesn’t stop transmission. Just come clean and say you’re an authoritarian dirtbag.

 Compulsory vaccination by it’s very nature threatens to bring more upheaval into society than the virus itself.

Prepare for big high court cases. Preventing entrance to night clubs on the basis of religious discrimination some believe it’s the mark of the beast

If my adult kids feel forced into having this and there are side effects then I know who to blame.

Nightclub owners, I hope you oppose this! {they don’t}

Its already been stated days ago by Club owners its not a practicle scheme both staff and time wise, to check every single inoculation certificate for those entering the premises.

And the Liverpool clubs experiment you said was ‘hugely successful’? And when you said the UK would not consider vax passports? Very significant that utilities and food supplies are mentioned.

How is this legal? Surely this is a breach of human rights? (yes)

Remember back at Christmas…..”once the vulnerable 70+ and 80+ are vaccinated then everything will go straight back to normal” here we have 70% of every adult in the entire country vaccinated and they are starting to actively CREATE a two tier society and stop people from living their lives…..:this is China, it’s already here, wether you believe it now or wait another year makes no difference…….it needs stopped. Mass unrest!!!!

2:26 then what’s the point in getting the jab

Vax ≠ Protection.

You won’t like this but sadly it’s true……every thing A H did in Germany was LAWFUL

It’s jab jab jab jab next the showers

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