Predictive programming of proprietary ingredients

I’d wager HCG-beta given WHO funding the research since the EIGHTIES. I have posted about this.

Social distancing was a term used in a film too. I’d also look to the Keanu alien remake where the excuse for letting ‘aliens’ kill humans was The Planet. “Your planet?” The angels were here first.

Experiment is a very important legal term.
The modRNA use is here called ‘temporary’ by Parliament. This is true. They’ll replace it with something else. Platform then programme, remember. It’s like revving the engine on a car that doesn’t run, currently. Or Wiley Coyote crossing the cliff edge before looking down.

Until the experiment is over (2023 here) the debriefing of ingredient content needn’t occur, then there’s trade secrets. Immune from legal liability also applies to disclosures, especially on a flimsy pretext like national security during a war. They could deny it for YEARS and still refuse to admit the specific sterilising sauce, but I provided the proof of at least one prime candidate before they magically acknowledged the modRNA-zine’s existence.

Especially since you require HCG-beta at least once per annum to work, ideally every SIX MONTHS.
SOUND FAMILIAR? ‘muh antibodies only work for 5-6 months’ lies


It’s like the rat platform that disappears, dropping the rat into the water. They have no actual choice.

By the way, they ran tests in India. A place of low uptake.

If your socialist bitch credit score and IQ are high enough, you may be permitted to reproduce by IVF Gattaca-style. God-given rights become Satan-controlled mandates. IVF funds same-sex people at no extra costs by NHS, straights gotta pay.

You may not think they’re Satanists but they sure do act like them.

God: go forth and multiply.

Satan : kill babies and ….??? Profit.

God: here’s ten commandments etched on stone to forestall me killing you all.

Masons: hold my beer, pass the chisel and gimme a truck to Georgia.

btw Trump likely knows the lock is useless without the key and hopes to return before the key is introduced. According to the Plan. An OS with no programme is surplus. This is why military is important, they control the key.


Give us the ingredients in the vaccine. What do you have to hide? We should go force inject all the media and explain to them it is safe as they struggle screaming and kicking. Yea, I thought so!

I say inject them with ten doses at once, to be extra-safe! How could they object?

nb Gaslighting is still illegal when companies do it. The media also has a duty of care to provide accurate information or none at all.

Made in March.

No limit to shedding has been proven. Why not do the study?

14m “the exquisite capability of this vaccine to spread from person to person” ~ Doctor of Death Fauci

That’s why here, they’re suddenly telling us to stop using the masks…. this is why.

The Kingsman plot, basically. Where the maniac caused homicidal rage. It’s a known side effect in Prozac, fun fact. Autopsy paper for Covid Jab showed SPs on the brain, frontal lobe damage would cause zombification. SPs were found there, FL prevents us from acting on impulses, from rape to murder. Films don’t show the former. Higher order cognition i.e. human, is resident there. Lobotomy patients don’t have an entirely corrupted FL, just one or two severed nerve fibres. So full corruption of the segment would be orders of magnitude worse. Check the biology. Explains the sudden rise in car accidents. Conversion breaks a few eggs to make an omelette.

You’re watching a movie.

I love when people assume I’m joking then surprise motherfucker it happens.

Working model: they’re trying to breed a new human, extremus r-selectus. It fits. So I sitz.
Those who received the Mark began to behave erratically. Some would say possession but Bible does not state this. With all the angels flying through the sky and such, they still begged to be hidden from the consequences of their actions. They knew what it was. No remorse. NO HUMANITY. No regret, reprobate mind. Is that human? Is that a mutant? By their deeds ye shall know them. Demonoids? No longer substantively God’s children, genomically disinherited as such. Think addition, not subtraction. No longer carrying the signature to enter God’s afterlife. How do demons breed? What is required to sell one’s soul? A signature in blood. The blood is the life. Where is the blood sanctified? The spleen. Where do spikes go?…

Ironically it is like the Curse of the Black Pearl. Unquenchable hungers. People forget it was a zombie movie in pointy hats. Their main lust was bloodlust.

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