Corona Cult

I find it funny they think anyone under 40 will answer a door.

While asking deceitful and intrusive questions is not technically illegal (although trespassing is), well, harassment, intimidation and such ARE certainly illegal. Take a photo of their ID. That should shit them up.

Still, nothing’s stopping you (legally) from lying either. Being tricksy has never been illegal, being cunning is practically mandatory under tyranny. It isn’t a court of law, it’s a consensual conversation and you’re not under oath. As they admit, they are not actually from the Government or Health Dept. Playing dumb and nice California girl works, think like the average Dem voter or women when approached by crazies. Always humour the crazy, we say. If you’re hostile to the Low IQ, they seek revenge. Women would respond to this better than men, as such. Playing dumb clicks into place as part of feminine wiles, evolved to keep us alive around sexual predators. Guile allows you to get away. Men are not accustomed to being harassed over the physical state of their bodies by creepy strangers. FFS, don’t open the door or just lie.

BTW most young people know that breaking a door is illegal but entering after a door is opened is practically not a crime, that’s one reason we (Gen Y/Z) don’t open doors randomly. We grew up on serial killer documentaries. It’s like the victims in a horror running to the danger.

Stick a random plaster on your bicep, who’s gonna question it? A sterilised push pin or sewing needle for the prick if you insist on being totally accurate.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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