Mark incoming, medical dictatorship building

I wonder what the Biblical time lag of the Mark is between OS and going live? Bear in mind, chip/dot will come after phone is normalised.

If people were dumb enough cunts to take the obedience test, they fucking deserve whatever they get. Act like goats, die like them. People who want to ruin my life should expect no sympathy when the gun backfires.
This is what you get for trusting the most diverse Cabinet of all time. Asian MPs, Asian corruption.

Do you need it to vote?

“don’t encourage use in essential settings like supermarkets”
I told ya so. Who’s crazy now?

Is it just churches, or synagogues and mosques too? Could sue on grounds of not applying the tyranny to everybody, to oppress everyone equally.
The genomic therapy contains aborted babies, a Christian cannot get it.
Run churches from your home, like in the olden days. Starve the Beast. Churches being worldly deserve to fail.

First, they restricted entry to nightclubs, and I didn’t speak out because I didn’t go to nightclubs.
Then, they applied it to sports matches, and I didn’t speak out because I didn’t go to sports matches.
Then, they applied it to public transport, and I didn’t speak out because I drove everywhere.
Then, they applied it to petrol stations and shops…. and it was too late to speak out.

This could be the thing that pushes people over the edge. We’ve been unreasonably tolerant of this takeover so far but if the government don’t get their tyrannical tendencies in check I think they’ll find themselves looking for a job

No they won’t, they’re spineless weaklings. The men of this country will do nothing and the police are so cowardly they preferentially beat women who attend protests.

From France, it was that way at the beginning. They promised us it’d only be for big events. Now there is a pass needed almost everywhere, starting August. Warning. It is coming

Foot in the door technique of manipulation.

I will never ever enter a place where I am forced to show my papers in order to enter. May as well pin that Star of David on ourselves and enter the ghetto now.

America and other places have built the camps.

I can actually see this happening for shops and supermarkets you know. This is getting f***ing terrifying. When are you waking up people because we REALLY need to now.

They can try to turn us in to obedient sheep like in China but it’s not going to work. I’m never having the jab and I’m never going to provide papers to live as a normal citizen.

I was going to get it. After having watched everything taking place – I cancelled my first appointment. I know others have done the same. We have been horrified by how sinister it all is.

The Devil must give you a warning but never a full warning. At some point, even the dumbest horses smell the glue.

The obedient always think of themselves as virtuous rather than cowardly. – Robert Anton Wilson

Why not just say you’re making it compulsory? You scared of a peasant revolt or something? We know for a fact you’re making it compulsory so why even try to be ambiguous about it.

I can tell you for a fact I know two people personally who have been double vaccinated and caught corona, yet every person I know who is not vaccinated, is perfectly fine. I get this could just be an anomaly but its gotta make you wonder right?

DS: seen lots of stories like that, it doesn’t do jack to prevent anything. This could be an IQ test.


I’m not sure about all of UK, but in Cardiff, Swansea and Bristol, huge “student flat blocks’ are being built in the city centres. I don’t think that they are for students personally.

Right? Rather take the hemlock than the mark

They seem to forget this needs to go through parliament first. You can’t just announce this restriction of liberty like this. Not covered by existing special measure.
DS: the most diverse Parliament of all time? You’re either free or a slave. No half measures. I think Boris is waiting on the extension of emergency (and trials) in October.

What does he mean “after a successful trial”? The jibjab is under trial until 2023.

Explain how having a vaccine pass makes things safer, when the vaccine doesn’t stop infection or transmission?

Do they send out the gold star or do I have to pay for it?

When your an introvert and these things don’t affect you…

DS: same
This looks to me like a Great Awakening. They never said the full process would be pleasant.
The gov-mandated chemical rape worryingly went ahead in the Florida Bill, as covered, though. So false flag possible, we’ll see how audits go.
I copy comments before they’re deleted.

2 possibilities here…
A) they will enforce covid passports…
B) it’s another false deadline aimed at coercing as many people as possible into getting death jabs.
DS: why not both?
They must be trying to find ways to strike down the laws against it, like Nuremberg.

We’re officially living in a dictatorship. You no longer have the right to decide what medical treatment you receive or what drugs or other substances are injected into your bodies.

Finally you understand my body, my choice? Pregnancy has a higher risk of death in America than the modRNA, so far. So FAR. Narcissists only have empathy for themselves. Until they are in a similar situation, it doesn’t matter and you should ‘toughen up’ like physical stress is a choice. And pregnancy can be forced against the person’s will too, that’s the r-select method of breeding. It’s almost like adults are sovereign in the property right of their own body – or slaves.

This would be a clear breach of our human rights Article 11: Freedom of assembly and association. Nowhere in this law does it stipulate conditions for association, including the mandatory introduction of substances into your body. Given the option I will choose to be vaccinated, but only on condition that I retain the right to choose not to, without it affecting my human rights.
DS: It’s biochemical rape. The second half of that comment is pathetic. God, take us all now. Get it over with. The egotistical rationalisations of weak men are too much.

Then it will be gyms,then restaurants, cinema,parks,shops,welcome to north korea
DS: how parks? Sun kills it and public money pays for them. It’s like being banned from your own garden (some people have been arrested for being in their front garden, apparently).

People with pass can still catch and pass on covid…so what is the point?

CONTROL. They can implement any new rules they want and you dance puppet, DANCE!

60/70% resurgence in cases is in the double vaccinated. GOV.UK.SPI-M-O document page 10 line 32..So the vax passports is for what exactly?
DS: those are hospitalisations. All detections in the BS testing would be higher.

All comments are being deleted from:

People are pissed. Note yellow and blue – no red for anger. Propaganda.

We might turn out to be more cowardly than the French. I could have predicted this based on the effete nagging gym bro types.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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